Trump Is About To Be Acquitted Yet Again In The Dems Trial Of Feelings

Have you watched Shampeachment Theater? I haven’t. It’s a waste of time. It’s silly. Trump is out. He lost (whether real or fraud). Move. But, Democrats are truly deranged. Trump will be living rent free in their heads for years. And their silly impeachment will end exactly the way we thought

“We Lost the Line”: Trump Is on the Brink of Yet Another Senate Acquittal

Move OnA few hours into the presentation of the House managers’ case against Donald Trump, for inciting the mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6th, Representative Eric Swalwell (this was the guy sleeping with a Chinese spy, you know), of California, played senators an extraordinary new clip of themselves on that awful day. The previously undisclosed security-camera footage was short. There was no sound. It simply showed senators running down a long corridor, to escape from the mob. This was no calm, orderly evacuation. These were members of Congress running for their lives. Swalwell said that he went back and checked to see how close the rioters had come to the senators. The answer was fifty-eight steps. “We all know that awful day could have been so much worse,” he said. (snip)

This was the horrible moment when the Capitol was breached. But it was so much more than that, too—a before-and-after moment in our democracy, when Trump’s months-long campaign to undermine the legitimacy of an American election culminated in a deadly but failed attempt to stop Congress from certifying the results. Had Trump finally gone too far, even for his Republican Party to follow? Had he gone too far for the members of the U.S. Senate who were themselves targets of the mob? This week’s impeachment trial will answer those questions, and in so doing offer one last clarifying, horrifying coda to the Trump Presidency.

So, no, we are not moving on. Not yet. Joe Biden has been the President for three weeks now, but the profane spectre of Trump, his unprecedented attack on the election, and the violence that he helped unleash in furtherance of that attack remain the unfinished business of his disastrous Presidency. (snip)

And that, as always in the Trump era, is what it comes back to: Trump alone never could have wreaked such mayhem on our democracy, on our Capitol. His mob is not just the thugs who attacked cops with flagpoles on January 6th; it also includes some of the elected officials inside the besieged building, the ones in suits who advanced and promoted Trump’s election lies, just as they had advanced and promoted so many of his other lies for the previous four years. Of course, they are standing by him now.

Susan B. Glasser of The New Yorker is not taking this well, is she? Her mental illness really would disqualify her from obtaining a firearm in most Democrat run states.

The unprecedented second impeachment trial of Donald Trump is not yet over, though it soon will be, and the outcome is, once again, not much in doubt. A year ago, when Trump faced his first trial, Mitt Romney was the only Senate Republican to vote for his conviction. This time, despite the trial taking place at the actual scene of the crime, Romney was joined by only five other Republicans in voting to allow the trial to proceed. Whether or not those six ultimately vote to convict, the final number of Republicans is sure to be well below the two-thirds majority required for conviction. We lost the line. We lost the line, indeed.

This was never in doubt. We knew the Republicans who would be squishy. And we knew that Democrats would never change their mind, because Trump utterly broke them.

This Impeachment Of Donald John Trump Is Trial By Feelings

The case against Donald John Trump in this, his second impeachment trial, is a curious thing. The single charge is that he allegedly incited a riot at the Capitol by contesting the results of the 2020 election. But his actions do not meet the legal definition of incitement. As we are constantly reminded, a Senate impeachment trial is not a criminal trial, so the senators can choose to define incitement however they want, but so far they haven’t.

The opening statement from the House managers was almost solely focused on feelings and emotion. At one point, Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., literally broke down in tears while describing the riot. But what he did not offer was a standard by which Trump’s guilt or innocence on the charge of incitement could be based. This is very important because a precedent is being set here. (snip)

I agree that convicting Trump would set a precedent, just not the one French thinks it will. Standards and precedents have to be testable and repeatable, otherwise they are but merely whims. So what standard would we be setting with this novel definition of incitement that does not exist in our law? We saw politically motivated violence from the left all summer long, much of it directed against police. Did the progressive politicians and activists who frankly spread a lot of lies about how deeply racist our police are incite that violence? It seems to me by this definition they did.

This whole thing is about Trump Derangement Syndrome. The Democrats sat on the impeachment articles in the House till it was too late to do anything while Trump was in office, which, for one thing, avoided that the Chief Justice would have to preside, rather than having a Democrat senator who said he wants to impeach and convict preside. This is about their feelings, not law. I wish I could find the article again, it was about Trump suing the hell out of the Democrats for violating his Constitutional Rights, including due process. Make sure to read both of the articles above in full.

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19 Responses to “Trump Is About To Be Acquitted Yet Again In The Dems Trial Of Feelings”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Impeach Barack

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Protesters set fires and hurled bricks in a daylong assault on the city hosting Donald Trump’s inauguration, registering their rage against the new president in a series of clashes that led to more than 200 arrests. Police used pepper spray and stun grenades to prevent the chaos from spilling into Trump’s formal procession and evening balls.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    I’m not going to sugarcoat it: The law doesn’t give a [email protected] about your feelings.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  3. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host quoted:

    So, no, we are not moving on. Not yet.

