Climate Change (scam) Can Be Solved Without Gender And Racial Equality Or Something

Remember, this is all about the Science, you guys!

How Racial and Gender Equality are Critical for Building Climate Resilience

As we gear up for what will be the most crucial decade for climate action, I reflect on a year that turned everyone’s lives upside down. The year 2020 will be remembered for multiple, overlapping crises—the lives and jobs lost to the COVID-19 pandemic, the on-going racial justice crisis, highlighted by the Black Lives Matter protests and various hurricanes along the Atlantic Coast.

In writing this, I reflect on what this moment means for me as a resilience planner and what thoughts to take forward into the coming year. (snip through idiocy)

Last year’s events provided a stark reminder of the inextricable link between the climate crisis and racial injustice. It is clear that Women and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) bear every crisis’s largest burdens. Going forward, it is critical to involve these groups if we are to develop effective solutions. Here is more on how addressing racial and gender inequality can lead to a healthy and safe future for all:

As I mentioned above, the climate crisis and racial injustice are inextricably linked; and we have seen that BIPOC have been much more severely impacted by COVID-19 and climate change than white communities.

Redlining practices instituted by the federal and local governments in the early to mid-twentieth century prevented Black homeowners from accessing mortgages, which led to decades of community disinvestment. These communities have also had far more exposure to polluted and hazardous sites and much less access to resources to upgrade and repair their homes. It is no coincidence that Black children are twice as likely to have asthma than white children[1] or that predominantly BIPOC neighborhoods are more vulnerable to storms and hurricanes. Racist planning practices are embedded in our cities and institutions and continue to cast a shadow over these communities as many wrongs remain unaddressed.

Wait, so all these “put in a box rather than being thought of as individuals” are in danger because of Democratic Party housing and urban practices? Huh? This is all just more proof that the climate crisis is all about politics and little about science.


Climate crisis will cause falling humidity in global cities – study

Urban regions around the world are likely to see a near-universal decrease in humidity as the climate changes, a study has found.

The research suggests that building green infrastructure and increasing urban vegetation might be a safe bet for cities looking to mitigate rising temperatures.

I’d think that all the Warmists in Big Cities giving up their own use of fossil fueled vehicles, going meatless at meals, turning their AC up to 80 and heat down to 60, city government putting limiters on their showers to no more than 3 minutes, restricting the number of flushes per day, and more, would be better. Seriously, where are they going to put this urban vegetation?

Jaguar savagely killing ocelot at a watering hole in Guatemala could be sign of climate change

Brutal moment a jaguar kills an ocelot at a watering hole in Guatemala in ‘over-competition’ for water caused by climate change

A deadly animal attack in the Guatemalan rainforest is being blamed on climate change that is causing animals to compete for water.

Got that? A bigger predator kills a smaller one, and this is suddenly your fault for that burger you ate the other day.

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8 Responses to “Climate Change (scam) Can Be Solved Without Gender And Racial Equality Or Something”

  1. alanstorm says:

    “As we gear up for what will be the most crucial decade for climate action…”

    Said every year since at least 1990.

    And NONE of their predictions ever comes to pass.


  2. Est1950 says:

    Climate change will receive token support by the left. It has always been a way to garner power. Using power to fix what ails a country then by default negates your need any longer. If for example you have a health issue that requires a specialist, then once the issue is resolved that specialist then hands you back to your family doctor and he is no longer relevant.

    The same holds true for politics. Fixing voter fraud will be on the right’s agenda but nothing will happen because it would then expose that voter fraud did in fact exist.

    Fixing climate change by massively raising taxes on gasoline will see the same thing happen in America that happened all across Europe when they tagged on even more Gasoline taxes which hurt the people not living in big cities.

    They won’t fix anything. They will change lots of things, but they won’t fix anything. Trumps help to the black people will be called racist and rescinded. Trump’s border wall will be torn down. Literally.

    But a politician fixes nothing, blames the other side and tells you that you need to vote for him one more time so he can finish what he started 17 terms ago.

  3. Dana says:

    The article stated:

    It is clear that Women and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) bear every crisis’s largest burdens.

    Every crisis largest burdens? If it’s truly every crisis largest burdens, then I can only conclude that Women and Black, Indigenous and People of Color are somehow inferior.

    However, I notice that the author failed to include Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning among the greatest burden sharers. Why is he discriminating against LGBTQ+ people?

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      The Janus-faced Mr Dana “concludes” that if women, black, indigenous and POC suffer more from climate crises they must be inferior. Or poor. Poor people may have fewer resources with which to tolerate the effects of climate crises. It’s more difficult for a poor person to move around the nation.

  4. Jl says:

    “Predominantly BIPOC are more vulnerable to storms and hurricanes…”. Are they free to leave? Did anyone force them to live there? What kind of BIPOC people line the coasts Florida and California? The kind that can afforded 100million$+ houses? These “BIPOC” people that don’t live on the coasts or flood plains, but live in the central part of the country, which is the largest area, are obviously less susceptible to storms and hurricanes. Does that cancel out those that are susceptible? As said above, why are they more susceptible-are they somehow less able than white males? The climate clown show continues…

  5. Hairy says:

    2020 is now tied for first place for hottest year
    Teach if CO2 isn’t causing it, what is ? Is a supernatural god doing it ?

    • Professor Hale says:

      The leading factor for the 4 billionth year in a row for causing climate change…. The Sun.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        The notion that an increase Sun radiation (insolation) is causing the current bout of global warming is not matched by the facts, which show a slightly “cooler” Sun.

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