Climate Kids Push For Climate Control In Charlotte

Say, I wonder how the kiddies traveled to the park in Charlotte? Did mom or dad drive them in a fossil fueled vehicle, while the kids played on their smartphones, wearing nice clothes shipped in from China?

Young people raise awareness for climate change in Charlotte

Lawmakers are gearing up for a busy day on Capitol Hill with the U.S. House and U.S. Senate returning to session this week.

The Senate is expected to look at the $3.5 trillion reconciliation plan presented by members of the Democratic Party.

If passed, some of the money would go to help in the fight against climate change. The funding would also go to expand education, childcare and other social programs.

To highlight the message of climate control, young people held a rally in support of the bill on Sunday, Sept. 19 in Uptown Charlotte.

“Message of climate control”. Am I reading too much into those four words? Because it’s hard not to, not after watching the evolution of the politics of anthropogenic global warming/climate change since the late 80’s, how it’s evolved into a doomsday cult which demands more and more governmental control of citizen’s lives. Especially when it seems that the kiddies are looking at the crazy Democratic bill and all it does regarding ‘climate change’ and it’s authoritarian controls.

The event was held at First Ward Park and welcome around 20 people, mostly teenagers wanting to get involved.

The event was held by a group called the Sunrise Movement, a national organization geared for young people wanting to raise awareness for causes like climate change and equality.

“They’ll see that there are young kids, like me, a high schoolers, taking my Sunday to be here and advocate for the reconciliation plan and the Green New Deal,” said Veronica Bofah, a 16-year-old participant at the event.

Twenty. That’s all Sunrise could get to show up on a Sunday. From a city of 874K (there’s some confusion on the numbers, but, since the Census website is a mess and not working correctly, hard to know). The under-18 population is supposed to be around 27%. And then there are all those from the cities surrounding Charlotte. And the most they can get is 20. At a park which is dead center of Charlotte. Was it even worth sending a camera crew from WCNC? WBTV didn’t bother, nor did WSOC, nor Fox46. Perhaps the kids just really do not care as much as the climate cultists and their pet media say.

I still can’t get beyond the “climate control” part, though. Because that’s what it is about. And they’re seemingly admitting that that’s what the $3.5 trillion bill is about.

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