Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy Looking For Ways To Change Infrastructure Bill, Skyrocket Your Energy Bills

And if you skyrocket your energy bills, you skyrocket your cost of living for food, housing, everything

Biden climate advisor pushes clean energy standard for Democrats’ priority bill

Gina McCarthy, a top advisor to President Biden on domestic climate policy, said administration officials and Democrats in Congress are still discussing how to include a clean-energy standard for utilities in broad infrastructure legislation this year.

“We continue to float ideas, and we’re sure we’re going to land in the best place,” she said in an interview with The Times on Friday.

Most of Biden’s initiatives to address climate change won’t make the cut in bipartisan infrastructure legislation being negotiated with a group of Republicans, a package focused on roads, bridges, water projects and broadband access. Administration officials want to include the clean energy standard in a second measure, one that’s more focused on programs for families and workers, that Democrats want to move as a so-called reconciliation bill, which under Senate rules would be protected from a Republican filibuster.

The clean-energy proposal is intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the generation of electricity. Biden wants to ultimately produce all of the country’s electricity from carbon-free sources by 2035.

Here’s an idea: try and pass this on its own, a freestanding bill, rather than jamming it into the infrastructure bill. Let the House and Senate debate this on its own merits, rather than having a convoluted discussion on this and a whole lot of things in the infrastructure bill. Let’s hear the pros and cons, like, oh, hey, rolling brownouts and blackouts like in California. How the cost of energy in California is much higher than the other continental states, and much less reliable. How it’s really not the Constitutional duty of the federal government to institute a national standard, nor is it a job as laid out in the Constitution.

McCarthy described the clean energy standard as “an important anchor” for the administration’s climate goals.

“It will provide certainty about telling the utilities what the future needs to look like so they can continue to make their money and move forward and have a healthy system in place,” she said.

That would be up to the States. If California wants to crater their energy sector, let them. This is not an assigned power for Los Federales, it would be an un-Constitutional power grab, and all the GOP run states would immediately sue, just like with Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

The GOP should introduce a bill that restricts Biden, Harris, Kerry, and McCarthy, among others, from taking fossil fueled travel.

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2 Responses to “Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy Looking For Ways To Change Infrastructure Bill, Skyrocket Your Energy Bills”

  1. Kye says:

    “This is not an assigned power for Los Federales, it would be an un-Constitutional power grab, and all the GOP run states would immediately sue, just like with Obama’s Clean Power Plan.”

    Teach, you silly rabbit. There is NO Constitution. Just like there is no law, no justice, no equality. Those concepts are racist White supremist and no longer are tolerated by the leaders.

    We have a government that forcibly closed hundreds of thousands of private small businesses, threw working people out of jobs while heaping trillions on their friends in the elite calling them “essential” as opposed to those of us who were labeled “non-essential”, forced us to wear masks, incarcerated protesters for (so far) six months without bail or hearings, murdered an unarmed citizen for having the GALL to enter HER CAPITOL BUILDING to protest a stolen election, they stole (more than one) election, they cover for Hunter while arresting anyone who dares say the election was a lie, they now want to force us to get an unapproved vaccination like lab rats, they try to destroy the livelihood of those who disagree, the promote hate for America, Whites, Christians and Jews while promoting murderous ideas like communism, fascism, anarchy, atheism and Islam, try and destroy our energy and food industries with fantastic mythological stories about man made global warming all while never making a correct prediction about it.

    There in no longer a Constitution because there is no longer an American Republic. There can’t be since on 11/3 the radical left successfully completed the 5 year long coup and overthrew the government. They even occupied DC to prove their victory.

    The left in America has not uttered one word of Truth since the phony Mueller investigation and have no plans to do so in the future. The whole idea will come to fruition when the governments of America are One Party Rule.

    They just removed the statue of Robert E. Lee from Charlottesville. They have decided that history that offends them can be erased, like they own our history. We own our history, the good, the bad and the ugly and it should be there for our children. They are erasing us like Stalin erased his enemies.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    McCarthy is another grifter in the Biden administration like Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm (see ProTerra).

    Bwaha! Lolgf

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