Ilhan Omar Blasts Judge For Blocking Ballot Measure On Defunding The Police

Oh, it’s not really defunding, it’s just fundamentally changing the police department from police doing things police do to deal with crime to some sort of social justice organization. But, get this, I agree with her. Sure, she’s a left wing loon, a Progressive (nice Fascist), an Islamist supremacist, an Israel and Jew hater, but, doesn’t mean she can’t be sorta right

Ilhan Omar slams judge for blocking ballot measure to scrap Minneapolis Police Department

unintended consequencesRep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., railed against a judge’s decision to block a Minneapolis ballot measure that would replace the city’s police department with a new department of public safety.

During an in-person town hall meeting Tuesday evening in Minneapolis, Omar blamed big money for thwarting a progressive measure that she argued would have given the city “flexibility” on how to better police the city.

“The leaders who are opposed to progress in this city are not nameless or faceless,” she said. “Using your network to obstruct the kind of progress so many people in this city want and were looking forward to is not something that should go unnoticed.”

“This ballot measure should be on the ballot,” she said. “As you can tell, I’m pretty upset about it.”

“We have people pouring in so much money to make us enslaved to a charter that the majority of us [oppose],” she continued. “This is the opposite of what democracy should produce. The people had a vision for what they wanted, and there’s a judge, there’s a mayor, there is a police chief, and their monied friends who are telling us we can’t have a city that is flexible to our needs and to our demands. How else are we supposed to make progress if we can’t do that?”

Why did the judge block it?

Omar’s comments came after Hennepin County District Judge Jamie Anderson on Tuesday struck down Question 2 on the Minneapolis ballot for the Nov. 2 election, saying the wording was “unreasonable and misleading.”

The question was to ask voters whether they wanted the city’s charter to be amended to replace the Minneapolis Police Department with a Department of Public Safety, “which could include licensed peace officers (police officers) if necessary, with administrative authority to be consistent with other city departments to fulfill its responsibilities for public safety.”

Omar argued in an Aug. 31 op-ed for the Star Tribune that the measure was a necessary step in ending police brutality and making communities safer.

Now, I don’t agree with Omar on replacing the police department, I agree with her that the citizens of Minneapolis should be given the opportunity to vote on this, and then live with the results of that vote. If they want to approve the measure they can live with the mistake, because you just know crime will skyrocket more than it already is. Police are avoiding a lot of low level crime because they do not want to deal with the accusations of raaaaacism and such already. Even with bigger crime they are taking their time.

The crime rate in Minneapolis is now a 3, meaning that the city is safer than 3% of U.S. cities. It used to be a lot safer. Violent crime is 9.56 (per 1,000), with the Minnesota rate being 2.36, and the national median is 4. For property crime, it breaks down 47.52/20.79/21. You have a 1 in 105 chance of being a victim of a violent crime.

That said, if the citizens of Minneapolis want to replace their police department with something uber-SJW, let them. They should have the choice to make a huge mistake. Of course, there should be a provision that anyone who votes in favor of the ballot initiative should be required to stay in Minneapolis to deal with the fallout.

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6 Responses to “Ilhan Omar Blasts Judge For Blocking Ballot Measure On Defunding The Police”

  1. Dana says:

    I wrote previously that I completely support this measure in Minneapolis!

    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. — Galatians 6:7

    If Representative Ilhan Omar Mynett (D-MN) and state Attorney General Keith bin Ellison (D-MN) want to eliminate the police in Minneapolis, let them! It would be up to the voters, but hey, the people who made a martyr out of drug-addled and drug-addicted convicted felon George Floyd ought to get exactly what they want.

    Let Minneapolis become a test case for the left, let everyone see just what happens to a city when calls to 911 get you a social worker or grievance counselor or community activist instead of a policeman.

  2. est1950 says:

    Ilhan OMAR a Somali who married her brother wants Minneapolis to look like Somalia.

    What do you expect from a person who comes from a nation that has been in Civil war for the last 1000 years. She is the poster child of the left in America. Move over 35,000 dollar a ticket AOC who pretends to be for the poor and the downtrodden.

  3. Hairy says:

    Don’t a lot of cities place their police under the umbrella organization of Public Safety?? Which usually also includes the fire service ?

  4. Hairy says:

    Teach doesn’t NC have a Dept of Public safety?

    • Dana says:

      Except, of course, even if a local police department comes under a Department of Public Safety, those places have a police department. Mrs Mynett and Mr bin Ellison want to do away with that. Mrs Mynett tried to soft peddle the proposed amendment, saying that, if it passes, the city could still “choose” to keep the current Police Commissioner, but the truth is found in between the lines: she hates the police, and wants them gone.

  5. kye says:

    This entire country is being run by idiots. Including the military. The fact that a criminal and clown like Ilhan Omar Mynett (F-MN) can even be elected shows the stupidity of democracy the Founding Fathers were trying to avoid when they created a Republic. Too bad we didn’t have the moral fortitude to keep it.

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