Democrat Riot Cities Sue Trump Admin For Attempting To Keep Law And Order

Too bad this isn’t a bigger story, as voters might not be appreciative of Democratic Party cities suing over efforts to safeguard citizens and property, both federal and private. Even Democrat voters in the riot citizens might be rethinking their support for the riot enabling Democratic Party leaders

Portland, Oakland Sue Trump Administration for Efforts to Maintain Law and Order in U.S. Cities

The cities of Portland, Oregon, and Oakland, California, filed a federal lawsuit on Wednesday claiming that the Trump administration’s effort to maintain law and order in U.S. cities and to protect federal property was unconstitutional. 

The lawsuit said that the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security unconstitutionally took over police duties in those cities, where, in the case of Portland, police have faced almost nightly violent riots that have resulted in property damage, injuries, and even deaths.

The genesis of the lawsuit comes from President Donald Trump signing an executive order in June to fulfill the federal government’s responsibility to protect the American people and federal property.

The local ABC affiliate in Portland reported on the lawsuit:

The cities sued the departments’ leaders, Attorney General William Barr and Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf, in their official capacities as well and asked the judge to forbid the federal agencies of sending officers to the cities. The 48-page lawsuit was filed in federal court in California.

Among the allegations, the cities said the federal government’s policies to send in officers to protect federal property instead “reveal a distinct and meaningful policy shift to use federal law enforcement to unilaterally step in or replace local law enforcement departments that do not subscribe to the President’s view of domestic “law and order.””

Seriously, what does it say about Democratic Party leaders when they let a small number of people run riot, literally, through the streets, committing violence, assault, arson, looting, and more? When they are free to attack police officers, throw explosives, attack federal buildings, destroy private businesses, and harass private citizens with virtually no penalties, and the governments of those cities sue to stop the federal government from protecting citizens and property?

“Yet again, dangerous politicians and fringe special interest groups have ginned up a meritless lawsuit,” a spokesperson from DHS said. “They aim to harm President Trump and distract from his law and order agenda.”

“Department of Homeland Security have acted entirely lawfully,” the spokesperson said. “Instead of condemning the violence we are seeing across the country, these politicians focus on scoring cheap political points to the detriment of the American people.”

We all saw the rioting on TV and the Internet. That’s what the lawsuit is trying to protect: criminal behavior.

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2 Responses to “Democrat Riot Cities Sue Trump Admin For Attempting To Keep Law And Order”

  1. est1950 says:

    I think what might be at play here is 60FE. You see a strange thing has been discovered.

    The world has been traveling through the remnants of a Supernova for the last 33,000 plus years and will continue traveling through that Supernova cloud for at least 20,000 more years.

    We know that because 60FE can only be found from the remnants of supernova’s and we have found them all over our planet including in Ice Core Samples and sea bed excavations.

    60fe has a half life of only around 2.5 million years and we have found this element dating back as far as 365 million years ago or the Devonian Mass Extinction showing it is quite possible that that event was the result of a SuperNova or at least had a major impact on the planet.

    So we are flying through a cloud of alien Dust and it has unfortunately eaten some brains in this world and replaced them with mindless dolts. Incapable of critical thinking or certainly thinking outside their own hive mind collective.

    We are being assimilated by the Borg one only has to look around to realize these law suits will convince most voters in Portland and Oakland that yep it was Trumps fault their cities were burnt to the ground by Anarchists.

  2. Hairy says:

    Teach any comments on your Dear Leader calling the SEALs all liars for saying they killed Bin Laden ? Do you also think tgat eas “fake news” ?
    Do you think Bin Laden is alive and living on Martha’s Vineyard playing golf with Barry Obama

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