Climate Cultist Matthew Dowd Claims Hotcoldwetdry Will Kill 100 Million This Year

There’s climascaremongering, and then there’s Climascaremongering. This is kicking the amp up to…well, the climate cult is usually at 11 anyhow, so, how about a 15? Unsurprisingly, Dowd is using the suffering and deaths from Ida to push his cultish beliefs

Matthew Dowd predicts 100 million deaths this year from climate change, blames Republicans

Political analyst Matthew Dowd predicted on Thursday the world will see more deaths due to climate change this year than “all of the World Wars in the last 100 years combined.”

Dowd appeared on MSNBC’s “Deadline White House” to discuss the devastation from Hurricane Ida and insisted the powerful storm was caused by climate change, and we could be seeing worse storms in the future.

“We’re about to have more deaths in a year in the globe because of climate change than all of the World Wars in the last 100 years combined,” Dowd warned viewers.

An estimate of over 100 million people died from World War I and World War II.

He added that we have only “12 to 24 months” to act before the situation becomes “irreversible.”

“We are fast approaching, unless we fundamentally do something in the next 12 to 24 months, an irreversible problem we’re going to be facing this week every single week. And it’s going to include droughts, it’s going to include deaths, it’s going to include freezes, it’s going to include all of that,” he said.

Typically, 56-60 million die every year on this planet. He’s actually making the claim that there will be 100 million just from Bad Weather alone. No, no, this is definitely not a doomsday cult.

Will Dowd blame ‘climate change’ for cold weather deaths? Unsurprisingly, no one on MSNBC pushed back and demanded proof for this assertion

Dowd placed the blame for the devastation from Hurricane Ida solely on Republicans for not believing in “the common good” and “discounting science.”

“There’s not equal blame, and there’s not both sides on anything close to this issue. Actually, both sides stuff has hurt us in getting anything done. There is one side that has listened to science, and one side that hasn’t,” Dowd said.

Sure thing, Sparky. What have the climate change believers, like yourself, done in your own lives, other than spread awareness and scaremonger? Why are all your policies about Big Government and taxation and controlling people’s lives? Taking over economies, restricting goods and services?

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16 Responses to “Climate Cultist Matthew Dowd Claims Hotcoldwetdry Will Kill 100 Million This Year”

  1. Dana says:

    Political analyst Matthew Dowd predicted on Thursday the world will see more deaths due to climate change this year than “all of the World Wars in the last 100 years combined.”

    Technically, he has an out: World War I ended 103 years ago.

    He added that we have only “12 to 24 months” to act before the situation becomes “irreversible.”

    Wait, wasn’t the last claim seven years? Or was it nine? I just can’t keep track of all of these moving goalposts.

  2. Kye says:

    OT but I just had to get the Texas version of the 3Blind Mice and their elitist bullshit on.

    The stupid “gay” mayor didn’t even realize the guy is mocking them. What utter buffoons these leftists are.

  3. Kangarew66 says:

    He can throw this rant on the pile with all the other thousands of doomsday predictions that never came true over the last 30-40 years.😱🤪😵🤡

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Matthew Dowd is a conservative Republican, but not a nuCon or tRumpist.

    It was predicted that disposing of CO2 in the atmosphere would lead to global warming, and that global warming would lead to more severe weather events.

    We woulda thunk that changing the stable climate of the past 10,000 years could lead to weather disturbances?

    • est1950 says:

      Well Elwood as I pointed out in other places the left is and was in charge for most of the last 100 years and you DID NOTHING.

      yet you dutifully vote for Biden and Obama and Clinton and all kinds of lunatic democrats to run your country most of which just get rich and do nothing.

      Obama had a veto proof congress for 2 years and DID NOTHING ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE. Obama lead the greatest expansion of oil and gas in our nations history.

      Yet you blame Conservatives….just cause we wont let the PARIS or KYOTO accords destroy our economy for a few molecules of CO2.

      HAHA….good one. You are a master troll and unfortunately for the world people fall for your line of BS every day…that is why you do it non stop, all day, everyday.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Nice try. Most of what Con Men believe is false. The dishonest Mr est is a prime example.

