Democrats Vote To Allow Illegal Alien Gang Members And Murderers To Be Eligible For Amnesty

Who’s surprised by this? Democrats just want amnesty, period. They don’t care who these people are. They don’t want to have vetting in place, they just want to give them all amnesty quickly, before voters realize how utterly bad and insane this is

Five Democrats Flip-Flop to Allow Illegal Immigrant Gang Members to Get Amnesty

Five Democrats flip-flopped Thursday to allow illegal immigrant gang members to obtain amnesty through the American Dream and Promise Act.

Rep. Pete Stauber (R-MN), a former Duluth, Minnesota, police officer, offered a motion to recommit on H.R. 6, the American Dream and Promise, a bill that would grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. The motion to recommit, if passed, would mandate that the bill go back to the committees of origin, and they would have to add Stauber’s amendment before it could come up for a floor vote again.

Stauber’s amendment would ensure that gang members could not receive amnesty under H.R. 6. Specifically, it would ensure that federal authorities could use state or federal data on their criminal history to deny an illegal immigrant’s amnesty petition. H.R. 6 does not allow federal authorities to do this.

Stauber’s amendment would also allow the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to deport illegal immigrant gang members.

Stauber said, at one point

Under H.R. 6, information provided in an application for a green card may not be used for the purpose of immigration enforcement – even if DHS denies the application or it’s withdrawn.

This means that if an applicant has a murder conviction, a rape conviction, or if the applicant is a gang member, and DHS knows about it because of the application, DHS can’t refer that person for removal.

The person could be convicted of raping a child and they wouldn’t be removed. Instead, they’d be eligible for amnesty. An we all know that this so-called pathway to citizenship won’t be a multi-year process like all those who go through the normal citizenship process; instead, they’ll be lip service paid, and these illegals will be granted citizenship within a few months or so. Even with criminal backgrounds, with little understanding of English, with little to no understanding of US civics.

Democrats blocked Stauber’s motion, with 203 Republicans in favor of the motion and 216 votes against the motion.

Not one Republican voted against. Not one Democrat voted to block illegal alien killers, rapists, and gang members from getting amnesty.

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