Surprise: China Joe Is Finding Limitations As The “Mask Candidate”

Heck, even Joe said he had limitations, but, the Credentialed Media was super excited about Joe implementing top down government control

Joe Biden campaigned as the mask candidate. Now he’s facing the limits of the bully pulpit

Joe Biden ran for the White House as the mask candidate, criticizing then-President Donald Trump’s dismissal of masks, promising to get tough on mask wearing and modeling good behavior by wearing at least one – and sometimes two –masks himself.

“The one thing we do know — these masks make a gigantic difference,” Biden said last June. “I would insist that everybody out in public be wearing that mask.”

They do? That’s interesting, since cases and deaths spiked despite wearing masks and has continued like that for many, many months

As president, however, Biden is running up against the limits of the bully pulpit as mask-wearing remains politically polarized.

Plus, people have gotten tired of pandemic restrictions and see less need for precautions as COVID-19 vaccinations increase, even though health officials are urgently warning that now is not the time to ease up.

After the governors of Texas and Mississippi moved to lift mask mandates on Tuesday, an exasperated and frustrated Biden said Wednesday that such decisions come from “Neanderthal thinking.”

So, he’s not a dictator? States and people actually have Rights? Huh.

Biden is also being pressed on what he’s doing to try to either convince states to stick with pandemic restrictions or to work around governors.

As a candidate, Biden promised that if the governors wouldn’t listen to him, then: “I go to every mayor, I go to every councilman, I go to every local official, say, mandate the mask, man – say, this is what you have to do when you’re out. Make sure you encourage it being done.”

The White House insists Biden has been doing that, through the administration’s regular calls with governors, frequent public comments and other actions that have included a public service announcement at the start of the Super Bowl. (First lady Jill Biden did a separate PSA on mask wearing with White House dogs, Major and Champ, for the Puppy Bowl.)

“Go” is not phone calls. Dude barely leaves his basement, and his few actual appearances require his wife next to him to keep him from showing his dementia.

“We are going to continue to use every method of the bully pulpit at our disposal to convey directly to people … that mask wearing, social distancing, getting access to the vaccine is the path to go back to normal,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday.

She said this while not wearing a mask. The above screenshot comes from the video at the USA Today article. Why should we believe in masks when she never wears one while inside with lots of people, as the rules for D.C., which do not necessarily apply to the White House, and the rules put forth by Joe, which 100% do? How many times has China Joe been caught without a mask?

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2 Responses to “Surprise: China Joe Is Finding Limitations As The “Mask Candidate””

  1. Hairy says:

    Teach masks are best at preventing the spread of covid from one person to another
    They are not 100% effective
    Their main benefit is to prevent you from transmuting covid to someone else
    Many if tgecpeople you criticize for nitvwesrung masks
    1 practice social distancing
    2 are tested more than once per day
    3 have received a covid vaccination
    Covid spreads not from one virus infecting you but from 1000s usually in a water droplet overwhelming your bodies defense
    No other country has done as poor a job in the last year as the USA
    500000dead ???? Blame trump who told us in march that the virus “would magicakky disappear in April with the warmer weather…….”
    Teach did you believe him when he said that?

    • drowningpuppies says:

      …The same day Biden slammed the Republican lawmakers for allowing business owners to open their doors again to help put food on the table, a new disturbing report about COVID coming across the border came to light.

      The Biden administration’s border patrol has released more than 100 illegal immigrants into Texas since late January that have tested positive for the coronavirus following their arrival, officials in a city on the U.S.-Mexico border tell Fox News…”

      Heckuva job Joey!

      Braham! Lolgf

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