Tone Deaf: Teacher’s Mental Health Is Suffering During COVID

I’m just wondering who at USA Today thought this article was a good idea

During the pandemic, teachers’ mental health is suffering in ways they’ve never experienced

Carly Evans never missed her weekly appointment with her therapist. She called it her “maintenance” — it kept everything in her life running smoothly.

That changed in September, when Evans, a high school English and drama teacher and mother of three, found herself juggling an impossible burden: educating students in a pandemic while stewarding her own family through the crisis.

“I wish I could say, ‘I’m handling it so well and am on it everyday,’” she said. “I’m not.” (snip through all her life problems that are supposed to apply to all teachers, of course)

Since summer, experts have warned that the mental health of the nation’s teachers — a category dominated 3 to 1 by women — could suffer when school resumed. That prediction appears to be bearing out. Many say their psychological well-being is suffering in ways they’ve hardly ever experienced.

This keeps going on and on, a big woe is me for the teachers. And, sure, they’re suffering. But, they’re working. How many missed a paycheck, this year? Lots of mothers and fathers have been and still are having trouble juggling everything. Many parents cannot go back to work because so many government officials are keeping schools closed, and so many teachers and teacher’s unions want to keep it to remote learning only, so, someone has to be with the kids when they’re home all day. Not everyone can work remotely.

Yes, yes, most teachers are good people. I know a lot in my personal and business life. Seriously, the condemnation is more on USA Today for trotting out this piece about people who have never missed their government paycheck being Victims. Perhaps they should do it on all those who were out of work for months, who were only making a pittance of what they did, those still out of work, those who are in danger of being evicted or foreclosed, having their vehicles repossessed, and so forth.

“It’s like that trauma response where you cannot look forward. You just live day to day,” Herda said. “That’s the way I’m making it through.”

Welcome to our world, people who never missed a paycheck.

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17 Responses to “Tone Deaf: Teacher’s Mental Health Is Suffering During COVID”

  1. The Xiden Crime Family says:

    Please stop with the “most teachers are good people” crap. None of us know “most teachers” and quite frankly the ones I’ve met over the last twenty years or so were greedy, self absorbed unionists who cared more about their retirement bene’s than any kid even their own. You may think that’s harsh but teachers, like police are NOT the same today as they were when we were kids. The cops will shoot you dead in the street at the orders of their leftist overlords and if you don’t know that then you’ll be fodder.

    I currently know five teachers and NOT ONE has missed a paycheck. Yet I also know seven small businesses whose taxes once paid the teachers salaries (in theory only*) that are now out of business and in most cases BANKRUPT.

    *Taxes no longer cover expenditures therefore they don’t “pay” anyone’s salary. Government money to pay anything over what they collect is generated by computers at the Fed.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    It’s bad fortune that certain occupations suffer more than others from the pandemic. Dentists, hair-dressers, shoe salesmen, bartenders, live performers are unfairly impacted. The aim of the aid programs was to lessen those impacts.

    Teaching is our most noble profession. We rely on conscientious teachers to teach the coming generations. I currently know five CEOs and NOT ONE missed a paycheck. Each and every one is a greedy ass.

    Taxes haven’t covered expenditures for the past 50 years. Borrowing has. If the Fed can create money and it doesn’t generate one iota of inflation, what’s the hazard?

    • david7134 says:

      The reason people are mad is that the excessive measures by predominate liberal governments has no basis in science or reason and absolutely no concern for the excessive damage being caused by liberal policy. Then there is the nagging reality that liberal leaders fail to follow their own restrictive, illegal policies. You don’t need to respond as you clearly do not understand the medical concepts and most of what you say is a lie.

  3. Hairy says:

    David any chance you would volunteer to become a teacher ? Or like military service for Teach is that something bag est left for others ?

    • david7134 says:

      You constantly comment on things for which you have zero knowledge. I was a teacher, a professor of medicine at a medical school and I don’t volunteer for anything I charge. Then even though I was receiving medical school deferment I was slated for active duty in 1975. That is until the military did not need me. But I had my training in New Orleans were for 4 years I was in urban war. In fact you can see me driving an ambulance on YouTube. Just google New Orleans sniper 1973 and you will see me driving into an active fire zone then driving to pick up a patient while under fire. John, you don’t know squat and are a leech on society. Grow up and read.

      • david7134 says:

        I forgot, I have already had the COVID, three years ago. That is why I am retired as I suffered a cardiac myopathy and stroke. Picked up the illness from a patient. So, there is a considerable amount about COVID that the CDC does not know but they are going to suck us dry as they slowly prod along.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:


          Your presence lowers the mean IQ of whatever room you enter.

          You did NOT have Covid 3 years ago.

          • david7134 says:

            And you know that how. I might remind you that you are just a pharmacist and have zero capability of making a medical decision or pronouncement. If I had all the bullet points for the COVID but the test was lacking at the time, then I likely had the disease. All you have is the pronouncements of a failed government institution, the CDC.

    • Professor hale says:

      Wow, hairy. Where do you get your God-like power to decide for others how they should spend their lives?

      • Dana says:

        That was a rhetorical question, right? The left have arrogated to themselves the right to tell everybody else how they must live their lives for decades now. They just get pissed when we don’t meekly obey.

        • Hairy says:

          Wow Davey sounds like your health is shit
          Myself ? Pretty fing good for over 70
          Still working in last mike trucking
          Had half the cartilage taken out of both knees 50+ years ago but no sign of needing a knee replacement
          So at least 2 reg posters here you and Kye both have rather severe health problems
          Must be hard to stay upbeat
          Do you think tgat your health problems might be affecting your political stances ? Contributing to your alienation from young healthy people ? Do Teach’s babe posts make you nostalgic for your own youth and good health ?
          So you grieve that you had Covid 3 years ago?? That was well before Trump was even calling it “fake news”

          • drowningpuppies says:

            Myself ? Pretty fing good for over 70

            How about your early onset of dementia?
            You continually seem confused about facts and reality.

            Bwaha! Lolgf

    • Dana says:

      I, for one, would have loved a teacher’s job: summers off and you get to look at 16-year-old girls all day.

      But, alas! I’d have been quickly fired, because I wouldn’t cut any slack for skin color or sexual orientation, I wouldn’t tolerate the bovine feces teachers have to take today, and I’d teach the truth, that we all benefit from white settlers conquering and mostly exterminating the Indians, that your sex is you sex, and it can’t be changed, that socialism has ruined everything everywhere it’s been tried, and if you think two males or two females having sex with each other is a good thing, you’re stupid.

  4. Hairy says:

    Well Dana perhaps you might consider teaching at a private Christian school? Lol
    Do it for the kids!!!
    Or maybe in a super red state school where they still allow beating kids with a wooden paddle
    Maybe you woukd be allowed to spank lesbians!!

  5. Hairy says:

    Grow up ??
    No thanks
    I am already over 70 and have no intention of acting my age or succumbing to age related health problems
    New Orleans a danger zone ??
    I spent 18 months in SE Asia in 69-70
    And 6 months in Afghanistan and the FATA of Pakistan in 76-77 I can not recall EVER seeing another American there I currently I live in NYC currently
    As for never volunteering for anything ? Maybe you should try it sometime, it may make you less bitter

    • david7134 says:

      I am not bitter, but I can’t stand scum likely you. I am still laughing at your time in service. Just a few years ago you were a UPS driver, at 60?

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