‘Climate Change’ Could Cause Sleep Problems Or Something

This is rather a new one. I’m surprised it hasn’t spread around through the Credentialed Media climate cult members, as it is a ready made bit of scaremongering

‘Already in short supply’: How climate change could chip away at sleep health

climate change joke

In October 2015, Nick Obradovich was living in San Diego when an intense heatwave smothered Southern California, with temperatures spiking to 99 degrees during the day and hovering in the mid-70s at night — nearly eight degrees warmer than an average October.

“I was hot and grumpy,” he said. “I just wasn’t getting much sleep with the nights not getting as cool as they normally would be.”

Air conditioning?

With nighttime temperatures on the rise due to climate change, Obradovich, then a graduate student at the University of California, San Diego, wondered if others were sleeping as poorly as he was, particularly people like him who didn’t have air conditioning. So he started digging through the data. Not only did he find a correlation between rising ambient temperatures and disturbed sleep among U.S. residents, but in a recent global analysis of sleep data from fitness band users, Obradovich and his colleagues also found people were sleeping less on unusually warm nights.

That rise is primarily happening in urbanized areas, known as the Urban Heat Island Effect, which is a local issue, not global

So far, the amount of sleep people are losing to hotter temperatures remains minimal. But it’s a problem some experts predict will likely get worse in the years to come — and warrants attention sooner rather than later.

See, it’s not really happening, but, doom is coming soon! The rest of the article attempts to prove that Doom will be coming soon. We can fix this with a tax and a lockdown, right?

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3 Responses to “‘Climate Change’ Could Cause Sleep Problems Or Something”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Trumpist Beliefs:

    Covid-19 is a commie hoax.
    Global warming is a commie hoax.
    Commies used Hugo Chavez’s software to steal trump’s presidency.
    Commies, libs and Dems are running a global pedophile and cannibal ring, and only trump can stop it.
    American commies have infiltrated all levels of American society and government.
    All teachers, gov’t workers, TV personalities, scientists, media and immigrants are now commies.

  2. Dana says:

    Oh, the poor baby! He doesn’t have air conditioning!

    Well, I grew up in the South, and we didn’t have air conditioning, either. My bedroom was in the attic, and the attic could get pretty d(arned) hot, but somehow, some way, I survived.

    If any of the the pussies they are.

  3. Jl says:

    ‘Predict will likely get worse..”. Gee, where have we heard that before? But let’s review-it sounds like he’s only talking about one October, which of course would mean nothing. “He and his colleagues found people sleeping less on unusually warm nights..”. I believe most folks like it cooler rather than warmer when sleeping, so if true that would mean this condition has been going on for thousands of years.. The climate clown show continues..

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