Texas Lifts Mask Mandate, Allows Businesses To 100% Reopen

And the media and Democrats are losing their minds

Texas becomes biggest US state to lift COVID-19 mask mandate

Texas is lifting its mask mandate, Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday, making it the largest state to no longer require one of the most effective ways to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The announcement in Texas, where the virus has killed more than 43,000 people, rattled doctors and big city leaders who said they are now bracing for another deadly resurgence. One hospital executive in Houston said he told his staff they would need more personnel and ventilators.

Federal health officials this week urgently warned states to not let their guard down, warning that the pandemic is far from over.

Abbott, a Republican, has faced sustained criticism from his party in America’s biggest red state over the statewide mask mandate — which was imposed eight months ago — as well as business occupancy limits that Texas will also scuttle next week. The mask order was only ever lightly enforced, even during the worst outbreaks of the pandemic.

This has made many go crazy, such as CNN’s Chris Cillizza

As coronavirus case across the country are dropping, cases in Texas actually increased by 5% over the last two weeks, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University. Which makes this a very odd time for Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott to do what he did on Tuesday.

“Too many Texans have been sidelined from employment opportunities,” Abbott said. “Too many small business owners have struggled to pay their bills. This must end. It is now time to open Texas 100%.”

What Abbott meant by 100% is this: He is dropping the state’s mask mandate and allowing all businesses to open at 100% capacity beginning March 10. He justified those moves by noting that 5.7 million Covid-19 vaccine shots have been given in the state and that Texans have “mastered the daily habits to avoid getting Covid.”

Abbott’s move seems entirely motivated by politics rather than public health. Doctors and public health experts continue to warn that letting down our guard — and our masks — at this point is a major mistake. While vaccinations are on the rise, we remain a long way from herd immunity. (Less than 7% of Texans are fully vaccinated.) And the precipitous drop in cases over the last month or so has quite clearly plateaued even as the number of tests has declined — two indicators that suggest we are not out of the woods just yet.

Does Chris live in Texas? No? Perhaps he should let Texas do what Texas wants to do and mind his own business. And where were his complaints when it was politics driving so many of the unhinged mask and other mandates throughout the nation?

(Texas Tribune) Mayors and county judges in some of Texas’ largest urban areas criticized Gov. Greg Abbott over his decision to lift the statewide face mask mandate next week, saying it contradicts health officials’ advice as infections continue to spread throughout the state, which averaged over 200 reported deaths a day over the last week.

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, a fellow Republican, called Abbott’s order “premature” and asked him to allow more people to get the vaccine.

Most everyone else mentioned are Democrats, but, it begs the question: if masks work, then why is COVID spreading so much? Masks were supposed to stop this, right? Right?

But, stores and businesses are allowed to have their own mandates, and many will. Masks will also be required at airports with federal guidance and on metros.

But, why the focus on Texas? No one made a big deal about North Dakota, Montana, and Iowa lifting their mandates in the last few weeks. Nor Michigan, Mississippi, and Louisiana lifting theirs this week, just like Texas. There are many states which have no statewide mandates. Some have very limited, like with Nebraska, which only requires them “for both clients and staff at barbershops, salons and other personal-care businesses.” Lincoln and Omaha have stricter mandates, being more densely populated cities.

Why? Because Leftists love to hate Texas, because the state is typically a big success. What will the nuts do when the removal of the mask mandate doesn’t see doom?

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29 Responses to “Texas Lifts Mask Mandate, Allows Businesses To 100% Reopen”

  1. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host, to whom I am very grateful for crossposting on my site, in case my internet and sparktricity had gone down in the record-setting Kentucky River flooding, wrote:

    Nebraska, which only requires them “for both clients and staff at barbershops .
    . . .

    My barber wears a mask, and he takes clients’ temperatures before cutting their hair, but how can the client wear a face mask while getting his hair cut? The barber would wind up cutting the strings.

  2. Dana says:

    Of course, this is what I said should have been the case all along: that governors should not have been able to issue unconstitutional mask mandates, but asked people to wear them; most would have complied, given a good enough reason.

    More, cancellation of the mandatory mask order does not prevent people from wearing masks; people can still do so if they think it best.

