Biden Finally Sorta Answers On Court Packing

In order to increase the number of Supreme Court, and lower federal court judges, Congress would need to pass legislation, then President Harris, er, Biden, would have to sign it. Lefty groups are super excited to pack the courts, and aren’t shy at saying it. They even claim it is normal! Heck, history shows that it’s normal, claims CNN, even though it’s been the same is 1869, and FDRs attempt to pack the court was decidedly unpopular in 1937.

Why voters seriously need Joe Biden to answer the court-packing question

Voters “don’t deserve” to know if a President Joe Biden would pack the Supreme Court, the candidate told an interviewer on Saturday. Yes, they do, Joe: Americans deserve to know who they’re electing — and it shouldn’t be that hard to answer.

Biden, running mate Kamala Harris and their campaign insist the court-packing question is simply a “distraction” from the real issues — that is, the ones they want to talk about. “I’m not going to play his game,” is how Biden puts it.

Except it’s the “game” of the American people. (snip)

Moreover, doing it now would require killing the Senate’s filibuster rules entirely — opening the door to lots of other radical legislation, such as the Green New Deal.

Biden claims to be a moderate, so why can’t he rule out this madness? Why insist that he’ll only answer after Election Day?

Liberals are doing their best to explain away his refusal to commit. Joe would never do it, they claim — he just doesn’t want to turn off voters in the AOC-Bernie Sanders radical wing of the party before he gets their votes. Even if true, he’s turning off at least some moderate voters by leaving the question open, when it ought to be a slam-dunk.

More: If he can’t say no to the far left now, you have to wonder if he will as president. He’s done nothing but appease progressives since clinching the nomination, even letting Sanders write much of the party platform.

Well, even though the Credentialed Media is not bothering to demand Joe answer, he finally attempted to thread the needle

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Monday that he is “not a fan” of the idea of adding seats to the Supreme Court after repeatedly dodging questions about the issue.

“I’m not a fan of court packing, but I don’t want to get off on that whole issue. I want to keep focused,” Biden told WKRC, a Cincinnati-area CBS/CW affiliate. “The president would like nothing better than to fight about whether or not I would in fact pack the court or not pack the court, et cetera. The focus is, why is he doing what he’s doing now?”

OK, he’s not a fan. Good to know, Joe, way to take a stance

The former vice president also described Republicans’ push to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court before November’s election as a form of court packing.

“Court packing’s going on now. Never before, when an election has already begun and millions of votes already cast, has it ever been that a Supreme Court nominee was put forward,” Biden said. “And one of the reasons is the only shot the American people get to determine who will be on a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court or federal court is when they pick their senator or their president.”

And the deflection. Of course, people shouldn’t be voting, as the Constitution rather lays out which day we’re supposed to vote. And, Joe doesn’t want to get off on that whole rather important issue. He doesn’t seem to want to talk about many issues at all.

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5 Responses to “Biden Finally Sorta Answers On Court Packing”

  1. formwiz says:

    The fact Zippy picked 3 hard core Commies is just a coinkydink.

  2. alanstorm says:

    The question is above Joe’s pay grade. May it remain forever so.

  3. Conservative Beaner says:

    Joe will do whatever the Commies tell him to do. If he refuses they will take his meds away and after a few weeks they will use the 25th Amendment on him. Harris will be President and will be told to name Hillary as VP or else.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    President Trump and the conservative GOP Senate has been packing the courts with conservatives for 3 years.

    President Biden and the Democratic Senate will have their own chance and conservatives will complain.

    • formwiz says:

      I says again and I repeats, the fact Zippy picked 3 hard core Commies is just a coinkydink.

      President Biden and the Democratic Senate will have their own chance and conservatives will complain.

      No, he’ll be Senator Biden. He said so just the other day.

      Gropin’ Joe will only be President in his dreams and yours.

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