Biden Plans More Climate Crisis (scam) Policies Or Something

And, supposedly, he will demand China toughen their targets

Biden administration to unveil more climate policies, urges China to toughen emissions target

U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration next week will release more policies it believes are needed to tackle climate change and is urging China to toughen one of its targets on greenhouse gas emissions, his top climate advisers said on Saturday.

Gina McCarthy, the White House’s national climate adviser, did not say what policies would be released. A memo seen by Reuters on Thursday showed Biden will unveil a second round of executive orders as soon as Jan. 27 that include an omnibus order to combat climate change domestically and elevate the issue as a national security priority.

“We’ve already sent signals on the things that we don’t like that we’re going to roll back, but this week you’re going to see us move forward with what’s the vision of the future,” McCarthy told a virtual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Ah, won’t say, eh? These should be some doozies, all while the elites pushing them refuse to give up their own use of fossil fuels and make their own lives carbon neutral. And you know that it will be bad for the economy, especially during the COVID recovery

John Kerry, Biden’s special climate envoy, said a recent pledge by China, the world’s top greenhouse gas emitter, was “not good enough.” In September, Chinese President Jinping set a goal for his country to become carbon neutral by 2060, 10 years after the 2050 time frame favored by most countries, while also pledging a more ambitious short-term goal on emissions.

Like we would trust China in the first place? Heck, most of the Paris signatories who have tough targets are nowhere close to sticking to them.

Anyhow, when all the Biden voters, including the #NeverTrumpers on the Right, start whining, remind them who they voted for. And, if these policies were so great, why are they not going through the Legislative branch, where they belong?

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2 Responses to “Biden Plans More Climate Crisis (scam) Policies Or Something”

  1. Est1950 says:

    Congrats Democrats. You voted to kill your own party.

    FaceBook Removes the largest Socialist left party in the UK without explanation. Why? They were being critical of the Prime ministers handling of Covid-19.


    Joe Biden says OOPPS sorry folks NO PUBLIC OPTION. Gonna let the healthcare exeucutives who wrote Obamacare tell me what to do.


    Like I said guys chill out. Biden is run by Corporations. The biggest evil on the planet is fast emerging to be CHINA who has bedded down Corporations around the globe.

    Boogaloo Boys invites WHITE NATIONALISTS to JOIN ANTIFA, BLM and BOOGALOO BOYS to be the antibodies to the US GOVERNMENT.

    Riots against BIDEN BY ANTIFA….what does LYIN JOE DO? SENDS IN THE FEDS TO CRUSH THEM. When Trump tried to do that he was a racist/Fascist dictator.

    On Inaugration day….Trump 51 percent APPROVAL. BIDEN 48 PERCENT APPROVAL. Worst ever since they started approval ratings.

    Trump has 70 million in the bank to primary all the GOP who have turned on the base. On the Cause. On helping the little guy. LIZ CHENEY CENSORED BY WYOMING AND THE PEOPLE OF WYOMING ASK HER TO EXPLAIN…..She tells them to FUK OFF…..THIS

    This is why America is dying. This is why the GOP as we know it is dead, Already primary challenges have sprouted up to 3 of the 10 who voted to impeach trump in a political move.

    Arizona Censures CINDY MCCAIN, JEFF FLAKE and the GOVERNOR. All across the land those turning on trump are being censured by the state GOP parties.

    WE DIDNT WANT BIDEN….WE WANT REVENGE!! States an Antifa Flag.

    WE ARE UNGOVERNABLE…states another Antifa Flag.

    The left nurtured Antifa because it made Trump look bad. They claimed it was against Trump. Now their spin is? To Be Announced as Biden sends in the feds to crush them. Damn Fascist, Nazi president.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    “Biden is run by Corporations”.

    Not true. Biden is an empty shell of a man. He isn’t in charge of anything. Susan Rice is running the “Biden administration”. Her agenda is re-planting the Obama legacy.

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