Bummer: Leftist Cities With Climate Pledges Aren’t Really Accomplishing Much

I know I’m surprised. Are you surprised? It’s easy to make a pledge, right? We make them all the time for New Year’s Day. I’m good at continuing to work out (excepting during lockdown, though I did do at least a 2 mile walk daily), but, playing more golf and losing weight? Not so much. But, then, that only affects me, and doesn’t really harm anyone else. Lots of these climate cult cities make lots of pledges. How are they doing?

Cities are pledging to confront climate change, but are their actions working?

Scientists and activists put the problem of global warming on the national agenda in the late 1980s. Since then, five different presidents have occupied the White House, leading to five disparate federal strategies for managing the emissions that cause climate change.

Whipsawed by Washington, activists and policymakers have instead turned inside the country, notably to cities. Since 1991, over 600 local governments in the United States have developed climate action plans that include greenhouse gas inventories and reduction targets, reflecting growing public concern about the consequences of a warmer planet. Recently, this local action has been accelerating. But despite numerous studies, we still don’t know if all this effort is working.

(Hint: it’s not)

Now, a team of scholars organized by the Brookings Institution has built and analyzed one of the most comprehensive statistical evaluations of just what’s happening in a cross section of diverse cities on emissions reductions. Unlike earlier studies—which tend to focus only on the places that have made climate pledges—we looked at all of the nation’s 100 largest cities to get a dose of realism about how much of the country is really engaged in confronting climate change.

From that perspective, what cities are doing is—at best—a start. As of 2017, only 45 of the 100 largest cities had any serious climate pledge at all, and many of those pledges are more aspirational than realistic. About two-thirds of cities with climate pledges are currently lagging in their targeted emissions cuts, while 13 others don’t appear to have available emissions tracking in place.

Hey, this is not some climate skeptic group looking at this: the Brookings Institute is definitely far left. They go on to attempt to paint some sort of rosy picture, and yammer about having to have nation and international dictates forcing citizens to comply, but, let’s face it, most of what these leftist climate cult cities with a majority leftist climate cultists as citizens are doing is just climavirtue signaling. It’s easy to make that pledge, right? Not so easy when instituting it levels their economies, and the government’s themselves, and especially the elected politicians, rarely take actions in their own lives. Go too far and you end up with the Yellow Vest protests in Paris.

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4 Responses to “Bummer: Leftist Cities With Climate Pledges Aren’t Really Accomplishing Much”

  1. Est1950 says:

    Progressive journalist slams corporate media for ‘dangerous’ blackout of Hunter Biden scandal
    ‘This is dangerous for the future of journalism,’ Jordan Chariton says

    Progressives hate the MEDIA. They hate war. Trump hates the media. Trump is the only president who hasn’t gotten us into a new war since…Hell I cant even remember. Obama gave us 7 wars up from Bush’s two wars.

    Obama Dropped more bombs than Bush did. Trump has faced the wrath of even the Joint Chiefs of staff calling into question pulling out of Afghanistan. I cannot remember in my lifetime the JCS questioning the president openly in public. They might have screamed and called them names and flailed around on the floor in PRIVATE, but never Publicly.

    George W. Bush once said “The people that were advising My dad are advising me and will be advising presidents long after I am gone.” In other words. It might seem like the president runs this country but It only Seems that way.

    In reality. Trump is hated by the beltway bandits because he has cut into their bottom line. Its why the Never Trumpers are throwing fits because they lost their gravy train when Trump arrived.

  2. Dana says:

    The technology does not support what the warmunists want to do. They want plug in electric vehicles, but the 2020 Chevy Dolt Bolt has a starting MSRP of $36,620. The damned thing costs as much as a Tesla. Cities buying vehicles will have a hard time choosing plug in electrics when they are supposed to go with the lowest bidder.

    More, if they convert their fleets to plug-ins, they’ll need charging stations for all of them; do they have the infrastructure to support that? And even if they go through all of that, most of them will be getting their sparktricity from a fossil fuel burning power plant.

  3. Est1950 says:

    Cheer up Elwood. Biden is still winning PA. Or was until he confirmed last night he is going to eliminate Fracking and fossil fuels. About 1/3rd of PA, OH and TX just jumped out of their chairs last night. Oh and By the Way there is a lot of Fracking and Fossil Fuels in Colorado. I wonder if he has taken Biden’s 9 point lead in the Blue state and turned it to a 4 point lead?

    Gone is PA, OH and TX. So much for the Biden Landslide.

    The polls have Biden up by an 3.9 points down from 12-15 points nationally and they will continue to narrow by election day as they always do.

    Biden is pulling out of Florida. They have given up on that state.

    Arizona is now in the Trump column by every poll thats come out of that state in the last 10 days. Biden has pulled AD money from PA and is pushing it into PA and MI.

    So again as the nation shows its stripes the map is down to what it was in 2016. YET in 2020 Trump is out performing in those key counties he FLIPPED by 20 points from OBAMA to TRUMP in 2016. A really bad sign for the Democrats and they are internally wetting their pants over the fact that traditionally blue counties across the country (194 of them to be exact) are turning out for Trump in early voting.

    Additionally a 6 month study of swing voters show that those swing voters who voted for Trump in 2016 are sticking with him by 63 percent to 37 percent. NOW that 37 percent is a problem because he needed those votes in MI and PA and WI. But he is making that up among new party registrations which has outstripped democrats in PA and MI.

    So its not looking to good for Biden. He is pulling out of FL and AZ and concentrating on PA and MI which you have to remember that Biden needs 36 electoral votes and by coincidence if he wins PA and MI he gets exactly 36 votes. Assuming of course Trump and Biden share the same results as 2016.

    270-268 is how it would shake out if Trump holds AZ, FL, NC, OH, IA and WI but loses PA and MI.

    As I have said and was told by GOP pollsters Biden is only focused on MI and PA and now last night he crapped in his mess kit with his admission that a whole lotta jobs are going buh bye in PA.

    And now you know the internals of the rest of the story.

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