Climate Cultists Come Up With New Term, “Heat Storm”

It’s also apparently a “boiling poing” (view Climate Depot)

Boiling Point: Climate change is wreaking havoc on the power grid in ways you never knew

If you’re in the habit of reading the president’s tweets, you may have noticed a theme the last few weeks: California is a fiery wasteland. He said as much Tuesday, writing that the Golden State is “going to hell.”

What exactly is wrong with the nation’s most populous state? Why, rolling blackouts, forest fires and water rationing: (Trump tweet here)

Strangely, despite typically having hotter weather for longer during the year, you never hear about all the rolling blackouts and power grid issues from North Carolina down to Florida and east through Texas, eh?

As for blackouts? Well, if Trump wants to keep the lights on, he might consider doing something about climate change. (bold from story)

Or, California could go back to using reliable, efficient, lower cost energy sources. Oh, and deal with their power companies that keep having problems with down power lines and other maintenance failures.

The nonprofit research organization Climate Central analyzed federal data and released a report last month finding that hurricanes, wildfires, heat storms and other extreme weather events caused 67% more power outages in the United States during the decade ending in 2019 than they did during the previous decade. [Climate Depot note: Climate Central did not use the term “heat storm” in its report.] (snip)

“What happened during both of these heat storms was it didn’t cool down at night,” Nancy Sutley, chief sustainability officer for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, told me. “When it cools down at night — even when it’s really hot during the day — the equipment has a chance to cool down, and it will be OK. But the nighttime temperatures — when it was 111 downtown, it wasn’t 70 at night. It was 80 or 90 at night.”

Marc Morano goes on to note

The term “heat storm” also derives from the Star Wars movie series. The website defines the fictional term “heat storm” as a “natural occurrence” that raged across the fictional planet Ryloth in the Star Wars film series. “Heat storms consisted of furious cyclonic winds reaching speeds of up to 500 kilometers per hour and temperatures upwards of 300 degrees Celsius” and “If anyone was caught in one, they would be incinerated.” 

This sounds horrible for Californians! According to the Los Angeles Times, these (fictional) “heat storms” are now impacting California. The LA Times did not explain when people would be “incinerated” by these fictional Star Wars-inspired “heat storms.”

And, since the LA Times article and cultist Sammy Roth notes in his opinion screed disquised as news says it is primarily caused by the burning of fossil fuels, why are climate cultists refusing to give up their own usage?

Anthony Watts writes: “This renaming is just another way the left leaning media wants us to be afraid of normal weather patterns by making it into something that sounds scarier than “heat wave”.” Doomsday Cults always want things to sound apocolyptic.

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3 Responses to “Climate Cultists Come Up With New Term, “Heat Storm””

  1. formwiz says:

    I can think of another kind of storm that’s descended on the Democrat ticket. They casn run, but they can’t hide.

    PS apocalyptic

  2. Mark Matis says:

    The way of the tribe as they yearn for the “good old days” of their Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin.
    You do realize that Saint Greta is owned by the tribe???

  3. alanstorm says:

    “Or, California could go back to using reliable, efficient, lower cost energy sources.”

    Now, that’s just crazy talk!

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