  3. Kye says:

    Elwood you’ll be happy to know I just got off the phone with my Tax Lawyer and we were turned down by the feds for our requested $1.75 million PPP loan/grant. The feds did grant us $850,000 which is less than half we requested. Not nearly what we need to expand into a second exclusive location. I wanted it even more exclusive that the original perhaps a more limited membership and no non-member traffic. Plus, I wanted it located on The Main Line in Bryn Mawr between the Merion Cricket Club and Bryn Mawr College. Great spot! I was even considering a bar/lounge and restaurant inclusive. I know that would attract more men than we currently attract.

    We can gather enough to do a new venture but not what we need to do THE venture we wanted.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Congratulations Kye. The rich get richer! We’re all pleased our tax dollars helped you out.

      Thanks for doing your part!

  4. Hairy says:

    Masks?? Teach seems to think he now knows better than doctors
    1 year ago his Dear Lrafrr was telling us that the “China virus” would magically fidapoear in Aprilbwhen the weather got warmer
    Now those same people who believed that whopper think they know itvall about masks

    • Bill589 says:

      Doctors say masks do no good, only harm.

    • gitarcarver says:

      Hairy has selective memory.

      Trump was relating what was told to him by Faucci and the WHO who have bounced all over the place concerning the corona virus. Even a few weeks into the the Biden administration, Faucci admitted that he had lied concerning the herd immunity numbers.

      Trump was clearly trying to do what Obama did with the SARS virus – downplaying it so people would not panic.

      Hairy hates Trump because he is part of the left. All the left has is hate.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        gitarcaver typed: Trump was clearly trying to do what Obama did with the SARS virus – downplaying it so people would not panic.

        Was that the SARS outbreak of 2003? What impact did IL State Senator Obama have on the SARS virus?

        If you meant the global MERS outbreak of 2014-2019, neither of the two infected Americans died from the disease.

        Over 500,000 Americans have died from SARS-CoV-2.

        What were you trying to say?

        Dr. Fauci was misspelled.

        After all, all the gitarcarver has is bullshit.

        • drowningpuppies says:

          And Rimjob is not as smart as he thinks he is.

          Wonder if he can figure out why.

          Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

        • gitarcarver says:

          Actually Elwood, I was referencing the swine flu outbreak after which Obama came out and said that he had lied about the effects of the flu because he didn’t want to cause a panic.

          No one had a problem with that.

          Trump does the same thing, relying on the same information and the left goes crazy because the left hates Trump so much.

          After all, all the left has is hate.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            The gitarcarver changes his story after being busted. But, OK.

            12,000 Americans died from the swine flu pandemic. Over 600,000 will die from Covid-19.

            What lie did President Obama tell the American people about swine flu?

            First US case was April 15, 2009, a public health emergency declared April 26. FDA approved the test April 28, with first shipments on May 1, 2019.

            After all, all the gitarcarver has is BS.

          • drowningpuppies says:

            Git corrected his story unlike Rimjob who was busted for his lie about signing up/enlisting in the U.S. Army.

            Rimjob is not very smart.

            Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

          • drowningpuppies says:


            First US case was April 15, 2009, a public health emergency declared April 26. FDA approved the test April 28, with first shipments on May 1, 2019.

            WTF does that mean, smart guy?
            Would Rimjob like to issue an explanation?

            Probably not because he’s not very smart.

            Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Smegma continues his fluffing of the gitarcarver. You go, girl!!

  5. drowningpuppies says:

    It was recommended that they self-quarantine before their hearing dates.


    Heckuva job Joey!

    Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  6. david7134 says:

    Ok, Jeff is acting like he has some knowledge of medicine, which he does not just being a pharmacist. As I have said before, pharmacist receive remedial instruction.

    Now, recommendation from my medical board and UpToDate programs all recommend mask. But, this is based on recommendation from WHO and I have serious doubts about that corrupt organization. Mostly it is my opinion and many other doctors that mask are emphasized to make it appear that the government is doing something, much like the metal collections in war and useless rations of certain items. Most data is generated using manakins and not humans, to my knowledge. The emphasis on mask is most to reduce aerosols from the individuals wearing the device as prevention is much less specific. Of course, businesses that do not emphasize the use of mask might be open to legal.

