Want A Reason To Vote Trump? Just Look At The Courts

There are the Never Trumpers, who will never acknowledge anything good that Trump has done, and then the “I just don’t like him’s”. Politics is often a system where you have a bad choice and a worse choice. Complain all you want about Trump personally, but, do you want Joe Biden (OK, really, Kamala Harris) and the Democrats picking the judges? Trump, along with Mitch McConnell (go figure), has filled an enormous amount of federal judicial positions, including 2 about to be 3 spots on the Supreme Court. He has turned the worse leftist court in the nation, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, a court that has been overturned by the Supreme Court more than any other because they rule on their Modern Socialist beliefs rather than Law and Constitutions, into almost a conservative court.

Supreme Court battle turns into 2020 proxy war

The fight over Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination is turning into a proxy war over the looming November election.

With Barrett’s nomination on a glide path, senators in both parties are instead using the chamber’s debate to make their case to voters in the final weeks of the Nov. 3 election, where both control of the White House and the Senate majority are up for grabs.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) — while acknowledging that he believes Democrats have a “good chance” of winning the White House — predicted that the Supreme Court fight would influence voters when they cast their ballots.

“I think the public will go into the voting booth. And they’ll say, ‘Okay I’ve seen the kind of judges Democrats will nominate. I’ve seen the kind of judges Republicans will nominate,’ and that will be important to people,” Graham said.

Both sides are predicting the Supreme Court fight will pay political dividends in an already volatile election. Democrat believe the potential implications for health care give them a potent political force and Republicans are hoping for a redux of 2018, when several Democratic senators who opposed then-nominee Brett Kavanaugh lost.

Republicans are tying themselves closely to Barrett, believing the Supreme Court energizes their voters and could shore up support for GOP, or Republican-leaning, voters that might have grown exhausted by Trump.

There’s plenty more to this article, but, just consider: if you’re a squishy “zomg, Trump is a horrible person personally” Republican, is it worth it to hold your nose and vote Trump, or, if you like, against Biden, and keep putting good conservatives on the courts? I’ve said before, I held my nose in 2016 and ticked the box for Trump/Pence after doing the entire ballot first on election day, and it was more voting against Hillary than for Trump. Trump had to be better than Hillary, right, especially when Mike Pence, one of the good guys, was on the ticket, right? For all your Trump hatred, which is worse? His bloviating and stuff President Biden/Harris?

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5 Responses to “Want A Reason To Vote Trump? Just Look At The Courts”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Need a reason to vote for Trump? You mean besides his opponent being a stand-in for someone who isn’t even on the ballot? Besides his opponent’s 47 years of being a politician but not having any achievements? Besides his opponent’s clear corruption of selling his office to foreign governments for cold hard cash to make his family wealthy for generations to come? Besides the opposition party going off the deep end and deciding that they are only going to represent the 15% fringe part of the population that actually hates America and wants to bring us down? Besides the opposition party using the power of government (CIA, FBI, DoJ, IRS, and several state AGs and prosecutors) to persecute political enemies, their friends, their families, and their businesses?

    All of that isn’t enough? You still need ANOTHER reason to vote for Trump? Sure… Judges.

  2. Est1950 says:

    Want a reason to vote for TRUMP?

    Study communism and be very afraid.

  3. Hairy says:

    Plus !!
    Trump just told us the truth
    Bin Laden was not killed by those lying ass SEALs that was all fake bees
    Bin Laden is actually alive and well and living on Martha’s Vineyard
    People have seen him in the ferry

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    In general, I agree with the Trump-o-maniacs that he’s gonna win re-election. Many more Americans hate him than like him, but that’s not important, is it? But what is the Senate saying by pushing through rookie Judge ABC before the election. Why not garner the trust of the American people and wait for the landslide?

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    We see that Trumpenstein, at his klan rallies, is once again leading lock-’em-up chants directed at the Bidens and Hillary Clinton.

    Don’t authoritarians threaten their opponents with imprisonment? Maybe more Trump brownshirts on stand-by can kidnap them like they tried against the Governor of Michigan.

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