Climate Cult Trots Out Another Young Child, Who Has A Doozy Of A Question

Seriously, the only way an 8 year old acts like this and talks like this is if they have been brainwashed by adults. They should be running around, having fun, playing games, and enjoying life. What these adults do to kids now really is child abuse. And it’s shameful that adults use kids in this manner to perpetuate their climate cult. But, this kid does have an interesting question (provided it didn’t actually come from his parents)

The 8-year-old who fears adults can’t be trusted to fix the climate crisis

Noah is an 8-year-old in Flamborough, Ontario. He loves nature shows and his two cats, Shadow and Whispers (he probably meant to name the second cat “Whiskers,” according to his mom, but he mixes those words up sometimes). When he grows up, he wants to be a veterinarian or a nature photographer — something that puts him in touch with animals and the Earth.

Lately, according to his mom, Jodi Green, Noah has become preoccupied with the climate crisis. He learned about it last year in school during a Greta Thunberg-style rally where students came together to demand swifter action on the global climate emergency, she said.

Ever since, he’s been brimming with questions.

He sent one of those questions — a doozy — to me recently as part of my new series for CNN Opinion, called “Let’s talk about the climate apocalypse.” “I want to know what I can do to change the world and make it better for my own children one day,” wrote Noah, who later told me he wants to have two kids when he grows up. “I am looking for specific actions and steps that will help me take control of the situation and fight climate change. I do not think leaving it up to the adults is working out very well.”

Do they sound like questions from a child or from adults? What 8 year old is thinking about having 2 kids when he grows up? The big question is on what he can do. Does the article writer, John Sutter, have an answer?

Noah, I agree we adults of the world aren’t doing right by you or your future. I share your mother’s concerns about what the weight of the world that’s sitting on your shoulders could do to you. (“I worry about him and all kids,” Green told me recently by phone. “I worry about them getting depressed about [the climate crisis] and giving up on it — feeling hopeless.”) It’s not fair that climate change has become the burden of the young simply because your generation will live on this planet far longer than mine or your mom’s. There’s more we all can do.

Perhaps it’s not fair that his mother and teachers put this burden on him. Sutter advises Noah

That includes eating (or asking your parents to consider letting you eat) more plants and fewer animals. Cattle and lamb, in particular, have an outsize impact on greenhouse gas pollution. (There are plenty of beef alternatives, and eating chicken and pork has less climate impact than beef, by far). It means biking and walking more, driving less. It means limiting air travel, especially across oceans. It means educating yourself – Project Drawdown is a great resource — about the most effective solutions to the climate crisis, many of which involve governments and energy systems and infrastructure. When you’re old enough, it means voting, and making climate change one of your top priorities as you consider political candidates and parties.

So….a few token changes, then giving even more power to government. Huh.

My second piece of advice is to use your voice. You, along with millions of other young people all around the world, realize truths far too many adults shy away from: The planet is in major trouble; we’ve been messing it up for decades and decades; and the time for change is now.

Why is so much of the advice from higher level climate cult poo-bahs always about using your voice, rather than practicing what you preach? They want them to use their voice to get government to tax themselves along with taking away their liberty, freedom, and choice. Idiots. Here’s what you can do, Noah

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5 Responses to “Climate Cult Trots Out Another Young Child, Who Has A Doozy Of A Question”

  1. Hairy says:

    Practice what you preach ?
    Teach tell us why you didn’t enlist after 9/11
    You certainly were a big cheerleader for Iraq and Afghanistan
    They did raise the enlistment age

    • Nighthawk says:

      I think I have asked before many times but you never answered. Did you enlist after 9/11?

  2. Edward Brault says:

    Lead by example. You want to get rid of petroleum? Kiss just about all modern tech and medicine goodbye!

  3. Nighthawk says:

    This kid should be told to start questioning the AGW theory.

    Like, why are we setting the goal at 1.5C temperature rise over pre industrial levels when, at that time, we were emerging from the little ice age and temps were at a 10,000 year low?

    And, why is it that all severe weather events are decreasing in number and severity?

    And, why are all the models that climate predictions are based on wildly wrong?

  4. Jl says:

    Son, what climate apocalypse? Please show your math, thanks

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