Over-heated World: Spain Sees Rare Snowfall

It was the warmest year on record for Europe or something, and Spain just got hit with some heat snow. I’m guessing school kids will know what snow looks like

Rare Snowstorm Closes Madrid Airport, Creates Travel Chaos

Heavy snowfall from Storm Filomena left thousands of Spanish drivers trapped in their cars on Friday as roads were blocked and Madrid airport was closed.

The M-30 and M-40 motorways near Madrid were among more than 400 roads where snow hindered vehicles, traffic authorities said. Citizens were asked to avoid non-essential travel because of the highly unusual blizzard.

“I drove to see my husband in hospital and have been stuck here for three hours. It’s a journey which should take 15 minutes,” a woman told Spanish television RNE from her car.

Meteorologists expected Friday’s snowfall to total 20 cm (8 inches), and temperatures hovered around freezing. The Red Cross took food to trapped lorry drivers on the A4 in Madrid.

Airports were closed all over the country

Madrid and eight provinces were under the most severe weather advisory for the first time since the system was created in 2007.

Large parks in the capital, including the Retiro next to the Prado museum, were closed as a precaution.

Rare, and probably your fault for that fossil fueled trip you took for Christmas. Why close parks? Isn’t that where the fun happens?

High-speed rail services between Madrid and the southeastern cities of Alicante and Valencia were suspended.

So, we’ll all be stuck when we’re forced onto AOC’s trains?

A record temperature of -35.6 degrees C (-32 degrees Fahrenheit) was recorded at Vega de Lourdes in Leon, northern Spain, the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) said.

That’s the coldest temperature ever recorded in Spain.

There’s not a lot of that yet, but, it is around. Oh, and that BBC article has lots of great pictures

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9 Responses to “Over-heated World: Spain Sees Rare Snowfall”

  1. Est1950 says:

    That which the left despises is now becoming reality.

    APPLE told Parler that if they don’t censor CONSERVATIVES on their platform they will remove their PARLER APP from the APPLE APP STORE.

    GOOGLE JUST SUDDENLY removed the Parler APP from its store meaning all Apple and Android Users are incapable of having Parler if they use the devices that power 90 percent of the phones in the world.

    Googles reasoning was they were upset with the violence displayed on Parler. Which by the way Parler does remove violence and turns you over to the FBI if you do stuff to break the law. They just are a small staff that was suddenly bombarded by millions of users overnight.

    They had 4.5 million users in October. They are now over 30 million and climbing.

    Once again the left has the right circled with a billion people poking them with spears and it just keeps on getting worse.

    Now Biden and Pelosi and some on the right want to impeach trump 2 weeks before he leaves office.

    The streets are going to run red with blood as the COMMUNIST CHINESE OWNED/OPERATED AND MAINTAINED GOOGLE AND APPLE have joined the piling on against conservatism.

    This country is starting to look more and more like CHINA every day as the left runs amuck. The solution? The right is going to dress up like antifa, join them in the streets the next time a black man is killed but this time there will be a million antifa clowns destroying your big cities instead of a 1000.

    These actions against the right will force the right to react. They will do so improperly because they are angry. The right in congress will disavow them, the right will feel even more alienated.

    GAWD damn it folks. Read your civil fuking war history. <<<<<THIS is exactly what happened to the south leading up to the outbreak of war.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Commenter: GAWD damn it folks. Read your civil fuking war history. <<<<<THIS is exactly what happened to the south leading up to the outbreak of war.

      Southern states seceded because they were afraid the US was going to prohibit slavery. The US won the Civil War. Do you really want to go to war over Donald Trump's childish inability to accept an electoral loss?

      The US is aware of the plans of the boogaloo bois and other white supremacist groups to disrupt the nation.

      The President of the United States of America incited a mob of his followers to attack the US Capitol building. They did. His followers now view this, not as the end, but the opening salvo in a violent rebellion to overthrow the government of the US.

      Did you object to the Patriot Act provisions to monitor Al-Qaeda communications discussing future attacks on the United States?

  2. Est1950 says:

    If Biden and the democrats want to be these benevolent leaders they claim, then they need to fuking lead.

    These platforms do not want to be reigned in. Once the democrats took over they pulled these shenannigans to appease the left. Why?

    Because even many on the left along with most of the right wanted to break these behemouths up. Yet now the enemy of my enemy is my friend will prevent any attempt at turning Ginormous corporations that run the world into obedient world citizens.

    This has already been litigated. It was progressives back in the day who broke up the Railroads and Telegraphs and Telephones and turned them into utilities.

    The reasoning was simple. Despite the clear and evident fact they were private companies they provided a fundamental need for the public. Railroads were needed to move citizens. Telegraph and telephones were needed by the citizens to communicate.

    It was a no brainer. That Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube should fall under the auspices of a Utility.

    The very fact that APPLE and GOOGLE would dare to fuking remove the APP of a competing service is the most egregious example of MONOPOLY ever seen. The problem always has been that Twitter, Apple, Google and Facebook are run by NON Americans a majority of which see the USA as NAZI GERMANY led by Conservatives.

  3. Est1950 says:

    Trumpism is here to stay. Permanantly.

    Many politicians are popular. (Obama for example but he didnt change a thing.


    Obama did not change anyones mind or change how people saw the world. Trump did.

    Trump changed peoples minds about a lot of things. Look at the GOP today. They despise big corporations. They are trying to embrace LGBTQ, Hispanics and Blacks. They are called racist because the left knows that racism is the only card that has ever worked against the right.

    The left is terrified of Trumpism because it has taken over their talking points in a very unique way. Christians are still 80 percent of this country. Trumpism embraces them.

    I could go on and on about how Trumpism was and is for the little guy. Who was shouting from the White house I want 2000 dollar checks for the PEOPLE? Who was saying…Nah your getting a pity check of 600 bucks.

    Who was working hard to break China’s grip on world wide manufacturing and trying desperately to bring jobs back to the USA?

    on and on it goes. The left does not understand that Trump changed peoples minds and the way they think about themselves. Liberty, personal freedom, a Job, a life, Freedom to practice their religion.

    He threw out less people than Obama did. Obama was the first to put people in cages. ICE just continued his policies.

    On and on I could go. Trumpism is here to stay and the harder the left works at breaking it, the more resolute it will become in the people on the right.

    This is similar to Christians trying to convert atheists or Vice Versa the harder you debate the more both sides resolve to their positions.

    Our leaders are morons. We as a nation have given over our freedom to Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Today the democrats are figuring ways to turn the patriot act inwards to spy on Americans in ways…………

  4. Hairy says:

    Madrid AVERAGES 1 snow day every year
    Just google it
    It is not a rare occurrence
    In 1941 Madrid had 8 snow days in one year

    • Jl says:

      You know what else isn’t a rare occurrence, John? Climate warmer than now with lower CO2

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        What IS rare is evidence to support your claim, and TEACHs, the there were warmer periods during the Holocene.

        For argument’s sake, let’s agree that your claim is true – how does that falsify the theory that CO2 is causing the Earth to warm now?

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Either TEACH is ignorant or he’s deliberately insulting his hapless readers’ intelligence. Or both.

  6. Professor hale says:

    I’ll go burn some tires to help Spain.

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