Climate Cultists Demand Removal Of Politician For Wrongthink

We apparently cannot remove politicians for sending COVID patients to nursing homes, instead giving them awards. Nor for misusing their offices, major campaign finance offenses, and more. Nope. But, Wrongthink?

Pennsylvania lawmaker subject of removal petition over climate change views

Butler County Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, one of the General Assembly’s most conservative members with a habit of sponsoring impeachment resolutions, now faces a removal petition of his own.

The Better Path Coalition asked House Speaker Bryan Cutler, R-Lancaster, to remove Metcalfe as majority chairman of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee this week over his views on climate change.

“A minimum qualification of the person who wields the most power on climate policy in the legislature is that they accept climate change,” said the coalition in a letter signed by 42 other groups opposed to his chairmanship and delivered to Cutler this week. “Metcalfe is an unabashed climate denier.”

Karen Feridun, co-founder of the coalition, said 70 percent of residents support climate action as the toll of weather-related disasters grows more severe each year. In 2020 alone, such natural disaster have cost the country $16 billion, the coalition said.

OK, they just want him gone from the committee, which seems to be about the environment and energy, real issues, not the climate crisis scam

“Speaker Cutler has no choice but to seize this opportunity to name a chair who has the skills and the basic understanding of science needed to address the unfolding climate crisis,” she said.

Oh, he has many choices, and the one he will probably take is for the climate cultist Democrats to go pound sand.

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One Response to “Climate Cultists Demand Removal Of Politician For Wrongthink”

  1. Est1950 says:

    The Slogan for the GREAT RESET is BUILD BACK BETTER.


    Heads of Canada and most EU nations sloganeering with BUILD BACK BETTER.

    But what is BUILD BACK BETTER?

    it is the redistribution of wealth. It is the cancellation of fossil fuels and turning the reigns of power over to the communist Chinese as nation after nation becomes a pauper state.

    The billionaires win. The little man loses.

    Look at China. Look at not the towers they have built but at the people that walk the streets living in high rises, owning almost nothing and living in a dystopian world in which empathy is gone.

    The left which is all in on the little guy and fairness and equity is being duped by a movement meant to crush capitalism and replace it with a dystopian version of communism.

    There is no conspiracy here. The Great reset exists. People in Biden’s circle and newly appointed cabinet members have said Biden is all in on the Great RESET.

    John Kerry: ‘Great Reset’ Will Happen

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