Crimes Against Cooking: Barveque Plans To Expand Production Footprint

Isn’t this against the law in most Southern states, including North Carolina?

New ‘Carolina Smokehouse’ putting a different spin on barbecue – it’s plant based

This is what real barbecue looks like, made from pig

This is what real barbecue looks like, made from pig

Plant-based barbecue producer Barveque will expand its footprint and employee base in Cornelius, in the Lake Norman region near Charlotte, with what it’s calling “the world’s largest plant-based smokehouse.” How’s that for a new kind of pig pickin’?

The company disclosed the new earlier this week.

The approximately 10,000 square foot facility, to be named the Carolina Smokehouse, will open in July 2021, said the company. It plans to continue operating in its current facility that will eventually be turned into innovation space.

The company anticipates that it could produce 800,000 pounds of Barveque products as it scales up to meet surging demand.

“As we grow to keep up with demand for Barvecue products, we decided that it was time to expand production and lead the way in the plant-based barbecue market,” said Barveque founder and CEO Lee Cooper.

Well, good for them, expanding in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic. Not many businesses can say that. It’s still a crime against barbecue, calling it barbecue. Not many things truly Offend me, but, this might get there

According to Future Marketing Insights (FMI), the global market for plant-based pork is projected to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 24 percent between 2020 and 2030.

There’s no such thing as plant-based pork. It’s not pork. It’s plant. It’s nothing like pork. And it darned sure ain’t barbecue. Heck, barbecue is not a verb down South, it is a noun. Period. You do not go out and barbecue. You go cook some barbecue. You smoke it. As a verb, you grill out. If you try and serve me this fake stuff, I will be Triggered. I’m going to go work my aggression and sadness off at the gym.

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