China Joe Admin Pushing Companies To Adopt Climate Cult Dogma

Because this has everything to do with science and not with hardcore Progressive (nice Fascism) policies, you know, where government controls private entities

U.S. pushing companies to help fight climate change

Federal regulators are pushing corporate America to reckon with the cost of climate change, arguing that global warming poses significant peril not only to the environment but to the U.S. economy.

On Wednesday, Rostin Behnam, the acting chairperson of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), announced that he is establishing a unit to focus on the role of complex financial derivatives in understanding and pricing climate-related hazards. That follows a request on Monday by the Securities and Exchange Commission for public input on how to require companies to disclose “consistent, comparable, and reliable information on climate change” risks to investors. (snip)

In recent weeks, the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve have highlighted the ballooning costs of extreme weather linked to climate change and flagged the potential danger to businesses, banking and investments that could come from a rocky transition away from an economy rooted in fossil fuels.

“Climate change poses a major threat to U.S. financial stability, and I believe we must move urgently and assertively in utilizing our wide-ranging and flexible authorities to address emerging risks,” Behnam said in a statement to The Washington Post. He added that the agency’s “unique mission” and its attention to risk and prices “puts us on the front lines of this effort.”

Blah, blah, blah, it’s all just an attempt to force Other People to comply with the climate cults beliefs, while those like Joe do jack and squat to reduce their own carbon footprints and go net zero. Though, Joe does try, what with being locked down in the White House.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen — who in her confirmation hearings called climate change “an existential threat to not only our environment but also our economy” — has established a new senior position for climate matters. And the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Monday requested public input on how to revise disclosure rules to include “consistent, comparable, and reliable information on climate change.” The Federal Reserve is also examining climate risks.

“No, we have no idea why the cost of doing business is going up, along with good, products, and services.” Will they mandate this stuff, like the good little authoritarians they are? And, good news, this stuff is also international

Sovereign Rating Cuts Coming to Those Who Ignore Climate Change

A failure to cut pollution will cost governments around the world billions, according to University of Cambridge economists who used artificial intelligence to forecast climate change’s effect on sovereign credit ratings.

If emissions continue at current levels, 63 countries will see ratings downgrades of more than one notch by 2030, acording to the group, which includes Moritz Kraemer, S&P Global Ratings’ former chief sovereign ratings officer. The U.S. grade would drop by two notches, and as much as three levels for Germany, India and the Netherlands. Even meeting Paris Agreement commitments will mean an average cut of 0.65.

So, just wondering, does this apply to all those nations who stayed a part of the Paris Climate (scam) agreement and then really did nothing? BTW, nice Fascism doesn’t mean they’re nice, it means that they are doing this for your own good, whether you want it or not. Because they Know Better than you. And you will be made to comply.

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