Your Fault: Climate Apocalypse Is Killing Butterflies

All because you refuse to ride a bicycle and give up your delicious burger fixation

Climate Change Is Killing Butterflies in the American West

Butterflies play essential role in pollinating wild plants and crops. Which makes a new study published in Science on Thursday such bad news. It shows the climate crisis is posing an existential threat to their survival, particularly in the American West.

The researchers—who hail from Tennessee, Arizona, California, and Texas—combined three datasets on butterfly observations. The first, from a University of California professor, included 45 years of data from California. The second, from the North American Butterfly Association, contained 27 years of data compiled by experts and citizen scientists across America. And the third was from the the global iNaturalist web platform in which volunteers can log butterfly observations on an app.

The research focused on 450 species of butterfly populations from Washington down to California and stretching as far east as Montana and New Mexico. That area, the scientists write, is “particularly useful for understanding the effects of climate change on insects” because it’s been ground-zero for warming and drying trends. It also has a variety of ecosystems and elevations, and includes all kinds of land uses from cities to protected parks to farms.

Across that region, the team observed a precipitous decline of 1.6% in the number of butterflies every year over the past four decades. Previous research has documented the decline of butterfly populations as well, but scientists have had difficulty determining how great a factor the changing climate has been. It’s been hard to separate global warming’s role from that of other stressors, like deforestation as well as pollution from chemical pesticide use and extractive industry.

Who could imagine that the climate, which has always changed, could make a difference? I wonder how this compares to previous warm periods not Blamed on Mankind? And during cool periods?

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5 Responses to “Your Fault: Climate Apocalypse Is Killing Butterflies”

  1. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    All because you refuse to ride a bicycle and give up your delicious burger fixation

    It’s Friday during Lent, so no burger for me. Does than mean it’s not my fault?

  2. Kye says:

    I hope The Elwood is okay after the huuuge onslaught of the usual boogey men at Qanon, Proud Boys and all the 140 million Trump supporters and/or conservatives all of whom are White Racists. The so called FBI is putting out the poppycock that “White supremacists” are moving today’s planned (and ARMED) insurrection in DC was postponed till March 20th. More strife, fear and worry by The Elwood’s of America as they sweat out the next armed attack by 60 year old men and women who want a fair election.

    Nothing says hate, insurrection and White supremacy more than elderly voters who feel disenfranchised by a cabal of Democommies who fix elections, manufacture votes and rig voting machines then refuse to address the well founded accusations with a wave of their well manicured hand. Shure as hell them old folks pose a threat to this , as The Elwood calls it , “democracy” which it is not, it’s a Republic you ignorant fool. Democracies are little more than tyranny by the majority. And a majority is 50% plus 1. Of course being a fascist enabler you don’t need to worry about majorities anyway, you just print up enough ballots until the “proper” amount is available.

    Why are you afraid of The Republic?

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Kye misunderstands. I enjoy watching the QAnoners, Proud Boys, neoNazis, trumpists, white supremacists and 3Percenters getting arrested!

      You white nationalists were not disenfranchised, the election wasn’t fixed, the machines weren’t rigged. More voters voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. You should be proud that your guy only lost by so little!

      America is a democratic republic. For now. You want a fascist dictatorship.

      • Dana says:

        As the “intelligence” says the “insurrection” has now been moved to March 20th, will we find that no, the National Guard troops — some 4,900 of them still remain deployed in DC — and the fences turning our nation’s capital into something out of a banana republic remain until after March 20th, or will there be yet another excuse to keep them there?

        The inauguration passed without incident. There were no attempted riots during the impeachment trial. March 4th passed quietly. And now it seems that all anyone has to do is gin up some internet chatter, and the troops and fencing will stay there forever!

        • Kye says:

          When an illegal Junta takes over a country they need troops in the capitol to project power. That’s exactly what Nazi Pelousey did. BTW, an insurrection needs ARMS!

          Jan 6th was not an insurrection, it was a Stop the Steal protest. Jan 20 was not an inauguration, it was an installation of a fake regime. March 4th wasn’t a real inauguration day since FDR in 1933 so that was a lie and a lame excuse to keep the occupation troops in place for what is coming next. Nazi P. once again, no doubt. All that filthy commie kunt does is lie. March 20th is another fake-out bullshit date created as an excuse. Others may follow or perhaps Americans will be so used to the occupation forces the sham of new dates will be like the sham of masks. They’ll just buy into the bullshit and surrender allowing the Demofascists a stronghold on the capitol and a 3 mask mandate.

          The Fascist troops (who BTW are now our enemy thanks to the Democommies under the command of Nazi Pelousey) are required to stay in place until the completion of the Fundamental Change that Building Back Better requires.

          Soon, “General ” Honere (there’s an affirmative action hire if there ever was one) will command his troops to move through every Middlesex village and farm disarming the “Rebels” and confiscating whatever he deems a threat to the new Régime. Hopefully history does repeat itself and we can rid ourselves of our oppressors permanently.

          Hey, The Elwood, is it still an “insurrection” when nobody shows up? You fukin assholes are paranoid delusional.

          As Dwight Eisenhower said:

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