        A supermajority is a filibuster-proof 60 or more Senate seats, allowing one party to pass legislation without votes from the other,

        Don’t forget: the president needed a supermajority because of the Republicans’ unprecedented use of the filibuster as an obstruction tactic — they’ve used it more than 400 times.

        But here’s the deal — the real deal — there actually wasn’t a two year supermajority.

        This timeline shows the facts:

        President Obama was sworn in on January 20, 2009 with just 58 Senators to support his agenda.

        He should have had 59, but Republicans contested Al Franken’s election in Minnesota and he didn’t get seated for seven months.

        The President’s cause was helped in April when Pennsylvania’s Republican Senator Arlen Specter switched parties.

        That gave the President 59 votes — still a vote shy of the super majority.

        But one month later, Democratic Senator Byrd of West Virginia was hospitalized and was basically out of commission.

        So while the President’s number on paper was 59 Senators — he was really working with just 58 Senators.

        Then in July, Minnesota Senator Al Franken was finally sworn in, giving President Obama the magic 60 — but only in theory, because Senator Byrd was still out.

        In August, Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts died and the number went back down to 59 again until Paul Kirk temporarily filled Kennedy’s seat in September.

        Any pretense of a supermajority ended on February 4, 2010 when Republican Scott Brown was sworn into the seat Senator Kennedy once held.

        The Dems need to kill the filibuster rule and pack the Supreme Court and run the nuGOPhers over.

        • est1950 says:

          The Sanguine Mr. Dowd points out a fallacy.

          In fact, the supermajority existed. Remind me again how OBAMACARE WAS PASSED WITHOUT A SUPER MAJORITY????

          Back in 2009 and 2010, Democrats controlled the White House and the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rammed Obamacare through without a single Republican vote.

          The Washington Post

          In December 2009, the U.S. Senate voted 60 to 39 for Obamacare. The Washington Post reported “The Senate bill passed without a single GOP vote.”

          HMMM where did those 60 senators come from?

          DARN. Facts can be so distressing Mr. Dowd.

          In fact the HUFF PO claims they only had 58 Democratic senators while CONVIENTLY INGNORING THE TWO INDEPENDENTS THAT CAUCUSED WITH THE DEMS IN LIEBERMAN AND SANDERS!!!!!!

          • est1950 says:

            You might also notice that AL Franken was involved in this vote. Sorry HuffPO…aka Fox news of the left.

            oh and by the way…………….My Sanguine friend.

            Harry REID….’

            Harry Reid’s nuclear blunder WAPO

            By Marc A. ThiessenOctober 7, 2011

            On Thursday night, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) triggered the so-called nuclear option — unilaterally changing Senate rules by a simple majority vote to stop the minority from forcing votes on uncomfortable amendments. It’s the same tactic the majority would use to undercut the minority’s ability to filibuster. And that’s why it’s called “nuclear” — it dramatically alters the balance of power between the majority and minority. It is not a step to be taken lightly.

            After getting shellacked in the midterms REID used the NUKE and the die was cast.

            Do you not remember Harry Reid passing on the Immigration act so he “COULD GET BACK TO PASSING RESOLUTIONS ON IRAQ? when Bush was Prez?

            Nice try though Mr. Dowd.

        • Dana says:

          The somewhat disappointed Mr Dowd wrote:

          The Dems need to kill the filibuster rule and pack the Supreme Court and run the nuGOPhers over.

          If the filibuster rule had not existed, just imagine: President Trump could have gotten the border wall authorized, funded and started in 2017. If the filibuster rule had not existed, the younger President Bush could have gotten Michael Estrada and several other conservative judges confirmed.

          Of course, what the frustrated Mr Dowd fails to realize is that the filibuster rule remains because two Democratic senators, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, oppose it. Senator Manchin represents a state in which he is the sole statewide elected Democrat, and voted for Donald Trump by landslide margins. The people of his state do not want the filibuster ended.

