Who’s Up For Credit Card That Monitors Your Carbon Footprint?

What a great idea. Because the company doing this will be suckering in a lot of brainwashed doomsday cultists into using their card, which shuts off if you hit a certain carbon pollution limit (via Jazz Shaw)

Climate Lockdowns: New CO2 monitoring credit card enables tracking of ‘carbon footprint on every purchase’ – ‘Monitors & cuts off spending when we hit our carbon max’ – Mastercard & UN join forces

Get ready for a Chinese-style social credit system scoring when it comes to your personal spending habits and how they impact “climate change.” A new credit card called Doconomy, has launched that is “working in tight collaboration with Mastercard” and an alliance with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)  is now available so you can monitor your personal CO2 budget on every purchase you make.

The new CO2 monitoring Mastercard called Doconomy debuted in order to enable “all users to track, measure and understand their impact by presenting their carbon footprint on every purchase.” The credit cards feature the slogan on them reading “DO. Everyday Climate Action” and have a personal pledge on the rear of the card boasting: “I am taking responsibility for every transaction I make to help protect the planet.” The Mastercards feature the UN “Global Climate Action” logo on them as well.

The Doconomy credit card website explains: “With fat, sugar and salt levels labeled on food we buy, why shouldn’t our CO2 emissions be just as visible?” asks the Doconomy website. “This type of information shouldn’t be a premium or luxury that consumers pay for, but rather an essential part of every shopping journey.” The website details how the credit card will help consumers “understand their impact by presenting their carbon footprint on every purchase.” (snip)

Niclas Svenningsen, Manager, Global Climate Action at the UN Climate Change secretariat praised the CO2 monitoring credit card. “What’s really key here is the availability of information. One certainly can’t expect people to change their behaviors and take climate action if they do not know what their climate footprint is or what their consumption represents. With this data now easily accessible thanks to the partners’ excellent work, citizens are empowered to make smart decisions and act responsibly, and it can provoke a significant cultural shift around climate action.”, Svennigsen wrote.

This is great. All climate cultists should do this. Of course, why are they engaged in consumerism and capitalism in the first place? Aren’t they against those? Should they be buying fossil fuels? New electronics? New clothes? The company supposedly has 90 million users worldwide. I wonder if people are simply being given this card by their bank, or, is it a choice?

All Warmists should get this. But, as we all know, most Warmists will simply mentally flagellate themselves over having a big carbon footprint, but, then, go on to continue doing the same. Perhaps they’ll purchase a carbon offset for a tree or two, but, Doing Something in their own lives is popular with Warmists in theory, not practice.

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5 Responses to “Who’s Up For Credit Card That Monitors Your Carbon Footprint?”

  1. Hairy says:

    Yes carbon offsets are an easy way to help
    Remember those fossil fuel ights Teach is always talking about? Well to offset the carbon pollution caused by the fuel burn only adds about 2% to the ticket price because air travel is is becoming more efficient every day

    • Jl says:

      And again, how is that reducing carbon pollution, John? The flight burns the same amount of fuel whether everybody bought carbon offsets or everybody didn’t. Remember, even your Godfather of global warming said they were stupid…

    • Dana says:

      So, if I can somehow get a carbon offset for using the clothesline rather than the electric dryer, something which ought to qualify, I could sell it to some airline traveler, right?

      Thing is, my behavior won’t change, and I’d still use the clothesline when the weather allows, because it makes clothes and bedding smell better. So, with my behavior unchanged, and jet fuel still being burned, how does that carbon offset reduce global warming climate change?

      • Kye says:

        Leftist schemes don’t have to make sense they just have to sound good and make stupid leftists feel virtuous. They don’t give a shit about reducing carbon only about looking good on their Twitter accounts.

  2. Joe says:

    Bank of the West was once a great bank in our area. They were purchased by some outfit from France that started that green bullshit. They would not make business loans to any company that was involved in mining or extraction. They now are advertising an account that tracks the carbon footprint of your dealings. Myself and most of those I know have told the frog bank to FOAD.

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