New York Passes Law Banning Fossil Fueled Vehicles Sales By 2035

If this is meant to Save The Planet, why not do it now? Will the state, and, especially, the lawmakers and Governor’s office, be giving up their own use of fossil fuels? What of all the airports?

New York passes law that will ban all gas-powered car sales by 2035

st greta carIn 14 years’ time, no fossil fuel-powered vehicles will be sold in New York anymore. The state has passed a new law that bans the sale of gas vehicles starting in 2035, requiring all new cars to be zero emission. New York’s Senate and Assembly passed the bill and Governor Kathy Hochul signed it into law last week. The move will help reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent and help it achieve its climate targets, including an 85 reduction in GHG emissions by 2050.

This essentially does away with even regular and plugin hybrid sales.

As Ars Technica notes, though, the state has a lot of work ahead of it, considering only around one percent of new vehicles sold in New York at the moment is fully electric. That’s why, under the new law, several state agencies are required to work together to conjure a zero-emissions vehicle market development strategy by the end of next year. They’ll have to find a feasible way to make sure that even off-road vehicles and equipment sold in the state are emissions-free by 2035. The law also requires all medium- and heavy-duty vehicles sold in New York to be emissions-free by 2045.

It sure looks like the state is going to attempt to take over the new car sales business, creating a massive bureacracy and dictating what dealers will be able to sell. Well, those which are left, because a ton will close, as they will not have the product, and, unless prices drop massively by 2035, the customers, as most will not be able to afford them or find them convenient, since many have long drives, and the short range of the least expensive EVs will cause issues. Further, what of those who need all wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles due to the snowy nature of New York? How will this work for family vehicles and work vehicles that are not considered medium and heavy duty?

An interesting part of the law as written is this is about the sale of vehicles that use fossil fuels, not the registration. So, people will simply go to other states to purchase. But, will gas stations close all over, putting a lot of people out of work, just like with car dealerships? Meaning it is tough to refill the vehicle?

Fortunately, they are going to make it easy for people to bike


Sounds fun, right?

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12 Responses to “New York Passes Law Banning Fossil Fueled Vehicles Sales By 2035”

  1. Kye says:

    The pedestrian and bicycles for low income and disadvantaged communities is perfect! Tell the poor joggers to walk or pedal, it’ll do’em good. There’s nothing elitist or racist about that now is there?

    After the Versailles redux performed by leftist millionaires at the Met the other day featuring the big toothed congresskunt herself California did what we all knew would happen and in the usual show of hate and distain for blacks retained the moron who ruined the sate in office. Nothing says “I hate niggas” better than a white leftist in an ape mask throwing eggs at the first black man to run for that office. It’s striking that all those concerned leftists in CA would rather keep a privileged white man who literally ruined the entire state from wild fires, to power outages to water shortages to skyrocketing housing and the poor shitting on the streets than vote for a black man who wants CHANGE. So much for building back better in CA.

    I guess that’s what happens in a one party state. No matter how bad the party and it’s people are there are just not enough honest people willing to risk themselves to take out the trash.

    That’ll teach those uppity niggas that the demofascists are still the party of racism and hate. Can’t take that away from them they prove it all the time. Now go pedal yo’ black ass to pick up yo’ cheese and tokay.

  2. VMS says:

    What the dummies in the NY legislature don’t understand is that the State’s biggest utilities (ConEd and PSEG LI) are already maxed out at 100% generation/distribution capacity during hot summer days. The extra demand caused by recharging vehicles will surely cause continuous rolling brownouts and interruptions of electric power throughout greatly enlarged high-demand periods.

    But, in the nature of New York government, “we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.”

  3. Hairy says:

    Tesla is due to start selling its $25000 car in 2023
    The F150 Ford Lightning costs no more than the equivalent gasser
    25% of the nearly 150000 reservation deposits already placed on the F150 Lightning were from fleet owners whose main reason for purchase is having tge lowest cost based on 5 year ownership
    Teach in 2035 do you expect thst battery technology will be the same as exists now? I don’t
    The 25K Tesla will have over 200 mile range and 80% recharge in 40 mins
    Also that recharge? Will probably cost 40% of the price of gas per Mile
    EVs cost less NOW over 5 years ownership

    • Dana says:

      We get it: you think it wiser to buy an electric vehicle. However, it seems that what, 98 or 99% of new car buyers don’t see that as wiser. So, you buy yourself a Chevy Dolt, and enjoy it. Why do you want to force other people into a choice they don’t want?

      • Hairy says:

        Why do youbday “you want to force people to but EVs”
        I dont do that and have never said thst I wanted to
        Dana I try to say only facts
        Most car companies have already said that they will end gas only car production by 2035
        I have said that fleet owners have reserved 25% of the 150000 reserved F250 Lightnings
        15 years is a long way off there is fair chance I will not still be alive really I couldn’t not care less whether or not you buyban EV or not now or in 15vyears from now eVs have much lower operating costs than gassers
        The world is still at the beginning of its change away from fossil fuels
        But it is happening and will continue to happen

    • david7134 says:

      Consider this. In the early 1900s towns outlawed the use of horses as a means of personal motility. They indicated that only horseless carriages would be used on city streets, some commercial vehicles still required the horse, but that phased out. The reason for this was pollution as the horse is not clean. Now idiots like yourself desire to get rid of the cleaner auto in favor of yet another vehicle which will eliminate pollution. Yet everyone here can see that the battery is far more of a pollutant. So, go back to the horse?

  4. Dana says:

    You’ll note that the law prohibits the sale of fossil fuel powered vehicles beginning in January 2035, but not the licensing of fossil fueled vehicles. A real boon for dealers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach: If this is meant to Save The Planet, why not do it now?

    Seriously, Alinsky?? It’s a scam unless it’s immediate?

    • Kye says:

      No you moron, it’s a scam either way. Teach was trying to use reductio ad absurdum to make that obvious point. You of course missed the whole idea.

      You leftists really are the most closed minded power mad idiots on the planet.

  6. Mark says:

    Those bikeways are kind of pointless in winter, which is one thing not in short supply in NY. Btteries don’t do so well in cold weather. Then there is the problem of heat for the passengers. I no longer live there, sorry for those of you who still do.

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