Bummer: Media Just Exposed That Trump Was Right On California Wildfires

Someone committed a Random Act Of Journalism

NBC News’ Alicia Victoria Lozano is surely being treated as a heretic today. From the link

The Western United States is enduring yet another devastating fire year, with more than 4.1 million acres already scorched in California alone, at least 31 people dead and hundreds of others forced to flee their homes.

Wildland fires are increasingly following a now-familiar pattern: bigger, hotter and more destructive. A recent Los Angeles Times headline declaring 2020 to be “The worst fire season. Again” illustrated some of the frustration residents feel over the state’s fire strategy.

For decades, federal, state and local agencies have prioritized fire suppression over prevention, pouring billions of dollars into hiring and training firefighters, buying and maintaining firefighting equipment and educating the public on fire safety.

But as climate change continues to fuel dry conditions in the American West, many experts say it’s long past time to shift the focus back to managing healthy forests that can better withstand fire and add to a more sustainable future.

Of course she had to drop the climate crisis (scam) into it, because that is Required to avoid an Climainquisition

“Fires have always been part of our ecosystem,” said Mike Rogers, a former Angeles National Forest supervisor and board member of the National Association of Forest Service Retirees. “Forest management is a lot like gardening. You have to keep the forest open and thin.” (snip)

Long before the country’s founding, Spanish explorers documented wildland fires in California. In 1542, conquistador Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo sailed along the coast and noticed smoke billowing up from what is now known as the Los Angeles Basin. He called it “la baya de los fumos,” or “the bay of smoke.”

So, yeah, always happened because of the topography and climate in California

The state’s policy to stop fires as soon as they ignite resulted in a backlog of trees in forests now choked with brush and other dry fuels. According to the U.S. Forest Service, one researcher studying the Stanislaus National Forest in Northern California found records from 1911 showing just 19 trees per acre in one section of the forest. More than a century later, the researcher and his team counted 260 trees per acre. (snip)

Removing small growth from forests is also more expensive and not as economically attractive as focusing on large-growth removal that can be turned into timber, Kusel acknowledged. Still, as wildfires threaten to become bigger and more dangerous, Kusel is hopeful that a new locally based biomass market could offset the cost of thinning out the state’s forests by creating smaller, better-maintained facilities that do not release dangerous pollutants into the air.

See, it’s better to just let it burn. Hey, perhaps they could use people in prison to do the hard work of clearing the brush, let them pay their debt to society? Nah, that’s crazy talk.

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4 Responses to “Bummer: Media Just Exposed That Trump Was Right On California Wildfires”

  1. Hairy says:

    60% of CA is owned by the Feds
    Why did they fail to manage their forests properly ?

    • Sixtyville says:

      Well, you see, there are these people called “environmentalists”…

      • the singed lorax says:

        Precisely. In my area, there has not been a tree cut in the Forest Service’s jurisdiction for nearly twenty years.

        For a while, they would try to do a timber sale, but each and every time, the envirolawyers came out in force, and the courts shut them down. If there is any ‘habitat’ in your forest, then good luck cutting a tree.

  2. dirtfarmer says:

    No doubt everything was in tip-top shape when Obama was president. This has to be Trump’s fault.

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