Hotcold Take: Bezos Is Going To Space While ‘Climate Change’ Kills The Planet

What would you call someone who has to make everything that happens all about themselves? A narcissist. What if they make everything about ‘climate change’? A climate cultist.

Jeff Bezos Is Going to Space As Climate Change Threatens Life on Earth

After watching Laurence Fishburne get stuck in the deep dimensions of hell in the classic 1997 film Event Horizon, I lost any interest in space travel. If I ever have a chance to explore the worlds of the unknown, I’ll choose the deep sea. There are so many different species of fish, sharks, and cephalopods that look like they’re from another planet. All the amazingly diverse creatures that exist on this planet are a wonder in and of themselves, and well worth saving.

Despite knowing that our way of life pollutes the planet, causes mass extinctions, and makes parts of the world uninhabitable, the powers that be seem to have their head in the stars instead of on Earth. On June 10, the Senate passed the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, which, if passed into law, will devote $250 billion to fund science, research and development, manufacturing, and innovation.

Now a battle is mounting over how much our billionaire overlords can benefit from these programs. Currently, Elon Musk’s SpaceX is the sole NASA contractor for a lunar-lander program, which is focused on making it easier for humans to travel to the moon. Thanks to an amendment added by Democratic senator Maria Cantwell of Washington and Republican senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi, $10 billion of the new funding could go to Jeff Bezos’s company Blue Origin for its work on a similar moon-landing project. Vermont senator Bernie Sanders voted against the amendment, calling it a “Bezos bailout,” but it passed the Senate, and the legislation’s fate is now in the hands of the House. As it turns out, Blue Origin is located in the state Cantwell represents, and the Intercept reported that the company spent $625,000 lobbying the Senate ahead of the additional amendment.

And this unhinged lunatic at Teen Vogue…yes, Teen Vogue, where most of the girls who read it are checking out the fashion and stuff, not doom and gloom and politics…drags climate doom into this. Eventually. Despite the headline, most of the article is a complaint about rich people, union busting, raaaaacism, being mean to workers, and

The space race is a symptom of a larger problem: conflating domination with safety. The capitalist and colonialist ideology is one that must always find new terrain on which to settle. Should space minerals prove viable for mining, these global powers will likely also declare free natural resources as their own and try to profit from them.

Without capitalism where would Teen Vogue be? Would they have been able to publish the dead tree editions? Then move to the Internet? Would government have allowed them in a nation like Cuba, North Korea, China, or Russia? Oh, hey, wouldn’t exploring the deep seas be colonialist ideology in finding new terrain? We finally get to climate in the second to last paragraph

The fact that the world’s two greatest polluters, the U.S. and China, want to franchise their governmental failures to the moon and beyond should alarm us all. With only a few years remaining to stave off some of the worst consequences of the climate crisis, the focus for resources and policy planning should be clear: We need to dramatically reduce carbon emissions and pass sweeping climate legislation immediately, not build an escape hatch to outer space for the wealthiest among us.

We don’t need state powers or billionaires colonizing anything else. They have done enough harm here on Earth.

What’s the carbon footprint of Teen Vogue? TV is owned by Conde’ Nast, which is owned by Advance Publications, which is primarily owned by the Newhouse family, who are billionaires. So, screed writer Kandist Mallett is basically whining about rich folks, like the ones who pay her salary, and dragging ‘climate change’ in because cultists always have to drag their cult beliefs into everything.

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2 Responses to “Hotcold Take: Bezos Is Going To Space While ‘Climate Change’ Kills The Planet”

  1. Hairy says:

    Donald Newsome the owner of Advance Communications has been a long time big Republican donor
    His business entities like Teen Vogue are not republican because quite frankly, there just isn’t a big market in right-wing media
    People don’t want it
    Capitalism is more interested in profits than in political ideology
    Sort of like you Teach, hating China but happy to sell their stuff if it can make you money

  2. st says:

    FOX NEWS VIDEO: Tucker mocks ‘truly heroic’ Texas Democratic fugitives

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