          Senator Mitch McConnell, at the time Senate Minority Leader, warned Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada that getting rid of the filibuster for judicial nominees would be a move he would regret, perhaps sooner than he anticipated. Senator Reid ignored that, and then, following the 2014 elections, the GOP had the majority. Not only did this frustrate President Obama’s last judicial nominations, including not allowing a vote on Merrick Garland, but once Donald Trump was elected, the Democrats could not stop the confirmations of Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

          There’s a saying, be careful for what you wish, because you just might get it.

        • Jl says:

          The Dems had a super-majority from Sep.24th 2009 to Feb. 3rd. 2010., when they could have passed anything they wanted to. They did get Obamacare passed during that time period. Major “tax the rich” bills that they’re always talking about? Not so much. It’s easier to just whine about it after the fact….

          • est1950 says:

            Yes the left could have passed the bills to see what is in the bills but they chose not to. Because?

            Because fixing problems renders them irrelevant. Also do not forget the left could have easily used Reconciliation to pass almost anything. Simply make any bill a budget process and you can pass it by a 51 vote majority.

            IF the radical left house had passed legislation that turned the country green as a budget proposal it could have easily passed on budget reconciliation. The left cannot fix things or else they would render themselves obsolete so they just blame the GOP for being White Nationalist, Racist and Misogynistic to have something to run on every 2 years.

  5. est1950 says:

    The Sanguine and mostly peaceful Mr. Dowd writes:

    The Dems need to kill the filibuster rule and pack the Supreme Court and run the nuGOPhers over.

    You finally said what you have wanted to say for years.

    Run the GOP over by breaking the laws of the land or whatever it takes. Remember FDR tried to pack the court and his own party said NO. Imperial presidency and all.

    Kill the filibuster? Its easily done but that is not your problem Mostly Peaceful Mr. Dowd.

    Your problem is you have two senators that will not go along with your agenda and in a 50/50 senate that means you need to figure out how to actually win an election in states that are not radically blue since you only control 19 blue states while the GOP has 31 Red states.

    So yeah. Its the progressive wing of communists vs the those radical freedom loving, constitution supporting white grandmas. I can understand your frustration but facts still remain facts.

    • Dana says:

      Mr 1950 wrote:

      The Sanguine and mostly peaceful Mr. Dowd writes:

      I see that I am having an effect here!

      • est1950 says:

        While I might use profanity, I do not engage in name calling. Its just pointless.

        I was responding to Elwood calling me the Highly Agitated Mr. est in one post and The dishonest Mr. est in another post.

        • Kye says:

          “While I might use profanity, I do not engage in name calling. Its just pointless.”

          That used to be me. No more. Elwood broke that habit for me. Now I curse, call names and enjoy every minute. I do try to call names that actually apply like, fascist, commie anti White racist, Christian and Jew hater, baby killer and other such observable truths.

          I figure if he could spend a year calling a man with a deceased Jewish wife, two foster black kids, and a current Asian wife a White supremacist all bets were off. And if a guy openly advocates fascist and communist policies he should own up to it and admit he’s either a fascist or communist. Similarly if he supports abortion on demand (read: as birth control) then he espouses infanticide and is an evil baby killer. Sorry, the truth hurts.

          Fortunately, he stated:
          Elwood P. Dowd says:
          August 29, 2021 at 9:48 am
          You seem on the brink of insanity. Are you “Still in Siagon, In Your Mind”?
          I’m going to break off communications with you and hope you heal.

          So unless he wants to add “fukin liar” to his resume I won’t be hearing from him.

          But I still wonder why he hates Whites so much, and Christians, Jews, America, Americans, and God. He must have had a really fuked up childhood. Must have been butt raped by uncle Bruce or something cause Elwood ain’t right.

  6. Kye says:

    “The Dems need to kill the filibuster rule and pack the Supreme Court and run the nuGOPhers over.”

    Finally, shit-for-brains admits he’s a Nazi wanting one party rule. What’s the matter Herr Dowd, controlling every branch of the government, industry, academia, media, Hollywood and the military is leaving that big black boot of yours incapable if crushing everyone’s neck?

    You are the quintessential anti-American if we ever saw one. You, the big douche that’s always spewing shit about “democracy”. To you democracy is just a way mob rule can be legitimatized.

    What a loathsome creature you are. Nothing but a power mad hater.

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