Surprise: The Capital “Riot” And Climate Change (scam) Are Linked Together Or Something

For anyone saying “oh, come on, no one would link what happened in D.C. with anthropogenic climate change, that’s just silly,” well, you haven’t been paying attention. This is what’s called Climarettes, a condition where the Cult of Climastrology has to link every incident with their cultish beliefs. BTW, the NY Times mostly avoided the term “riot” for what were real riots in Democratic Party run cities for a goodly chunk of this year. Nor when Liberals ran riot during the Kavanaugh hearings, for one

The Capitol Riot and Climate Disinformation
They’re more closely related than you might think

Not really, but, Cultists gotta cult, and the NY Times isn’t even pretending to run news articles anymore, as this is pure opinion

Last week, a mob incited by President Trump stormed the United States Capitol building. Rioters broke windows, beat law enforcement officers, vandalized offices and tried to track down members of Congress with mayhem in mind. At least five people died.

For those of us who cover climate change for a living, the blatant lies about election fraud that fed the mob felt very familiar. A big part of our job is dealing with the disinformation that people and institutions spread to muddy the waters about climate change.

There’s a long and sad history of efforts by industries and interest groups to reshape the discussion of climate science and undercut the overwhelming evidence that greenhouse gases produced by humans are leading us to global catastrophe.

The interesting part is how most climate crisis (scam) pieces never actually mention any actual scientific evidence. Nothing. Not one thing. Nor what the “lies” are. Anyhow, it’s utterly not surprising that a climate cultist would drag his cult into what happened at the capital, is it?

The tools of deception are decades old, said the historian Naomi Oreskes, in the book she wrote with Erik Conway, “Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Climate Change.” In an interview, she told me that the tobacco industry’s strategy “was applied to environmental and health issues more broadly.”

Underlying many of the arguments, she said, are paeans to personal freedom that undercut the belief that government should, or even can, solve our problems.

Now that is the most amazing thing, what truly interested me about this piece, beyond the Climarettes: essentially saying that people need to give up their personal freedom to Government to solve the (imaginary) climate crisis. That people should not be enthusiastically praising person freedom.

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3 Responses to “Surprise: The Capital “Riot” And Climate Change (scam) Are Linked Together Or Something”

  1. Jl says:

    Here’s another example of a peaceful protest from the 1983-a far-left wing group sets off a bomb at the capital. Clinton later pardoned one of the ring-leaders. As I recall, the media “outrage” was nothing close to today’s. Seems Communists were already infiltrating the media back then.

  2. The Left Are Traitors says:

    Has anyone actually seen the speech Trump gave that “incited: the protest into (at best) a mini riot? I can’t find any speech around then that has Trump telling the crowd to attack the Capitol or start a riot. I’ve been all over Youtube. It’s not on the news, anywhere even all the anti Trump media. I’d figure MSNBC and CNN would have it on a daily loop if it was so bad but crickets….

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