NY Times: Say, You Know That Big Snowstorm Is Totally Climate Change (scam), Right?

Here’s an interesting thing: most people didn’t bother attempting to link the big winter storm of the past couple days, which is still going on, to the climate crisis scam. Even on Twitter, just about the only ones mentioning the two together were making fun of Warmists. But, not the NY Times, with climate cultist John Schwartz chiming in

How climate change is affecting winter storms.

With a major winter storm bearing down on the Eastern United States, you can expect some people (and, perhaps inevitably, President Trump), to ask, “What happened to global warming?”

It should be noted that this screed was published around 3am today, 12/17, but sure looks like it was written days in advance, in order to be prepared to scaremonger

It’s becoming increasingly clear that climate change does have an effect on storms, though the relationship can be complex and, yes, counterintuitive. “There were these expectations that winter was basically going to disappear on us,” said Judah Cohen, director of seasonal forecasting at AER, a company that provides information to clients about weather and climate-related risk.

Although winters are becoming warmer and somewhat milder overall, extreme weather events have also been on the increase, and especially in the Northeastern United States, as Dr. Cohen pointed out in a recent paper in the journal Nature Communications. From the winter of 2008-9 until 2017-18, there were 27 major Northeast winter storms, three to four times the totals for each of the previous five decades.

See, because you ate burgers this year, winter is becoming warmer but also brings bigger storms with snow and cold and ice, because carbon pollution is magical and can do everything! Seriously, what they hell do they expect to happen during a typical, low end Holocene warm period during an interglacial? There is nothing unusual, but, these are modern versions of witch hunters, blaming them for everything.

Does that mean this particular storm has been fueled by climate change? Jonathan E. Martin, a professor in the department of atmospheric and oceanic sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, cautioned against drawing quick conclusions.

Because of the “enormous natural variability” in storms and the weather they deliver, “I think it is a dangerous business attributing individual winter storms, or characteristics of them, to climate change,” he said. And this storm in particular, he added, is getting a lot of its moisture from water vapor evaporated off the Atlantic Ocean, which complicates the picture.

Dr. Francis agreed that any connections are complex, but added, “all storms now form in a greatly altered climate, so there’s little doubt that the same storm decades ago would not be the same.”

They always trot out that “be cautious against drawing quick conclusions” right as they, and the articles, blame you for daring to take a long shower and have some sausage with your breakfast before heading off to work in your fossil fueled vehicle.

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3 Responses to “NY Times: Say, You Know That Big Snowstorm Is Totally Climate Change (scam), Right?”

  1. Dana says:

    Our first winter in Pennsylvania, we got snow on Hallowe’en, and then, on Christmas Day, we got 14″ of wet, heavy snow that knocked the power out for 30 hours. Must’ve been global warming!

    Shockingly enough, there are ski resorts around where we lived in Jim Thorpe. Not sure why they existed, since it obviously never snowed in northeast Pennsylvania before now.

  2. TBeholder says:

    My favourite was «Summarizing, Britain’s climate is becoming very hot, very cold, very wet and very dry. All at the same time.» (Real Climate Science, on Guardian articles)

  3. Dana says:

    You know what was great today? Sitting in front of our fossil-fuel burning fireplace reading earlier this afternoon!

    I would have preferred to install a wood stove, but Mrs Pico was opposed to that, due to the mess.

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