Gun Grabbing Groups Set Sights On Senate

And what happens if they manage to get these tame bills through and they do nothing?

Gun control groups focus all efforts on Senate

Gun control groups are now focusing all of their lobbying efforts on the Senate following House passage of two major bills last week that garnered some GOP support.

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) is promising quick action on the legislation — to strengthen background checks and to close the so-called Charleston loophole — but advocates face a familiar uphill battle in trying to win over enough Republicans.

Still, proponents are optimistic that a Democratic-led Senate, combined with an ally in the Oval Office and a weakened National Rifle Association (NRA), will help get gun control legislation passed for the first time in decades.

“We have a slim gun violence prevention majority, but we have the majority, which we know includes eight Republicans,” said Brian Lemek, executive director of Brady PAC.

Neither of the bills is really bad or intrusive. However, we all know they are just a start, that if you get these through, Dems will push more and more intrusive and gun grabbing bills, so, those supposed 8 Republicans had best think about their votes really hard. This is why we can’t get common sense – real world common sense, rather than the idiotic version Democrats push – reforms, ones that would make a difference: because Democrats always want more and more, because it’s always a step towards grabbing and banning.

Each bill would need 60 votes to make it through the Senate, meaning 10 Republicans would have to cross the aisle to overcome a legislative filibuster.

It won’t get there.

“I’m talking to senators across the aisle, but the real difference-makers in this debate are the survivors, students, and family members who have made this issue a movement,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) told The Hill about his plan for getting Republican support.

What you aren’t hearing is how many were shot/killed with guns purchased with no background check (excepting the criminals who bought them from other criminals who stole the guns). How many? Any stats? Also, you aren’t hearing any legislation being offered that goes after actual criminals who use guns. This is almost all about the law abiding citizens.

A day earlier, Psaki said Biden is “personally committed” to addressing gun violence when asked about if he believes the Senate can pass the two bills.

“I expect he will look for opportunities to be engaged and advocate for why these are not political issues; these are commonsense efforts to keep our children safe, keep our country safe and, you know, ensure that we are, you know, reducing gun violence in the country,” she said.

Want to keep children safe? Crackdown on criminals.

39 shot, 4 fatally, in Chicago this weekend

That’s the norm in Democratic Party run Chicago. People don’t even bat an eye at this anymore.

The shooter at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C., in 2015, a self-described white supremacist who killed nine Black parishioners, was able to purchase a firearm legally despite an arrest on his record, which did not show up in his background check during the three-day waiting period.

And wouldn’t have shown up in a 10 day waiting period, either

FBI had resources to halt Dylann Roof’s gun buy, but it didn’t use them — and still doesn’t

The FBI had the information needed to stop Dylann Roof from buying a gun and the time to find it before Roof fatally shot nine churchgoers in Charleston.

But the agency never searched its own cache of crime records before Roof’s attack at Emanuel AME Church and since then has not used the database to evaluate whether millions of other Americans trying to buy guns every year should be allowed to bear arms.

An internal audit and a lawsuit by Roof’s victims identified the resource, along with the rules that the FBI says prohibit use of the database for gun background checks. A newer and less widely known tool among the FBI’s information offerings, the National Data Exchange is accessible to tens of thousands of local police officers trying to solve crime but not to the federal unit trying to thwart it through the checks.

Huh. Back to original article

“Now the job is to bring this bill to the Senate and get it done. [Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell [R-Ky.] would not bring any anti-gun legislation to the Senate over the past five years,” Murphy said.

It’s right there: “anti-gun legislation.” They want to deny law abiding citizens their 2nd Amendment Right. Schumer has said he’s going to bring it up Thursday.

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