Vernon Jones: Trump’s Done More For Blacks In 4 Years Than Biden Did In 40

Perhaps because Trump sees blacks as actual people, as individuals, as citizens and Americans, unlike Democrats, who see blacks as a voting block to be patronized when elections come around, and people to keep down in urban plantations between elections. They just switched their Jim Crow and segregationist beliefs around

EXC – Democrat Vernon Jones: Trump Did More For Black Americans In 4 Years Than Biden Has In Over 40

There was a time the Democratic Party was home to many of America’s leading lights on race relations — people who were willing to ignore or even defy mainstream opinion to advance a cause they knew to be right and just. Black Americans enthusiastically gravitated toward that, even overlooking the privately bigoted views of many of Democrat leaders. Before long, however, the Democrat establishment began to take our support for granted, paying lip service to the cause of racial justice on the campaign trail, but then perpetuating an unjust status quo in office.

From his earliest days in politics, Joe Biden has employed this cynical strategy with infuriating consistency. As he reminded voters just last year, he proudly collaborated with openly segregationist colleagues during his early days in the U.S. Senate, a time when he was also an adamant foe of integrating America’s public schools.

Two decades later, Biden led the charge to implement one of the most racially discriminatory policy regimes since the end of Jim Crow: the “tough-on-crime” criminal justice laws of the late 1980s and early ‘90s, describing his position as “lock the S.O.B.’s up.” Most notoriously, he played a leading role in crafting the notorious 1994 crime bill that dramatically increased the incarceration rate for Black Americans, ushering in an era of mass incarceration that devastated our communities for generations.

That record didn’t hurt him when he sought reelection in lily-white Delaware, and as his ambitions took him to greater national prominence, he arrogantly expected that a “-D” after his name would be all he needed to secure the votes of millions of Black Americans.

That’s the way it works. For them, blacks aren’t allowed to vote anything other than Dem, otherwise they are not considered to be black. Anyhow, Joe has done nothing, even as VP to a black president, as Jones highlights in many more paragraphs

President Trump is Biden’s polar opposite. While Biden was turning a blind eye to the rioting, looting, and indiscriminate violence afflicting Democrat-run cities all over the country this summer, the President was demanding that Democrat governors and mayors allow their police forces to restore law and order, pointing out that destroying small businesses in majority-Black communities does nothing to advance the cause of racial justice but does negatively impact the people who live in those communities.

Whereas Biden assumes that Black people will turn out in droves to vote for him despite his long history of working against our interests, President Trump is grateful for every Black vote he receives, rightly viewing that support as vindication of his successful efforts to empower and uplift Black Americans.

As a result of the Blue Collar Boom created by the Trump administration’s pro-growth economic policies, for instance, the Black unemployment rate reached multiple all-time lows prior to the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Again, Trump sees blacks as people, not a monolithic voting block.

Even more importantly, Donald Trump achieved something that Democrat politicians have been promising for decades, yet always failed to deliver: criminal justice reform that corrects the gross injustices that Biden helped to put in place all those years ago. Thanks to the FIRST STEP Act, thousands of non-violent Black inmates have been able to earn early release, and thousands more have received help developing the personal and professional skills necessary to become productive members of society.

For all the Dem yammering about Trump being a racist, he’s done more for blacks than Joe even thought of doing.

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6 Responses to “Vernon Jones: Trump’s Done More For Blacks In 4 Years Than Biden Did In 40”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    What exactly has trump done for Black Americans, besides calling them thugs, rioters and terrorists, as have his trumpists? Well he’s try to disenfranchise as many as possible.

    Black Americans understand more than trumpists believe.

    • formwiz says:

      He’s lowered their unemployment to historic levels.

      He’s called out the hustlers and the thugs among blacks and the Democrats who have made black people’s lives unbearable.

      aAnd exactly how is he disenfranchising anybody?

      By showing mail-in voting is a vote fraud scheme? By encouraging the purging of corpses and people who have moved from voter rolls?

      Black Americans understand more than Leftists believe.


    • Jl says:

      Sorry J, but where’s he called just blacks thugs, rioters and terrorists? And if people are committing thuggery, rioting and terrorism, what is one to call them? Snowflakes? This should be another non-answer from J, as usual…

    • Nighthawk says:

      Who’s the true racist? The person that calls arsonists, vandals and murderers thugs, rioters and terrorists or the person that automatically thinks the other person is talking about blacks?

  2. formwiz says:

    Only one of the officers in the Breonna Taylor screw-up has bee indicted; 3 counts of “wanton endangerment in the first degree” by a grand jury.

    Wanton endangerment is a Class D felony, punishable by one to five years in prison.

    “Peaceful” protest to follow, of course.

    The AG, a black R, has called out the National Guard.

    Good thinking. No wonder he’s on Trump’s list for SCUS.

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