    You sure that wasn’t Mr Dowd? He certainly hasn’t moved on!

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The Dems understood that obtaining enough votes from the feckless GOPher Senators was a long shot. But the video presentations, the correlations with tRump’s odious twitterings and the violent actions of the mob were telling. And many Americans were watching.

    The Senators aren’t concerned about tRump, the Republic, incitement to riot, or the emerging mobocracy – they are worried about either their next Senatorial election or their next presidential run and how much they need the trumpublican voters to win.

    If inciting your mob to overturn the election is not impeachable, we should amend the constitution to remove the impeachment clauses.

    Teach typed: He lost (whether real or fraud)

    Fuk you, Teach. One must assume if you had evidence of fraud you’d have found it by now. He lost because some 7 million more Americans voted for the other guy, and because he lost the Electoral College vote 306-232. People such as you and tRump have tried to destroy the Republic with your lie that the election was stolen. It wasn’t, although tRump tried to steal it but his clumsy insurrection failed. Now, tRump gets off free (for now) but many in his mob will be indicted.

    Congress presciently told us that after the first impeachable offense (trying to extort Ukraine into assisting in the 2020 election) that an acquittal would give tRump permission to commit more high crimes and misdemeanors. He started before the election to declare himself the winner and that only fraud could defeat him. He tried to force officials in several key states to declare him the winner. He called GOP governors and Sec’s of State to harangue and threaten them for move votes in his favor. He tried to interfere with the certification votes in key states. Then he encouraged a coup d’idiot before and on Jan 6 in an effort to bugger the Congressional certification, lying that VP Pence had the authority to declare tRump president. “Hang Mike Pence!, the mob screamed after tRump tweeted that Pence had failed him and the movement.

    You profess to love America, but haven’t one iota of recognition of what America is. You hate democracy, you hate America and you hate Americans.

    • drowningpuppies says:


      Rimjob thinks he has room to talk about others patriotism.



    • Dana says:

      OMG, this is hysterically funny! My previous comment, that Mr Dowd hasn’t moved on, was right on target.

      Fuk you, Teach.

      tRump gets off free (for now)

      You profess to love America, but haven’t one iota of recognition of what America is. You hate democracy, you hate America and you hate Americans.

      President Trump was defeated for re-election and is now out of office, but the esteemed Mr Dowd just can’t get over it. He wants Donald trump punished, and he’s as pissed off as can be that that isn’t happening.

      He’s mad, he’s angry, he’s spittle-flecking outraged, that he hasn’t gotten his way on something even he admitted was a long shot. When our esteemed host wrote, “Trump will be living rent free in their heads for years,” he sure got it right!

      Mr Dowd, you need to see a doctor; a blood pressure of 200/140 isn’t healthy, and you need to get that under control before you stroke out.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        While we appreciate Mr Dana’s concern for our health, he can be comforted in knowing my blood pressure is ideal. Probably genetics and a lifetime of moderation.

        tRump will be an afterthought soon enough. As we’ve said many times, as despicable a human has Mr tRumpis, he’s but a symptom of the rot that has become the GOP. History will record if trump is the worst president in history (so far!).

        We appreciate Mr Dana’s recognition that Mr tRump was defeated. He definitively lost the election. There was no significant fraud. Trump supporters who stormed and ransacked the US Capitol on Jan 6 were not only repeatedly told by Mr trump that the election was stolen but importantly believed him, as does Mr Teach and many commenters here. IF, these men and women actually believed trump’s unsupported claims of a stolen election, THEN, arguably they may be justified in trying to “take back the country”!

        BTW, trump was impeached before Jan 20.

        Post-trump, America will need to repair the institutions, the norms and mores of elected office.

        The Senate just voted to call witnesses, so the Senate trial continues. Overnight there was a report that Mr trump had refused to call off the attack when Kevin McCarthy called pleading with him.

        “Well, Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are,” Trump said, according to witnesses.

        “Who the f–k do you think you are talking to?” McCarthy reportedly responded.

    • Est1950 says:

      Get out of your Bubble Elwood. The Defense responded to these videos with their own videos of the full speeches in question which quite clearly indicated that Trump was in no way calling for violence or advocating for anyone to do anything more than to fight for their rights.

      Trump said only fraud would defeat him, while the democrats said biden would win after all the phony votes were counted. And so what?

      Oh lord he tried to pressure someone in POLITICS? LOLOLOLOL….You are really delusional Elwood. That happens every day of every week of every year in DC and around the world.

      A coup to bugger the results.

      Did you watch the 2016 electoral count in congress. Rep after Rep stood up and tried to reject the votes of a dozen different states. Biden asked over and over again do you have a Senator on board. They said no. It was rejected as per the law.

      Hang Mike Pence. Has Mile Pence been hanged? However I will give you this one. Pence was in a no win situation and Trump should have known this and not put his number one supporter in that position.

