Hotcoldwetdry Will Be Sudden And Cataclysmic Or Something

Wait, I thought the climate cultists were saying that climate change is already here? No? Doom is actually on the horizon?

Climate Change Will Be Sudden and Cataclysmic Unless We Act Now

The speed and scale of the response to COVID-19 by governments, businesses and individuals seems to provide hope that we can react to the climate change crisis in a similarly decisive manner – but history tells us that humans do not react to slow-moving and distant threats.

Our evolution has selected the “fight or flight” instinct to deal with environmental change, so rather like the metaphor of the frog in boiling water, we tend to react too little and too late to gradual change.

Climate change is often described as global warming, with the implication of gradual changes caused by a steady increase in temperatures; from heatwaves to melting glaciers.

But we know from multidisciplinary scientific evidence – from geology, anthropology and archaeology – that climate change is not incremental. Even in pre-human times, it is episodic, when it isn’t forced by a human-induced acceleration of greenhouse gas emissions and warming.

There are parts of our planet’s carbon cycle, the ways that the earth and the biosphere store and release carbon, that could trigger suddenly in response to gradual warming. These are tipping points that once passed could fundamentally disrupt the planet and produce abrupt, non-linear change in the climate.

So, doom all of a sudden

Is it Time to Declare a Climate Emergency?

At what stage, and at what rise in global temperatures, will these tipping points be reached? No one is entirely sure. It may take centuries, millennia or it could be imminent.

So, they have no clue despite telling us that Doom was coming very soon or already here? Huh

Breaching these tipping points would be cataclysmic and potentially far more devastating than COVID-19. Some may not enjoy hearing these messages, or consider them to be in the realm of science fiction. But if it injects a sense of urgency to make us respond to climate change like we have done to the pandemic, then we must talk more about what has happened before and will happen again.

Otherwise we will continue playing Jenga with our planet. And ultimately, there will only be one loser – us.

If it’s such a concern, why are almost no Cult of Climastrology member practicing what they preach?

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5 Responses to “Hotcoldwetdry Will Be Sudden And Cataclysmic Or Something”

  1. Hairy says:

    Teach any thoughts on the Israeli startup that has reduced the charge time on lithium batteries to 5 mins?

    • Est1950 says:

      It has never been about the batteries. Although it has. It has been about the rare earths used to make them. If you want to go to an all battery society you are asking for landfills miles high and covering the planet in just a 100 years, not to mention nation after nation strip mined to the mantle.

      Yet in your world Hairy there is nothing more dangerous than the gold standard which is OIL. Removing OIL from the world will remove the good faith and credit 99 percent of all countries on the planet.

      What then shall we use to back our currency? I propose to you it will still be OIL. All owned by CHINA.

      • pResident pRetender says:

        Are you suggesting oil backs our currency? I doubt that completely. Today the only thing “backing” our currency is Red China. If they stop using our dollar as a standard and demand the world use the renminbi (CNY) we’re officially broke.

        When a president or even a pretender can pull trillion dollars out of his ass to pay off his supporters (which he will, soon) there is NOTHING backing that money. That money just miraculously appeared without any increase in gold, oil or any other backing commodity. It exists by will alone and has no real value.

        And the Red Chinese know that.

        • Professor Hale says:

          We have fiat currency. There is nothing at all backing it. Nothing. A dollar is worth a dollar because we all accept that it is. Nothing more. It is worth noting that even when there was a gold standard, it was almost always cheated, even going back to feudal kings.

          An interesting way to look at it is to remember that during the Bush administration there was a disaster in Lebanon (earthquake or war or something). Hamas started handing out US $100 bills to those who were “in need”. Everyone knew the money was counterfeit from Iran. But they would rather have fake US money than their own real money. The banks, stores, everyone, knew it was fake and everyone accepted it anyway. They just accepted it as a discounted value from real money.

          For the past ten years, the USA doesn’t even bother to borrow money from anyone. The government just prints it, as much as it wants. It should come as no surprise that politicians feel no need to limit their spending and don’t even blink at dropping a few trillion on the table whenever they feel like it. They don’t even bother arguing about how to spend it. There is plenty for everyone. And it is so easy to skim a few billion off the top of a trillion for all your friends.

    • david7134 says:

      That is great, now all batteries become worthless over time. Where are you going to put all the byproducts of dead batteries. That is worse than any oil or its byproducts.

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