    Jeff will of course disagree with this as he loves authority telling you what to do and loves to either misread a article, or make up something or pull information from a journal like Better Home And Garden.

    What I do is to wear a device only when a business insist.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      So davi, who claims to be a physician but seems to not know any medicine, ignores the advice of actual medical experts based on his knowledge of… well, nothing. It’s just a belief he holds based on what he’s told by the voice in his head.

      • Kye says:

        That’s how you fascists usually work. When you’re proven wrong by a professional in his field like Dr. David, you then question his credentials. There is never proof good enough to change a closed mind. You should be on the Supreme Court, Elwood.

        One part of this whole Branch Covidian Wokeness shit we have been living through that really stuck with me revolves around the way that some people (Almost always leftists) will spitefully torture other people when given permission to do so, which I guess I hadn’t seen in real life up to now. Sort of like how the Red Guards enthusiastically attacked old teachers and business men in China as the cultural revolution unfolded. Or how poor people in Russia attacked the kulaks under Communism. We have millions and millions of crazy women, loney women, angry non-white guys, etc… a whole rainbow of people… who have felt or have been taught in public schools that they have been so wronged by society that they are happy to torture their fellow citizens the first chance they get. Democracy will not last in this context, and with the advent of Fake Elections it hasn’t. The most inferior of citizens are now in charge.

        Nobody believes in other people’s rights anymore. It started with the War on Terror though. That was a theatrical event that imposed policing on every aspect of life and everyone went along with it because of… fear and loathing of terrorists. What goes around comes around as they say. Now all White people (especially straight men) are the terrorists. The CIA used to and probably still does run black site prisons. That same tech will be used against us someday sooner than we think but still too long a wait for The Elwood’s who are just chomping at the bit to see more dead Ashli Babbitts.

        Something for you commie/fascists to enjoy. That means you Elwood, Hairy. Right up your alley like a Red Chinese anal swab.

        From The People’s Cube:

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:


          You fascists always consider your opinion to be proof! Now you want us to trust by authority that self-proclaimed “doctor” davido has proven… what? – that masks don’t work? We should accept him as an authority but not accept all the other experts on the matter? LMFAO!

          So now you claim that leftists believe in torture, citing the Chinese cultural revolution and Russian peasants. Strong case you make. LOL. Then you go off on non-white, non-christian, non-straight Americans as being “the most inferior people”. We suppose you consider yourself to be a superior person, like a trump, Cruz, Hawley, Proud Boy etc.

          Not all white, straight, christian men are terrorists any more than every Black man is a criminal or every Muslim is a traitor. It’s just that it was white conservatives who stormed the US Capitol Jan 6 because they believed the utterly false claim that trump lost the election due to electoral fraud.

          Speaking of torture and a police state, weren’t waterboarding and other tortures conservative approaches to keeping America “safe”. Wasn’t the “Patriot Act” a conservative idea? 63 brave Dems and 3 brave Repubs (Ney, Otter, Paul) voted against it.

          • Kye says:

            “Speaking of torture and a police state, weren’t waterboarding and other tortures conservative approaches to keeping America “safe”. Wasn’t the “Patriot Act” a conservative idea? 63 brave Dems and 3 brave Repubs (Ney, Otter, Paul) voted against it.”

            The Patriot Act was a leftist idea, not “conservative” It was put forward by Bush who is a RINO and a leftist but because he happens top be a (R) you claim he’s conservative. He’s not. I am. See the difference? Plus those “63 “brave” Dems” didn’t vote out of morality but rather politics. They voted against a (R) not the Act. The weren’t against the Patriot Act any more than the current crop of commie motherfukers are against “voter fraud” when they pass a law encoding fraud in the law itself!

      • david7134 says:

        A doctor never, ever takes anything at face value, even the advice of his fellow physicians, not some expert on a cloud like God. I have figured out part of your problem. As you progress through the education system to higher levels, you begin to understand the concept of “critical reading and thinking”. That is what I was trained in. It is no longer in lower education as evidenced by our pathetic younger scholars. My advice to you is join several journal clubs. They might help. As to the mask, wear if you desire, no one is stopping you. If kye has lung troubles, he should wear one. But don’t base your health policy on forcing the public to do stupid things that are not sound science.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:


          It’s rare to find an MD who is also a good scientist, and I’ve collaborated with many MDs. You may be an exception, as I’ve also collaborated with good MD scientists. Everyday MDs rarely conduct actual experiments.

