Looks Like Joe Biden Will Also Not Attend The DNC

First, Democrats started floating the notion that there was no need for debates. Then they trotted out Jill Biden to say Joe will definitely be there for the debates, but Joe isn’t saying it. He snapped at a journalist, asking if he was a junkie.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and the rest of the planned convention speakers will not travel to Wisconsin for the quadrennial Democratic National Convention, according to a release from its committee Wednesday, citing health concerns with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“After ongoing consultation with public health officials and experts — who underscored the worsening coronavirus pandemic — the Democratic National Convention Committee announced today speakers for the 2020 Democratic National Convention will no longer travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in order to prevent risking the health of our host community as well as the convention’s production teams, security officials, community partners, media and others necessary to orchestrate the event,” the release said.

Biden, who was scheduled to accept the party’s nomination in the key battleground state on Aug. 20, will now accept the nomination from Delaware.

Will he ever leave Delaware? Will Joe’s speech be live, or pre-recorded? He rarely makes any live speeches or appearances, and we can all see why. Dude is crashing mentally.

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11 Responses to “Looks Like Joe Biden Will Also Not Attend The DNC”

  1. formwiz says:

    Walking around without his pants as he accepts the nod might not be cool.

  2. Dana says:

    My older daughter, who is Army E-6 school at Camp Grafton, outside Devil’s lake, ND, just let us know that they had tested her for COVID-19, and she was negative.

    Now, if the Army Reserve can send people to Staff Sergeant school, you would think that former Vice President Biden could head to Wisconsin for something not quite trivial, and accept the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

    Once again, the Democrats are hidin’ Biden, ’cause they dread every public appearance, fret every time he opens his mouth, because all of it is just another opportunity for him to convince Americans that he sinking ever-deeper into Alzheimer’s Disease, or some other form of diminished mental status.

    It’d be a shame if someone hacked the DNC’s server again, and published all of those confidential e-mails, wouldn’t it?

  3. The Dems are scared and they’re hidin’
    Their nominee, sleepy Joe Biden
    If only that dunce
    Can hang on for once
    To the White House they will be ridin’!

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      The GOPhers are scared and are slumpin’
      ‘Cause they’re hitched to Dementia J. tRumpin’
      He should get to work
      But all work he does shirk
      As it turns out he’s really a lumpen!

      • Poor Elwood needs work on his verses
        But he’s old and all his nurses
        Say Dowd, lay back down
        You sound like a clown
        And Elwood comes back with his curses!

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Mister Dana was born ‘neath a cloud
          Named after a girl left him cowed
          Hoping to get lucky
          He moved to Kentucky
          Where he lives on the ‘net always plowed

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The GOP convention:

    Pre-travel COVID-19 testing of all participants prior to arrival

    Daily symptom tracking and temperature checks for all delegates

    Social distancing in all venues

    Masks will be worn and PPE will be provided to participants

    On-site health professionals for medical response

    Integration with local health systems, delivering on-site and telemedicine consults in addition to testing capabilities as needed

    Seems like a lot of trouble for a hoax.

    Trump wants to deliver his acceptance speech from The White House, not the convention.

    They also are considering holding the nomination vote in secret for some reason.

  5. Dana says:

    No wonder former Vice President Joe Biden is hidin’. From The Economist::

    For those affected by dementia, the pandemic has been especially grim

    IT IS WELL KNOWN that the pandemic has been especially dangerous for people already suffering from conditions such as heart disease, respiratory problems, diabetes and so on. But government statistics show that the most common pre-existing condition among those who died from covid-19 in England and Wales in March and April was not a physical ailment at all. It was dementia, which 25% of the deceased had been living with. Something similar is presumably true in other countries, but Paola Barbarino, chief executive of Alzheimer’s Disease International, an advocacy group, complains that data are scanty. Only Britain and Italy have produced detailed figures, making analysis difficult, and hampering efforts to prepare for any second wave of the pandemic.

  6. Professor Hale says:

    That’s a troubling statistic indeed. We will probably never know how many of those deaths were preventable, but were intentionally permitted by government policies in order to save government health institutions from the burden of caring for them. That’s the thing about socialist and atheists. They see sick old people as a burden on the public and snuffing them out is “for the greater good”.

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