Hyper-Leftist Vox Unintentionally Makes Case To Vote For Trump Over Court

Federal courts and the Supreme Court are one of the huge issues in voting these days, unfortunately. It shouldn’t be an issue, as courts should vote along the lines of the law and the Constitutions of the States and Nation. We all know that Democratic Party appointed judges so often fail at that. One of the main reasons I and so many voted for Trump/against Hillary was the thought of Hillary Clinton being able to appoint two or more Supreme Court justices during her first term, along with all the other federal judges. And that issues hasn’t changed for 2020, and Ian Millhiser’s article should be the one reason you should vote Trump/against Biden if you care about this country

What happens to the Supreme Court (and the Constitution) if Trump wins

In 2019, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told a gathering of the conservative Federalist Society that President Trump owes his broad support among Republican voters to one issue. “The single biggest issue that brought nine out of 10 Republican voters home to Donald Trump,” McConnell claimed, “just like nine out of 10 voted for Mitt Romney, was the Supreme Court.”

McConnell’s “nine out of 10” estimate is almost certainly an exaggeration, but there’s no question that Republicans view filling the judiciary with Federalist Society stalwarts as one of their highest priorities, if not the highest priority.

The GOP-controlled Senate passes little legislation. It rarely even considers bills that arise from a Democratic House. But McConnell has transformed the Senate into a virtual factory that kicks out judicial confirmations almost as fast as Trump can nominate conservative lawyers for the bench.

Congress passes a lot more legislation than you think, it’s just mostly small, bipartisan things. The GOP Senate isn’t going to bother bringing up hardcore Modern Socialist big bill from the Democrat controlled House. They won’t pass, anyhow, and Democrats tend to vote present on them, not wanting to go on the record. Regardless, McConnell is making sure that judges who believe in the Constitution are being appointed

If Trump prevails in November, he is likely to remake the courts — and, specifically, the Supreme Court — in his image. Two members of the Court’s liberal minority, Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer, are in their 80s. And Ginsburg began a course of chemotherapy earlier this year. If Trump wins, Republicans could gain a 7-2 majority on the nation’s highest Court by the end of his second term.

If Biden wins, it stays a 5-4 conservative court, with John Roberts doing his squishy thing.

If Trump gets to replace a liberal justice, however, this check on Republican power is likely to disappear. Trump spent the past three and a half years filling federal appellate courts with staunch conservatives, often with the guidance of conservative organizations such as the Federalist Society. That gives him a deep bench of potential Supreme Court nominees who are unlikely to disappoint the GOP in the future (like John Roberts).

Are you starting to get the idea how important a court of Originalists are?

America becomes even less democratic if Trump gets to fill another Supreme Court seat

The United States is hardly a paragon of democracy. Americans have a president who received nearly 3 million fewer votes than his Democratic opponent in 2016 and a Senate where, thanks to malapportionment, the Republican “majority” represents 15 million fewer people than the Democratic “minority.” Both of Trump’s justices were nominated by a president who lost the popular vote and confirmed by a bloc of senators who represent less than half of the nation.

Trump and McConnell would have the opportunity to continue with federalism for our Republic, something Democrats do not understand with this same old “the horse should have been turned to glue already” argument.

Millhiser continues to attempt to Scare people as to what a 7-2 Conservative Scotus would do, plus all the federal judges. If this is what the hardcore leftists believe, maybe it is super-important to re-elect Trump, knowing a packed hardcore leftist judiciary could be a disaster for freedom, liberty, rule of law, and so forth.

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7 Responses to “Hyper-Leftist Vox Unintentionally Makes Case To Vote For Trump Over Court”

  1. formwiz says:

    America becomes even less Democratic if Trump gets to fill another Supreme Court seat

    There’s your reason right there.

  2. Lawrence says:

    The word democracy is not found in the US Constitution. The Founding Fathers went to great lengths to insure that we would not have mob rule. The Constitution was created to serve the various sovereign states that created it and the system we have with a house representative representing populations and the senate representing states was the only way to form a union. The electoral college is the expression of that Great Compromise in the executive branch. If big states don’t like it, leave the union.

    • Kye says:

      Agreed Lawrence. In fact they should be thrown out before they get to ruin and despoil the Republic further.

    • DSimpson says:

      The changes in balance of the numbers apportioned to states’ representation in Congress due to residency of illegal or migrant populations, should be prohibited. Citizen votes should not be diluted by those without a personal stake, and equal risk, in the country’s future.

      California should not be allowed to have all the representatives, with just a few for TX and NY, and then one for every other state in the nation through sanctuary, state legalized illegal resident voting, and ballot harvesting policies and laws. At this point in time, every CA citizen has taxes that pay for police protection against loss to rioting and violence, while illegal migrants and other criminal, and now legal, organizations demand the destruction of both state and federal law enforcement in the state. I really do not understand why the highways are not crowded by people leaving that state. I guess the fear of the lock down mandate being imposed on the law abiding.

  3. Kye says:

    California should not be allowed to do half the shit they do that’s why they need to go.

  4. David Kendrick says:

    The problem is not with Democracy, it is about POWER, if you have a democratic deficit, the answer is more and better Democracy, Republics especially revolutionary ones, are about the revolution first and last and you will end up forever revisiting that old chestnut because a republic can never be saved by making another better revolutionary republic, which is by and large the result of deficit spending, not good or bad laws, intentions or constitutions, but payments to cronies in the electoral system who were the keys to getting power.

    The problem with the last 4 years is a President with over 5000 official positions to fill, left them full of Democratic appointees, because Congress would not allow his choices and that he would not allow them to be filled by an election – the thought in fact never would have come to mind. If it had, Fauci would have also been out on his ear, and the US would have been a much better place.

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