Bummer: Once Again This Won’t Be The Climate Change (scam) Election

2016 was supposed to be the ‘climate change’ election. And 2012. 2008. Even 2004 with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq raging and Islamic jihadis attacking was supposed to be a ‘climate change’ election. Then there was 2000, with hyper-Warmist Al Gore running, and he really didn’t push the issue that much. Plus all the mid-terms. Members of the Cult of Climastrology had their hopes up, to no avail

This won’t be the climate election after all. So what?

This could have been the year of the first real climate change election. It probably won’t be.

After years of climate change being low on voters’ priorities, getting almost no news coverage as a campaign policy issue and only getting the occasional debate question, 2020 had the potential to be a blockbuster year for climate change.

But instead, with less than 50 days until Election Day and voters in some states already voting, the COVID-19 pandemic is dominating the scene, along with racial justice, the economy and health care.

And since Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death Friday, the fight over replacing her on the court has overshadowed every other issue and might remain front and center through the rest of the campaign.

Climate got a moment in the spotlight earlier last week when President Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, focused on the wildfires in the West, highlighting their stark differences.

Trump denied that climate change was fueling disasters or even that temperatures would continue to rise. Biden, in response, called Trump a “climate arsonist” and touted his climate plan. But then the campaigns returned to regular programming.

If you aren’t familiar with E&E News, they are very much a propaganda arm of the Cult of Climastrology. To have them admit all this must have sent their Warmist employees running for their safe spaces and coloring books. Especially the part about ‘climate change’ being “low on voters’ priorities”. That admission must have hurt their hearts. Despite attempting to spread awareness since 1988 and ramping up their scaremongering ever since, it’s still low hanging fruit.

“COVID-19, the economic meltdown, the public health crisis, Black Lives Matter are all top-tier issues. That’s a reality,” said Kevin Curtis, executive director of NRDC Action Fund, which is the political arm of the Natural Resources Defense Council and supports Biden.

“Accepting that reality and not ignoring it, I feel really good about where climate is for the next president, assuming it’s Joe Biden,” he said.

Let’s say Biden wins: he probably won’t do much at all, as it’ll be tough for him to have the energy to do anything, especially since he can’t be bothered to do all that much while running for president. Stealth president Kamala Harris will be more interested in BLM and amnesty for illegals.

By many measures, voters aren’t prioritizing climate much more than before. The Pew Research Center last month found it to be voters’ 11th highest priority out of 12 it polled. Gallup said in January that climate was the seventh most likely issue for voters to rank as “extremely important.”

That’s despite numerous developments since the 2016 presidential race. Dire reports from organizations like the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the U.S. government painted a bleak picture of a future without significant greenhouse gas cuts.

Personally, I’d love one whole debate devoted to ‘climate change’, in which Joe can wander about discussing that thing, you know that thing, come on, man, it’s the thing (it’s not the only thing from Dementia Joe), while Trump can explain what the climate cultists actually want to do, with their taxes and taking away freedom, liberty, and choice. And while pointing out that the biggest proponents of Doing Something are utter climahypocrites

“Climate is going to have huge resonance in this election, particularly with young people,” said Tom Steyer, the billionaire climate activist; former presidential candidate; and co-chairman of Biden’s Climate Engagement Advisory Council, a group of activists tasked with promoting his environmental agenda.

Didn’t the “climate candidate” flame out early, along with fellow Warmist Jay Inslee?

But Mike McKenna, an energy policy consultant and former senior official in Trump’s White House, said general election voters have never prioritized climate or the environment, and there’s little reason to think this year will be different.

“The race is coming down to a referendum on either management of the coronavirus (in which case Mr. Biden wins) or management of public safety (in which Mr. Trump probably wins),” McKenna said in an email.

Biden has a clear climate plan, he said, but “no one is paying any attention to it.” McKenna added, “I just think that the general flow of the campaign has been focused on the candidates rather than what they might do.”

It always drops to the bottom because it is a bottom issue. And, sadly, the focus on it reduces the focus on real environmental issues. Trump would be wise to position cleaning up the environmental pollution in low income areas.

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5 Responses to “Bummer: Once Again This Won’t Be The Climate Change (scam) Election”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Although global warming is a long-term threat to human societies, trump is a threat to American democracy now. In the richest, most technologically and medically advanced nation in history trump’s ineptness is responsible for over 200,000 dead Americans and still rising.

    His ignoring the pandemic (except using China as his foil) resulted in wrecking the expanding Obama economy. trump is dismantling America, all to stay out of prison.

    This is a trump election. If you want to euthanize America vote for trump. .

    • formwiz says:

      Although global warming is a long-term threat to human societies, Trump is a threat to American democracy now. In the richest, most technologically and medically advanced nation in history Trump’s ineptness is responsible for over 200,000 dead Americans and still rising.

