Ilhan Omar Continues To Push To Make Minneapolis Into Mogadishu

Well, sure, why not? It would be just like home.

Of course, being an elected member of Congress and making lots of money through graft and votes that enrich her, she’s able to afford private protection, plus, all the protection from being an elected member of Congress, something not afforded to the people of Minneapolis

Ilhan Omar to Teen Vogue: We Need to ‘Get Rid of’ the Minneapolis Police Department

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) renewed her call for the complete removal of the Minneapolis Police Department, emphasizing the need to “disband,” “dismantle,” and completely “get rid of” it in a Tuesday interview with Teen Vogue.

“The need to disband and dismantle — get rid of — the Minneapolis Police Department comes out of a place of understanding that they don’t have credibility within our community,” Omar told the magazine, asserting that it is operating with “impunity.”

“They are not doing the core function of solving half of the homicides in our city. So if you are not functioning in the ways in which you are supposed to function, protecting and serving, and your function has become to brutalize and cause harm to our community, then you shouldn’t exist,” she continued.

In June, the Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a pledge to disband the police and replace it with a community-led system. (snip)

After taking steps to eventually abolish the police department, three council members received private security detail, costing the City of Minneapolis tens of thousands of dollars. While they cited threats, the police, at the time did not have any public reports of threats against the council members.

And all these months later they seem to be waffling around the subject, probably to let the clock run out on this idiocy. And, what do the citizens of the city want? Crime has been soaring and police officers have been leaving in droves.

Just as in New York, the residents of Minneapolis are learning that “violence interrupters” are no help: To keep the peace, you need police.

If Ilhan calls the police, they should send a social worker. If she’s in D.C., the Capital Police should send a social worker. If she’s robbed, well, it’s just property, right? Perhaps she can explain to the business owners why their businesses are constantly robbed/looted. Well, the ones left, since lots are leaving, along with the tax base. Leaving many with no jobs.

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5 Responses to “Ilhan Omar Continues To Push To Make Minneapolis Into Mogadishu”

  1. Kye says:

    Twitter suspended the account of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan for a post celebrating the success of the U.S. southern border wall keeping violent criminals from reaching American communities.

    We are being Dictated over by oligarchs.

    • Est1950 says:

      The left can call for violence and its just fine. The right celebrates the lack of violence and its censored.

      Jack Dorsey is batshit crazy. Zuckerberg is just trying to make a buck and he doesn’t even know whats going on in his own company.

      Interestingly enough Jack Dorsey committed perjury yesterday by saying you can retweet the POST STORY and you cannot. At least at the time of his saying it.

      He should be indicted and spend a year in jail for lying to congress. I mean after all Flynn was given years in prison for lying to the FBI, but Dorsey will get a hand job by the left and right that set on this committees pretending they give a shit about Americans.

  2. When it comes to Mogidiushu or Minneapolis, one has better weather? I am not seeing much difference beyond that.

  3. Hairy says:

    Hurricanes ? I suspect they are going to disappear from the cove just like Iraq and Target’s same sex bathrooms

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