Portland Police Chief Finally Says “Enough Is Enough”

But, there might be a reason for this, after 70+ days of violence, and Chief Lovell, who was appointed police chief in early June, has been around for most of it

Portland police chief says riots not helping cause of racial justice: ‘Enough is enough’

Portland, Ore., police Chief Chuck Lovell on Wednesday morning decried violent instigators who he said are marring the message of mostly peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters.

“Portlanders need to send a strong message that enough is enough,” Lovell told reporters at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, according to KGW-TV in Portland. “This is not forwarding the goals that are going to lead to better outcomes for people of color. This movement is really powerful, but the violence has taken away from it. … This is not what Portland is about. This is not what we need in our city.”

Lovell said there have been many large peaceful protests that required no police presence but the smaller offshoot actions — setting fires, breaking windows and throwing objects at police — are taking away from the larger message.

Late Wednesday, Portland police declared a riot and said they believe an explosive device had been left outside a precinct. People were ordered to disperse, and some streets were closed.


Yeah, there was a link to another story in the story about the Portland Police Association being trashed by “protesters” Wednesday. Couldn’t have anything to do with Lovell saying enough is enough, right?

He added that shootings have also spiked since the defunding of the Gun Violence Reduction Team over accusations of racism.

There were 99 shootings in July, up from 35 in July 2019, police said, according to OregonLive.com.

Lovell told reporters he doesn’t believe the team’s actions were racist even though it arrested more Black suspects than anyone else. He said the majority of victims are Black – 66% last month.

The team was defunded, but those officers are still with the PPD in other roles, and still you see an almost 3 times the shootings. What will it be like with the police department fully defunded and replaced with “civilians” and social workers? This is why we have experimental groups

He added that taking police off patrol to cover protests has left fewer officers to respond to emergencies, according to KGW.

You can bet criminals are taking advantage

Downtown protests have become more peaceful since federal officers agreed to leave last week, so some instigators have moved to other police buildings across the city to cause problems.

So now they’re going after Portland PD property, and suddenly the Portland PD cares, unlike with the federal property

Early Wednesday, police had declared a riot and made three arrests after saying demonstrators set fires, erected barricades in a street and broke into the police union headquarters. Police said someone also fired a gun during the unrest and a pickup truck accelerated into the crowd while pushing an unoccupied motorcycle in front of it.

Now that the “protesters” are attacking police property Lovell has now had enough.

As far as the motorcycle goes, perhaps Chief Lovell should get his officers to stop the “protesters” from blocking roads

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3 Responses to “Portland Police Chief Finally Says “Enough Is Enough””

  1. Dana says:

    Enough is enough, now? Enough should have been enough after the first f(ornicating) day of that stupid [insert slang term for feces here]!

    When your petulant four year old is going around smashing things in the living room because you gave him Rice Chex instead of Cocoa Puffs, do you let him continue to smash things, or do you spank his ass and stop him, and tell him there will be no Cocoa Puffs for breakfast for a month?

    Well, the Portland brats have gone cookoo for Cocoa Puffs, because nobody ever spanked their sorry asses when they were growing up, and 2020 is the result.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    Right. And if the violent mobs don’t cooperate, he will taunt them a second time.

  3. Jl says:

    “Riots not helping the cause of racial justice…”. Really? Please show us the racial “injustice” that’s supposedly there in the first place.

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