      The only threat is the lies peddled to the American public about an obvious scam.

      First, there is no American democracy. This is a federal republic.

      Second, if you buy the CDC, only 12,000 died from the Peking Pulmonary Pox; 400 if you trust the guys who actually went through the death certs.

      His ignoring the pandemic (except using China as his foil) resulted in wrecking the expanding Obama economy. Trump is dismantling America, all to stay out of prison.

      expanding Obama economy????? It was stagnant and everybody knew it. And 32% growth in one quarter is hardly dismantling America.

      As for staying out of Jail, that’s what the Os and the Hidens are trying to do, although I think post-election, Trump is going to give us payback for all that Zippy and Gropin’ Joe did to this country.

      And it was Pelosi Galore and her crowd, who ignored the Shy Knees Blight.

      This is a Trump election. If you want to euthanize the American Left, vote for Trump.


    • Est1950 says:

      Those who favor Critical Race Theory, the 1619 project and the dismantling of the Constitution in favor of a new document that gives the left unbridled power are certainly willing to outright lie to win votes.

      The reality is that the left was impeaching Trump with false claims about Russia at the Same time Trump was trying to send the CDC to China at the very beginning of this Pandemic. His CDC along with the WHO was DENIED entry into CHINA which has later been found to have destroyed the original documents and evidence and samples of the first cases of the now called COVID-19 which more aptly should be called the CCP virus.

      This virus was built in a lab and those that claim otherwise do so at the behest of the Chinese Government and are most likely even now being investigated by the FBI. 10’s of thousands of Scientists and Academics around the world have been bought and paid for by the Communist’s of China to lie and do the bidding of Chairman Mao who has killed 100’s of millions of people.

      All for money.

      When Trump was being impeached and the democrats were frothing at the mouth Trump was setting up a task force to deal with the Virus.

      When WHO declared a national emergency on Jan 30th of 2020, TRUMP ordered all travel halted from China on January 31st. At this time we had 5 cases in America. At least five that we knew about.

      CHINA LIED. They said this does not transmit person to person. Decisions were based upon what our supposed benefactors in China were telling us all the while they were building massive hospitals to deal with their own released WEAPON on their own people.

      While the Democrats fiddled, Tried to Impeach Trump he was acting. He began having press conferences on the subject and was CALLED A RACIST by the left after they lost the impeachment vote. Nancy Pelosi said go out have fun, go to China town cause Trumps a racist. The Mafia duo in NY said eat, drink and be merry knowing the next day the city of NYC was locking down.

      No. This is not Trump’s ineptitude. This is Elwoods of the world blaming Trump for Cancer. The CCP Cancer he is trying to fight while the left then decided to use the deaths of Americans for political purpose.

      the most disgusting outrage I have ever seen is the blatant disregard the left has for 200,000 babies Aborted every year with GLEE, while blaming Trump for DEMOCRATS PUTTING SICK PEOPLE IN NURSING HOMES TO SEE HOW FAST OLD PEOPLE CAN DIE.

      Why would they do that? Because Communists have no human compassion. They only see results no matter the cost. You can see it every day in the Elwoods of the world and their posts.

      China lied, the Democrats fiddled, the CDC was more interested in Racial Diversity than in fighting an incoming Pandemic and yet it is Trumps fault. Trump is not the Sickness of this Country. His policies are the CURE.

      The Choice in 2020 is clear. Trump if you want a free America. Biden if you want that senile old man to be a mouthpiece for the Communists of the left. Believe me you will not like AOC and her communist buddies running this country.

      • Kye says:

        I wish I had written that, Est1950. You perfectly describe the Elwood’s of the left, their hate for America and their ungodly immorality and Cthulhic love of death and chaos.

        Soon, very soon Trump will nominate a SCJ and the Elwood’s will shit themselves. Soon, very soon Trump will win a landslide second term which Elwood and the Cthulu’s will try to overturn by voter fraud, mail in phony votes and harvesting. The new SCJ will vote to deny the chaos and America will win.

        And soon, very soon Joe Biden and his criminal son will be indicted for fraud, theft and hopefully treason. With luck they will escape the hangman’s noose and do an Epstein.

        Trump 2020 We don’t need any more Dem commies in the WH. Hussein was enough.

        Where’s Hunter – He’s Been Linked by the US Senate To Taking $3.5MM From The Russian Mob, a prostitution and human trafficking ring. Left Wing media ignore.

        So it turns out that all along it was the Bidens colluding with Russia and China! As if we didn’t know.

        Wire transfers received from corrupt Russian billionaires:
        Carter Page: $0
        Hunter Biden: $3.5m
        For any Russian Collusion hoaxers having trouble keeping score

  2. Jl says:

    “Global warming a long term threat to human societies…”. Well, then good to know it’s not a threat to less-adaptable plants, animals ans sea life..

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