      You profess to love America and yet you have no idea what America is? It is the land of the FREE and the HOME OF THE BRAVE. It is a country that hangs its hat on the constitution. A piece of paper the left shredded this last election by having several states, piss all over it by having people in those states change the election laws without the LEGISLATURE SIGNING OFF>

      No if anyone doesnt understand what America is….That would be you. Until you finally convince the Military to stage a coup and take over the nation by force we still adhere to the rule of law.

      Something the left no longer even pretends to care about as with 270 electoral states getting together and saying they will vote for the person with the most votes not the person each individual state deemed won that state. A CLEAR VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION.

  5. Kye says:

    “You profess to love America, but haven’t one iota of recognition of what America is. You hate democracy, you hate America and you hate Americans.”

    And yet it is you who has never stated his love for our country, ever. Why is that? We conservatives have always professed our love for out Great Republic and I for one loathe Democracy for the Tyranny it is. Fascists like you think democracy is just great. Because you can vote yourself in a fascist state by Stealing The Vote.

    If you loved America you would not be all so fond of “fundamentally changing” her. You would unequivocally state HERE that you love America, regardless of Trump being President or the current senile traitor being in office. You would have served our beloved country when she called our generation into service to fight for our allies being overrun by communists but you sided with the communists instead. Is that loving America?

    If you loved America you would stand with us and demand a TRUE ACCOUNT OF THE ELECTION rather than sneaking off calling those of us who have deep severe doubts names and admonishments. You too would be demanding the truth even if it meant your guy lost! WE did not “install” Trump for a second term rather it was YOU who installed a senile idiot who couldn’t get anyone at a rally installed and can’t even admit there’s no f’n way he got 80 million votes.
    We just wanted a fair recount and YOU called us “insurrectionists” and traitors. Because you know a recount would prove you cheated just like Time Magazine said you did.

    Is there no Plan B when the federal or state governments treat all conservatives like terrorists, business owners like pariahs, and those who yearn to breathe unmasked air like murderers? Not as far as you fascists are concerned.

  6. Hairy says:

    Trump first prez to be IMPEACHED TWICE
    that won’t look good on his resume

  7. Kye says:

    On his resume, are you retarded? He’s a billionaire former POTUS who beat the demofascists TWICE in impeachment trials. It’s a resume enhancement!

    You should live so long as to have said resume.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      There is overwhelming evidence that Mr trump’s opinion of himself will not change based on actual circumstances or events.

      Bankrupted 6 businesses.
      At least 20 sexual assault accusations.
      At least 5 children from at least 3 different baby mamas.
      Thrice divorced.
      Under multiple investigations, tax, insurance…
      Unindicted co-conspirator.
      Impeached twice.
      One termer.
      Only prezzy to incite an attack on America.
      Thousands of public lies.
      Obstruction of justice.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Elmo P.(for Pussy) Rimjob tries so hard to justify his existence.
        Then wonders why he never gets invited to parties.



      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        There have only been 4 presidential impeachments in US history.

        Andrew Johnson
        Bill Clinton
        Donald Trump (twice)

        No convictions, so far.

  8. Kye says:

    “Bankrupted 6 businesses.”
    The Trump Organization is a group of about 500 business entities of which Donald Trump is the sole or principal owner. That is not his entire career, it is his current position. Having ONLY 6 bankruptcies seems to me (a businessman who himself had two) quite low for the number of real estate, sports, pageants and Branding and Licensing agreements he has had which number in the thousands.

    “At least 20 sexual assault accusations.”

    Gee, a billionaire and prominent public figure being targeted with sexual allegations, how odd. Do ya think maybe the bitches were looking for a payday? Has he been convicted or are you just pulling a number out of your ass as usual?

    “At least 5 children from at least 3 different baby mamas.”

    President Trump has five children, all named Trump and all from marriages. So what’s your point? Any bastards in the lot since you refer to his wives as “baby mamas” you must think they are illicit. Or are you just being the usual douche?

    “Thrice divorced.”

    So what? So are most of your radical left wing celebrities if they even bother to begin with.

    “Under multiple investigations, tax, insurance…”

    I’d venture to say that all billionaires are under investigation for taxes at one time or another. What “insurance…” investigation can you cite?

    “Unindicted co-conspirator.”

    Again, we need context…co-conspirator in what?

    “Impeached twice.”

    And as we’ve all seen both times without merit or conviction. Both phony, fake and fraudulent political theatre to lie to the public.

    “One termer.”

    Is that some kind of negative?

    “Only prezzy to incite an attack on America.”

    Please show EXACTLY how he did that. That’s fascist bullshit.

    “Thousands of public lies.”

    Well, he’s a politician you were expecting Diogenes? Already Herr Xiden has a stack of lies and it ain’t a month yet. Where’s my $4,000?

    “Obstruction of justice.” Has he been convicted of obstruction of justic when we weren’t looking? When did this happen?

    Basically, you hate Trump. No matter what he does he’s bad orange man. Glad you let us know. If the guy cured cancer you’d claim he did that to hurt oncologists.

    You’re a laugh and not only did Jeffery Epstein not kill himself but the election was stolen.

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