Rep. Debbie Dingle Warns Democrats Not To Dismiss Violence In Democratic Party Controlled Cities

Sorry, Debbie, very few in your political party care that your party has defended, protected, and even cajoled the “protesters” to be violent

Rep. Debbie Dingell warns Democrats that voter concerns over violence could be more important than trade this election year

Michigan Rep. Debbie Dingell has a stark warning for her fellow Democrats: The spike in violence in many urban areas, combined with attacks on the police, could become the wedge issue that once again costs her party the electoral votes of her state, and possibly the election.

“Law enforcement and support of law enforcement is an issue I am seeing in the suburbs [and] is an issue we really do need to pay attention to,” Dingell told the Yahoo News “Skullduggery” podcast. “You’ve seen what’s happening in the urban cities and some of this crime and the violence that you’re seeing at some of these protests. And Donald Trump is trying to use it as a wedge issue.”

Dingell, the widow of the popular Michigan Rep. John Dingell, famously warned the Hillary Clinton campaign four years ago it was in danger of losing Michigan because of frustration among voters about trade agreements that critics charged cost the jobs of American workers. Her forecast proved prescient as Trump narrowly carried the state by 11,000 votes.

Now, she said, violence and lawlessness could play the same role this year as trade did in 2016 if the Biden-Harris campaign and the Democratic Party as a whole doesn’t make a stand for public safety. It’s a message she says she has delivered to the Biden campaign, but worries that Democrats will find it too “uncomfortable” a subject to talk about.

“I’ve flagged it for everybody that this could be the trade issue and we can’t let [Trump] use it as a wedge issue,” Dingell said in the interview.

Democrats, elected and supporters, have been running around screaming about systemic racism and defunding the police for months now. They rarely have a bad word to say about “protesters” being violent. Most Democratic Party politicians have only gotten upset when the protesters show up at their own homes.

Dingell said it is important for the Democratic Party to remember that, as with teachers, law enforcement should be considered essential personnel.

“Our law enforcement, like our teachers, are social workers,” she said. “Domestic abuse is really on the rise. … Who’s the first responding?”

Even though Joe walked back comments on defunding the police and said that “most cops are good” the other day, Democrats, particularly high visibility ones, have come out in favor of defunding. Democratic Party run cities across the country have been attempting to make that happen. Many Dem cities have significantly reduced police budgets, gotten rid of special divisions which helped reduce crime, and plan on reducing the number of police officers. Many Dem cities are seeing abnormally high levels of retirements of officers. Many cities are holding law enforcement back from enforcing the law on these “protests.”

They aren’t going to listen to Debbie, though. If they didn’t listen early on that allowing violence to flourish, they aren’t going to do it now.

(Oregon Live) Multnomah County’s sheriff and top elected leader on Wednesday decried a fire set hours earlier inside the Multnomah Building that left the county’s first-floor Office of Community Involvement with broken glass, water and smoke damage and put at risk an emergency stockpile of medical gear assembled in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

At the Multnomah Building on Southeast Hawthorne Avenue, people threw large rocks through the first-floor windows, someone poured lighter fluid into the office and then someone later tossed burning material into the same area, said Chris Liedle, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office.

“A line is crossed when peaceful protest becomes violent,” Sheriff Mike Reese said during a media video conference.

He called the setting of the fire, the “profane and hateful” graffiti to the county headquarters “simply reprehensible,” actions that serve “no legitimate purpose.”

The sheriff, who keeps the county a sanctuary for illegal aliens, is finally upset after 84 days of riots, because they attacked his building.

Mayor Ted Wheeler, in a prepared statement, condemned the “criminal destruction” to the county building, and Police Chief Chuck Lovell and Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt denounced the pattern of violence in separate statements.

84 days later.

What’s missing, Portland Deputy Police Chief Chris Davis said, is a “very clear and very consistent public messaging from elected leaders and the community at large, that this behavior is not how we do business in Portland. It’s violent, it’s not productive.”

Well, good luck with this, Chief Davis: Democrats aren’t interested in any of that. They’ve been propping up the Marxists in Black Lives Matter and the unhinged Antifa. And you can bet this will play a role during the GOP convention.

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3 Responses to “Rep. Debbie Dingle Warns Democrats Not To Dismiss Violence In Democratic Party Controlled Cities”

  1. Est1950 says:

    The summer of love continues:

    Authorities in Portland say they are searching for a suspect identified as Marquise Love in connection with the attack against Haner. They ask that anyone with information about Love’s whereabouts call Detective Brent Christensen at 503-823-2087 or email him at [email protected].

    LOL. Yeah they are searching for him and in Oregon if they find him they will probably give him an award. When the George Soros funded AG gets involved this guy and his girl friend who got beat up will be arrested and thrown in prison and those that beat them senseless will receive citizenship awards.

  2. Est1950 says:

    Remember the Democratic party no longer cares about the rule of law that is why they are heavily funding AG and DA positions around the country while the GOP cowers in fear because they might lose their gravey train.

    My god what has happened to the spine of the GOP party. They are Cowards. Not all. But most. The Senators from my deep red state are no where to be found. Hiding behind Mitch McConnell who also is absent.

    Remember To vote out all Democratic District Attorneys and State Attornemy Generals this election!!!

    They have been the reason why this violence continues. Don’t just vote for Trump but Vote for Republican AG’s and DA’s and/or vote OUT Democratic DA’s and AG’s in your state elections. These insane whackos funding by far left communists groups are what is keeping this violence alive.

  3. Dana says:

    The left are being aided by the credentialed media and the assertions that the demonstrations are “mostly peaceful protests,” but the media haven’t been able to keep the actual videos from the American people. It’s become a “who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” campaign.

    I’ve said it many times before: people are going to be shocked at how many Republican votes are cast in the traditionally solidly Democratic cities. People in Portland and Seattle and Minneapolis and Chicago and St Louis and Philadelphia are seeing the pictures of boarded-up storefronts and realizing that it wasn’t a “mostly peaceful protest” which broke out the windows. People in Philadelphia are hearing 6ABC News, every night, reporting yet another murder. People across the country struggling economically because of shutdowns ordered by Democratic governors seeing themselves unable to return to work because the rioters have burned out their places of employment.

    But there’s some good news in all of this: in 2019, it was being noted that companies were moving into Portland, Oregon, but now the news reports are that companies are moving out due to the rioters. That’s happening other places as well.

    New York City is seeing a huge residential vacancy rate, as people are fleeing to the suburbs. This means that leftists who were once worried about global warming climate change are going to be thinking twice about government efforts to take away gasoline engined cars.

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