Americans Are Worried About Leftist Election Violence, Buying Guns And TP

It’s not Republican voters who will commit violence: if Biden wins, Trump voters will just shrug. If Trump wins, leftists will burn their own cities (makes total sense, right?) even worse than what they’ve been doing

Americans worried about Election Day violence and chaos are buying guns and toilet paper

Tabitha Converse is quietly preparing for Election Day and the weeks beyond by stocking her basement pantry with canned goods, toilet paper and other basic supplies. She even persuaded her husband to buy a hunting rifle, just in case.

Like millions of Americans, Converse, 43, fears the potential for violence that experts say may accompany this year’s presidential election. A mother of two who works as a dental hygienist, Converse is trying not to worry too much, but with a pandemic, civil rights protests and raging wildfires piled atop the election’s boiling-hot rhetoric, well, who knows what might happen?

Most experts predict scattered violence is the worst the United States could experience this Election Day, given isolated incidents that have already taken place this year. But across the country, Americans like Converse are stocking up and preparing to hunker down to ride out a possible wave of sustained election-relatedchaos. They are buying guns and ammunition in record numbers and getting ready to peel off political bumper stickers and yank out yard signs to make themselves less of a target in case the other guy wins. Some are fleeing for remote areas or custom-built bunkers.

I thought leftists were against individual gun ownership? Oh, right, right, that’s only for Other People, not themselves. As for bumper stickers, yeah, that’s Republicans not putting them on because Liberals are unhinged and intolerant.

“It just seemed, well, stupid isn’t the right word, but it doesn’t make sense to be that ill-prepared,” says Converse, a lifelong Republican who voted Democrat in the presidential race for the first time this year. “A civil war? That could last for years. We don’t have years’ worth of supplies and if it went on for years, well, you could always go out and shoot a deer.”

Right, right, a lifelong Republican who cares about implementing the leftist agenda. But, I don’t blame her for wanting a gun to protect herself from the rioting and violence from her Comrades.

On the other side, there’s fear that right-wing anti-government extremists responding to the largest civil rights movement in 50 years have now aligned themselves with Trump. After years of growing hate crimes and violence, experts said there is a concern that armed right-wing terrorists might take to the streets if there are delays in election results or an unfavorable outcome, such as Democrat Joe Biden taking the White House.

They might march, but, the only violence will be if Biden voters start it.

“The violence will occur either way,” says Gallaher. “If Biden wins, it will be an excuse to try to delegitimize the results and to go after perceived enemies on the left, and of course, that means labeling pretty much anyone that you disagree with Antifa. But I worry, too, if Trump wins, this will be a signal to these far-right groups that have supported him, extremist groups like the Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, other groups like this, that they will see this is like open season to go after people that have been opponents of Trump. So even if he wins that, you know, I think the violence is going to happen. It’s going to be sort of opening the door.”

It’s great how they’re blowing off the actual, real violence and threats from Biden voters, eh? This whole article pretty much ignores what we saw on our TVs and social media.

“Hopefully, it will be limited and controlled, but it could, unfortunately, devolve into long term, widespread clashes, some even fear civil war,” he says.

Doubtful. At worst, it will be spread violence if these Biden voter nutters coming into non-Dem areas and trying to start something they can’t finish. They mostly stay in their own areas, though, because they know their cops are stopped from doing anything, and Dem govs mostly won’t call out the National Guard.

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2 Responses to “Americans Are Worried About Leftist Election Violence, Buying Guns And TP”

  1. Beijing Biden says:

    YOUTUBE is shadow banning many, many conservative and or anti-democrat, anti-biden content creators. This censorship started 4 days ago, when we noticed that dozens of these creators literally cannot be found doing any kind of search despite the fact they put out 100’s of videos per day.

    YOUTUBE is altering the outcome of the election by only allowing leftist content creators and with several different accounts set up to monitor this information, with both, left, right and non political content in our preferences we see that conservative content is GONE, Liberal content has exploded and worst of all.

    On our non political sites we are getting feeds of leftist propaganda which we have not been getting until this massive shadow banning started 4 days ago. Including ads for Biden, nothing for Trump and the use of the NBA, NFL and other sports figures and hollywood figures telling us at our non political channel to VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT.

    How this works is content creators create videos and upload them to YouTube. YouTube then will shadow ban their work. The video appears normal, there is no warning but when you do a search for it, it does not exist nor is it forwarded to subscribers.

    It is simply in a black hole. Censorship. These are not violent videos, these are not lying videos. What these people do is take actual videos of BIDEN saying he will ban fracking and then commenting on this.

    If America thinks the government is asleep at the wheel under president Trump they are not. This is an example of why GOOGLE is being sued in court by the DOJ.

  2. Hairy says:

    Teach are you planning on buying more guns ? Are you personally afraid of election violence
    Will you return to NJ to protect your loved ones ?

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