Bummer: China’s 5 Year Climate (scam) Plan Won’t Get Them To Carbon Neutral By 2050

Other than climaidiots, is there anyone who truly believes that China has any intention of keeping their pledges for being net zero/carbon neutral? Seriously, you can’t believe China is doing anything more than paying lip service to sucker the weak cult minds, right?

China aims to be carbon neutral by 2060. Its new 5-year plan won’t cut it.

0n Friday, China released a draft summary of its 14th Five-Year Plan, the all-important document that not only guides the country’s economic development but also has huge consequences for global carbon dioxide emissions and climate change.

The new plan’s 2025 emissions goals reflect an ongoing contradiction between China’s short-term and long-term climate goals.

In the long run, China has expressed a strong commitment to climate action. President Xi Jinping surprised the world last September when he announced that China would aim to reach carbon neutrality by 2060. Climate scientists have called for countries to hit that goal by 2050, but it was still a significant step forward for China — the first time the country made any formal commitment to zeroing out its emissions.

And yet, even as Xi made that announcement, CO2 emissions in China were soaring. Like the rest of the world, the pandemic had initially caused economic activity to plummet in China in early 2020. But after swiftly bringing the pandemic under control within its borders, the Chinese government funneled stimulus dollars into the heavily polluting construction and manufacturing sectors, stoking steel and cement production. As a result, China’s emissions rose an estimated 1.5 percent in 2020, even accounting for the initial drop.

“China’s economic recovery from the pandemic so far has been anything but green,” Li Shuo, a senior global policy adviser for Greenpeace East Asia, said during a press conference on Monday.

Vox’s climahysteric Lili Pike seems rather surprised by this. She’s going to continue being surprised all the way up to 2050 when China still has a big “carbon footprint”, unless there is some big breakthrough in power production. China is happy to sell substandard wind turbines and solar panels, created by mining and lots of fossil fuels, to climate cultists.

The biggest question remains whether China will reverse its coal consumption, which increased slightly last year even during the pandemic. Environmentalists grew increasingly concerned as China built 38.4 gigawatts of new coal-fired power plant capacity in 2020 alone — three-quarters of new coal construction globally.

They’ll pledge to do so and then won’t

What happens internationally may also play a role in shaping China’s emissions. The Biden administration has pledged to reassert US global leadership on climate change and is planning to host a global climate summit on Earth Day in April. In the lead-up, the administration has said it will release a new, more ambitious 2030 target for the US.

That could potentially free up China to also increase its 2030 goals. In December, President Xi announced new targets, which experts said were not strong enough. However, they have not been formalized under the Paris agreement yet, so there is still room for China to make its targets more aggressive by the deadline: the next big round of UN climate negotiations to be held in November in Glasgow, Scotland.

Pledges are nice. And, just like most New Year’s pledges they are roundly ignored. China has no intention of actually following through on them, but, they’ll be happy to help other nations do so, selling them products, seeing other countries harm their economies for this scam while China never does so.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: China’s 5 Year Climate (scam) Plan Won’t Get Them To Carbon Neutral By 2050”

  1. Professor hale says:

    Communists are famous for 5 year plans that are long on promises and short on results. So the update them every year and never need to deliver. Just like democrats.

  2. Est1950 says:

    If anyone thinks China gives a care about AGW they would be mistaken.

    BEIJING (AP) — China’s foreign minister warned the Biden administration on Sunday to roll back former President Donald Trump’s “dangerous practice” of showing support for Taiwan, the island democracy claimed by Beijing as its own territory.

    The claim to Taiwan, which split with the mainland in 1949, is an “insurmountable red line,” Wang Yi said at a news conference during the annual meeting of China’s ceremonial legislature.

    The United States has no official relations with Taiwan but extensive informal ties. Trump irked Beijing by sending Cabinet officials to visit Taiwan in a show of support.

    “The Chinese government has no room for compromise,” Wang said.

    FAST FORWARD TO INAUGURATION DAY…..Biden invites Taiwan to his inauguration.

    Biden has continued Trumps policy of policing the south east Asia trade routes that China is aggressively trying to take from over 20 nations in a show of force.

    Australia is under constant threat both implied and verbally from China. A dozen nations have combined to resist China in the region including a triparte of Australia, INDIA and the US.

    One of the reasons why China has built the largest Navy in the world is they want to dominate the WORLD….FUKING PERIOD.

    China has now started ordering their coast guard to sink vessels in the shipping lanes that are 100’s of miles from their coast line and in international waters. China orders fly bys of Taiwan with nuclear armed fighters.

    China said they would reunify with Taiwan by 2049 and would retake Hong Kong by 2047. They just retook Hong Kong in 2020. 27 years early so if they think Taiwan is not an early item on their menu you would be mistaken. Taiwan is in a state of seige as China bullies, India, Russia, Japan and only South Korea has shown no stomach to stand against the Chinese which is on their doorstep.

  3. Est1950 says:

    China builts new coal plants while hiding under the guise of a developing country.

    President Xi Jinping hosted the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing over the weekend, promoting his signature foreign policy of building massive infrastructure and trade links across several continents.

    The forum, attended by leaders and delegates of nearly 40 countries, came amid growing criticism of China’s projects, including their effect on the environment.


    China’s Belt and Road initiative.

    You can find this at NPR…hardly a conservative rag.

    Why Is China Placing A Global Bet On Coal?

    Yet China’s overseas ventures include hundreds of electric power plants that burn coal, which is a significant emitter of the carbon scientifically linked to climate change. Edward Cunningham, a specialist on China and its energy markets at Harvard University, tells NPR that China is building or planning more than 300 coal plants in places as widely spread as Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Egypt and the Philippines.

    China does not care about your AGW desires. They are buying up coal at record pace and have continued to expand coal fired plants during the pandemic while Elwood’s and Hairy’s of the World try hate speech on white people in America.

    AGW is a terrorist organization which should be put on the State Department’s watch list.

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