Hot Take: We Need A Carbon Tax Otherwise ‘Climate Change’ Will Stop Economic Growth

See, the Modern Warm Period has seen more economic growth, primarily through the growth of technologies, than any period before. But, you like eating burgers and meat from other animals, so, you need to pay a tax

Climate change poses ‘profound threat’ to global growth – IMF chief

Climate change poses a serious threat to global growth, the head of the International Monetary Fund said on Monday, urging the world’s top emitters to agree on a floor for carbon prices.

Got that? Taxation which stifles growth will stimulate growth because too much carbon pollution might maybe possibly threaten global growth which has been doing well during this warm period (and growth tends to occur more during warm periods than cool ones).

IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva told finance ministers meeting on climate change that countries should also ensure that green investments are included in the money they are spending to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and mitigate its economic impact.

Doing so, she said, could boost global gross domestic product by 0.7% on average in the first 15 years of the recovery.

“Even while we are in the midst of the COVID crisis, we should mobilize to prevent the climate crisis,” Georgieva told a meeting of finance ministers from 52 countries working to integrate climate change into their economic policies.

The group, launched in April 2019 and led by the finance ministers of Chile and Finland, met virtually Monday on the sidelines of the annual meetings of the IMF and World Bank.

In other words, they want to transfer wealth from the nations that are tops to the ones which aren’t. And, it would be ridiculous to think that any of these people have a vested monetary interest in carbon tax schemes, right? It’s all selfless, right?

Georgieva said IMF research showed that policy tools could help achieve net zero emissions by 2050 despite the pandemic, but it was imperative that countries earmarked some of the $12 trillion in fiscal stimulus toward green investments.

Dare I note that the majority of these people pushing this stuff are some of the biggest climahypocrites around? They jet around the world, drive in low MPG limos, and live in giant homes, and more.

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4 Responses to “Hot Take: We Need A Carbon Tax Otherwise ‘Climate Change’ Will Stop Economic Growth”

  1. Hairy says:

    The current cost of carbon tax @ $8 per ton of CO2 would increase the cost of an airline ticket by about 2%
    A round trip from NY to San Francisco Produces about 1 metric ton of CO2 per seat
    It would cost about $150 for each American’s total CO2 to be offset at the current cost of 8$ per ton
    $3 per week Teach
    Does that give you nightmares?

  2. Kye says:

    This supposed $150 for each American, that’s 330 million times $150. Exactly how much is that, about $49,500,000,000? Per year? Yeah, that gives me nightmares. Oh BTW, where does all that money go? George Soros? The UN? The WHO? Antifa? BLM? Most likely the DNC and 50% kicked up to Joe Biden or as he’s now know Don Biden.

    You leftists are all corrupt liars, thieves and criminals.

  3. guy says:

    ‘stake’ or ‘sunlight’. To a vampire.

    Equals ‘efficient’ to a greenie.

    No, I don’t give a shit about ‘Green’

    Be as efficient as you can be.

    That’s is. That’s the best you can do. Everything after that is waste.

    The problem lies in the number of parasites living off of ‘Green’

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