Your Fault: Animals Are Shape Shifting From Climate Crisis (scam)

I thought Darwin preached about this stuff and that Leftists were big believers in Darwinism, because those icky Conservatives discuss Intelligent Design and God? Oh, right, only when it helps their screeds

Animals are ‘shape shifting’ in response to climate change

Some warm-blooded animals are experiencing shifts in their body shapes, likely as a response to the pressures of climate change, according to a new review of existing research.

Animals are getting larger beaks, legs and ears that allow them to better regulate their body temperatures as the planet gets hotter, with birds particularly affected, said Sara Ryding, a researcher at Deakin University in Australia and one of the authors of the research that published on Tuesday in the journal Trends in Ecology & Evolution.

The biggest shifts in appendage size in the more than 30 animals they looked at in the review were among some Australian parrot species, which saw their beak size increase by 4% to 10% on average since 1871.

This is a review of other research, many of them statistical studies, computer models, and other limited to non-observational studies. This is exactly what part of what Darwin saw, namely, that quick changes can and will occur in species based on local conditions. Things that have been going on since the multi-celled life evolved. But, now, it’s your fault for that burger you ate the other day.

“We also don’t know whether these shape-shifts actually aid in survival (and therefore are beneficial) or not. This phenomenon of shape-shifting shouldn’t be seen as a positive, but rather it is alarming that climate change is pushing animals to evolve like this, under such a relatively short timeframe.”

So, they’re going to evolve traits that hurt their survival? What are these people smoking? Of course, this is all meant to push Doom, because in Warmist world the Earth and the environment are never supposed to change.

Meanwhile, Dementia Joe is at it again

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