          Anyway, your lecture ignores that many, many alt-rightists today accept clear falsehoods as fact. Most conspiracies today are conservative conspiracies.

          • david7134 says:

            The problem with your comments is that your analysis is strictly your opinion. It also relies on the fact that we must accept you as an authority of some kind, which considering your behavior is wildly impossible. Many people here are not familiar with the activity that in which your corporation participates. Science is laughable. Mostly you are involved in phase 2 analysis of drugs, manipulation of stats, screening of patients for appropriate criteria as provided by the parent drug company. Many here are unaware that you can obtain $50,000 more or less for your efforts. Then there is the matter of the various grays from our taxes that you have stated you receive. In short, little “science” is involved, that would imply cerebral efforts for which you do not seem inclined given your childish behavior. I may be wrong, but doubt I am much off the mark.

            Regardless, if you desire to be taken serious, change your behavior and stop lying.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:


            You don’t know what you’re talking about, as usual. You’re still the same old smelly liar you’ve always been. Every drug candidate we’ve tested was invented by our employees. And in Phase 1, 2 and 3 studies.

            Your career has been collecting gov’t payments for mistreating poor patients. If you’re to be believed, you’ve admitting to taking bribes from pharma companies to generate the results they want. That’s illegal. Didn’t you insist on double blind studies??

            Being taken seriously by the collection of liars, conspiracists and fantasists here is not an objective.

  7. Est1950 says:

    30 million have tested positive for the Virus.

    The actual numbers are considered to be 3x-5x as much who just never reported, went to a doctor or such.

    As a result you have 30 millions x’s 3 or 5. That is anywhere from 90-150 million who now have immunity from the virus. These are mostly considered active people. IE those that work, move around and participate in the general activity of the nation.

    Feb 20, 2021 · Since vaccine distribution began in the U.S. on Dec. 14, more than 75 million doses have been administered, reaching 15% of the total U.S. population, according to federal data collected by the…

    So 90+75=165 million or 120+75=195 million or 150+75=225 million are basically immune to the disease.

    YEAH I would say it is time to open up and if people choose to wear masks or not that is their choice. Texas as always gets it right. I have not worn a mask at all for this entire episode other than when mandated by the places of business I was visiting.

  8. Est1950 says:

    Some basic law. I find people are ill informed of their rights under the constitution.

    IF you go to a store and IF that store tells you to put on your mask and IF you refuse they have every right to refuse service to you. It is a privilege to shop at Walmart or where ever and not a RIGHT.

    Secondly if you REFUSE to wear a mask and they tell you to leave and you do not leave. That is trespassing and you can be arrested.

    This is the law. No judge in any state will buy your Constitutional argument since this is case law argued before the supreme court and is now the established law of the land.

    SO for your well being. If an establishment demands you wear a mask. Wear it or leave. If they tell you to leave for not wearing a mask. Leave. Otherwise the only thing you proved is that you have enough money to defend yourself in court and pay the fines after being arrested for Trespassing and being a public nuisance.

    Another bit of legal advice. IF A COP asks you to step out of your car. The Supreme court has ruled that you must comply. They don’t need a reason and it is not your constitutional right to ignore the officer. However this is when your rights begin.

    Once you are ordered out of the car, then your full constitutional rights kick into place and this is when the officer must dot his I’s and Cross his T’s to avoid litigation of the city by YOU. So if your asked to exit the car on a traffic stop. Please do so and then you can be that guy or gal in videos who debate the law with an officer.

    • Est1950 says:

      Lest there be some debate.

      In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court held that the police can make you get out of your car after a valid traffic stop. This ruling applies to the driver and all the passengers in a car. Because of this ruling in Pennsylvania vs. Mimms, a person must exit their car if ordered to do so by the police.

      This is for your protection and the protection of the OFFICER.

      Let me show you an example of what Cops face in a routine traffic stop and why Mimms vs PA was so important for the police.

      You only need to watch from 2 minute mark to the three minute mark to understand why police face possible life or death on nearly every traffic stop. This video is why Cops arent smiling when they pull you over or pretending to be your buddy.


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