Good News: Rising Influx Of Migrant Children Being Held In “Jail Like Facilities”, But Not By Biden Admin

Someone at the NY Times has done what Rush always called a random act of journalism, and managed to get an editor to approve publication

From the article

Thousands of migrant children are backed up in United States detention facilities along the border with Mexico, part of a surge of immigration from Central Americans fleeing poverty and violence that could overwhelm President Biden’s attempt to create a more humane approach to those seeking entry into the country.

The number of migrant children in custody along the border has tripled in the past two weeks to more than 3,250, according to federal immigration agency documents obtained by The New York Times, and many of them are being held in jail-like facilities for longer than the three days allowed by law.

The problem for the administration is both the number of children crossing the border and what to do with them once they are in custody. Under the law, the children are supposed to be moved to shelters run by the Health and Human Services Department, but because of the pandemic the shelters until last week were limiting how many children they could accommodate.

The growing number of unaccompanied children is just one element of an escalating problem at the border. Border agents encountered a migrant at the border about 78,000 times in January — more than double the rate at the same time a year ago and higher than in any January in a decade.

Oh, see, it’s a problem for the Biden admin, whereas when Trump was the president it was racism and he’s a Nazi for holding the kids. In cages. Like Obama. But, now they are “jail-like facilities.”

But his approach — to broadly reopen the nation’s borders to vulnerable children with what he hopes will be a welcoming contrast to Mr. Trump’s erection of legal and physical barriers — is already at risk from the grim realities of migration patterns that have roiled the globe for years. Sensing a change in tone and approach after Mr. Trump’s defeat, migrants are once again fleeing poverty, violence and the devastation left by hurricanes and heading north toward the United States.

You can pretty strikethru everything starting with “fleeing” and write “streaming towards free stuff courtesy of the Democratic Party.” But, see, the Department Of Homeland Security, which runs the “concentration camps” via sub-agencies like Customs and Border Patrol and knows about all the “migrants” caught at the border, isn’t part of the Biden admin (?)

So, is there like some other Executive Branch? Or, is the Legislative Branch in charge? How do reporters not call this mule fritters out? Even if they’re on Biden’s side, this has to go against any shred of professionalism they have and a need to not be treated like complete idiots by Psaki. You’d think.

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9 Responses to “Good News: Rising Influx Of Migrant Children Being Held In “Jail Like Facilities”, But Not By Biden Admin”

  1. Kye says:

    That’s swamp News[peak. When Trump was President the poor kids were held “in cages” and it was Trump’s fault. Now they’re in “prison-like facilities” but our dictator is of no fault. It’s amazing how little today’s “journalists” actually resemble real news people but more like Nazi or commie propaganda machines. I guess when the CiC (Chairman in Control) cheated to get there all bets are off.

    How is our senile spit dripping ass hole Uncle Joe Xiden doing today? Sniff any kids lately? There’s a lot of illegal kids in “prison like facilities) if he’s fit to travel(Haha).

    More fascist programming from the Oligarchy: Big Tech: what credentials do these people possess that allow them to be the information Stasi? In what universe can social media platforms be the information police who dictate to us, the customer, which information is acceptable, and which is not. This comes as Twitter announced that any account that posts information they considered to be too kooky on COVID vaccines and the like will face a permanent ban from the platform. The Elwood’s are in charge. Freedom is something you’ll tell your grandkids about.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Peter Baker and the NYT, Dems, in fact, all Americans and media should keep extreme pressure on the Biden administration on this issue. America needs to find a way to do better by these children.

    Liberal politicians are denouncing the expansion of detention facilities and railing against the continued imposition of Trump-era rules intended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus from immigrants. And advocates for families separated at the border during Mr Trump’s administration are pressuring the president to move faster to reunite them.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Simple, restart the effective Trump program that keeps them all in Mexico until their hearings can be held.

      Like Joey, Rimjob is not very smart.

      Bwaha! Lolgf

  3. drowningpuppies says:



  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:


    What freedoms have you lost as a result of Mr Biden’s Presidency? You can’t read trump’s tweets? That wasn’t Biden or me. Are you recommending the gov’t takeover of private businesses that make decisions you don’t like?

    Did you oppose or support the Patriot Act?

    In America, from our Constitution, freedom applies to all residents, not just white, christian men.

    Our oligarchy, actually our plutocracy, IS a long-term threat to our freedoms, but that’s a threat built in to America. This is where unfettered capitalism leads. This is where our centuries’ long reliance on wealth and property determining political power leads. This is why we’re a Republic and not a Democracy. You’re fighting to RETAIN status quo while complaining about the obvious and predicted outcomes, i.e., obedience to your corporate overlords and their minions in Congress and the WH.

  5. drowningpuppies says:

    Thanks Joey.
    And a fitting response to all the Rimjobs who voted for him.

    …we are being invaded by a veritable army of illiterate Latin American peasants, with quite probably a significant number of individuals from Pakistan, Iran and other wonderful paradises on earth with matching luggage and suicide belts from Louis Vuitton. Instant citizenship and Democrat Party voter registration, along with everything from free healthcare, housing and food stamps awaits them by just showing up. Funny how millions from the non-white world are literally dying to come to a nation that our children have been taught is an illegitimate, white-supremacist racist gulag where colored folks can never get ahead.
    — J.J. Sefton


    Bwaha! Lolgf

  6. Kye says:

    “Funny how millions from the non-white world are literally dying to come to a nation that our children have been taught is an illegitimate, white-supremacist racist gulag where colored folks can never get ahead.”
    — J.J. Sefton

    That’s what The Elwood believes. The only theocracy around here is leftism and if you don’t genuflect you get cut or cancelled. Hence the term “cancel culture.” The left has spent the better part of 50 years training their “brotha’s and sista’s” in the hood (the Demofascist created ghetto) preaching hate for Whites, America, capitalism and Christianity. Just read The Elwood when he starts spewing his hate.

    I guess that pretty much sums up our situation with the blacks. Every damn one living in this (former) country should be thanking the Lord God almighty their ancestors were shipped over back in the day. Instead, no matter how much they have, no matter how successful or how much Whites collectively kiss their asses, it’ll never be enough – not until they irrevocably wield the masa’s whip.

    “The English speaking world has now descended to the point where the managerial class is animated by the worship of nonwhites, in the same way primitives would deify a shaman. The mere presence of well-behaved blacks is enough to cause orgiastic paroxysms among the beautiful people and those who emulate them in the lower classes (that would be The Elwood’s).

    American blacks, of course, are an ideal god for these people. No matter how wonderful the life of a black person, they are always complaining. Just look at all the millionaire black celebrities. American blacks are the most bitter and ungrateful people to ever walk the planet. Megan Markle is the full expression of that ungratefulness. She has lived the very definition of the charmed life, but she is a vinegar drinking shrew, living to make those around her miserable. She is the ideal black goddess for a people riddled with self-loathing.” (again, The Elwood’s). Zman. 3/10

    Megan Markle is literally a fukin princess and all that hateful black bitch can do is complain and claim victimhood. The fascist left (The Elwood’s) have trained them well. Now instead of being happy because they’re equal, they want more than equal. They want special.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      The Kye denies being a white supremacist! But he’s a spectacular white supremacist.

      Blacks should be grateful that superior whites such as The Kye allow them the little they have.

      But no! According to the gospel of The Kye, they’re hateful Black bitches for whom enough is never enough! And now these Black bitches demand more, as if their white betters have not given them enough! The Black bitches are uninvited interlopers to our land!

      Scratch a connie, get a white supremacist!

  7. Jl says:

    Scratch any of J’s posts and find assertions without evidence!

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