Governors Upset Large Gatherings Fueling Rising COVID Cases (but not protests)

You see, Bat Soup Virus apparently doesn’t attack anyone involved in a protest or riot

Rising Covid-19 cases are fueled by gatherings but some Americans won’t stop

With the coronavirus running rampant within American communities, health officials have made clear it’s not yet time to ease up on precautions.

Instead, governors and experts from coast to coast have urged Americans to keep face masks in indoor public spaces, maintain their distance from others and avoid crowded spaces.

That’s as infections nationwide have climbed past 4.3 million and at least 149,258 have lost their lives — and some experts say the coming months could mean thousands of more deaths.

During a stop in Kentucky over the weekend, White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx urged states who are seeing a concerning increase in cases to downsize their gatherings to less than 10 people, adding many of the young people who are spreading the virus are asymptomatic.

But protests are fine

In Jackson, New Jersey, it took police more than five hours Sunday to break up a house party with about 700 guests. The home was being rented out through Airbnb, police said.

“Come on folks! Come on,” Gov. Phil Murphy, said during a news conference Monday. “That’s needlessly putting men and women in uniform and their families at risk.”

Well, yes, agreed, because the party was loud, raucous, and caused lots of issues for the residents of the community. But, if they called themselves a protest would it have been OK?

In New York, authorities are investigating a drive-in concert at the Hamptons after footage appeared to show large groups of people not following social distancing guidelines.

The “Safe & Sound” benefit concert took place in Southampton Saturday, according to Jack Sterne, a spokesman for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. It was headlined by The Chainsmokers and an event page said it would allow about 600 vehicles.

Cuomo posted a video on Twitter Monday, saying there were “egregious social distancing violations.”

Yet, Cuomo has nary a word for those “protesting” in NYC and other NY cities.

In Michigan, health officials traced at least 43 cases of the virus back to a large house party in Washtenaw County, Michigan, earlier this month. (snip)

And in Minnesota, despite restrictions on gatherings, thousands of peopleb– many without masks — attended a rodeo last week in protest after officials attempted to limit spectators.

It’s just so strange that CNN failed to mention any of the BLM protests or Antifa riots.

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5 Responses to “Governors Upset Large Gatherings Fueling Rising COVID Cases (but not protests)”

  1. Kye says:

    The NFL which previously would not allow players to kneel in prayer, put names or any logo or sign on their helmets or any names. But that was all before they became WOKE and decided to insult every white person who views or attends their games.

    Now not only will helmets have the names of “victims of racism” printed on them, ALL infields will carry pro Black Lives Matter slogans and propaganda. Required!!!
    This added to the fact they will no longer play the national anthem before the games.

    Anyone who watches or attends any NFL games is at this point aiding and abetting treason and should be shunned. The NFL and all their owners and players should all drop dead. Fuk’em.

    Trump 2020 Don’t let the bad guys win.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Louie Gohmert tested positive and got booted off Air Force One. And all for a “mild flu”.

    • Kye says:

      Good. He should be “booted off” (another hyperbolic exaggeration to make Trump look bad as usual. You just can’t act civil and say: Gohmert was asked to leave Air Force One after being tested positive so as not to infect anyone else). I’m sure as a good God Fearing Patriotic Republican and not a treasonous piece of crap like you Demmocommies, Rep. Gohmert was more than happy to spare the others. Meanwhile you commie dogs hold riots and infect everybody.

      Would you expect anyone to be told to stay when they are sick, mild or not? I wouldn’t. Why should others be exposed? It wouldn’t matter which flu or cold it is, covid 2 covid 19 or whatever you don’t expose others if you can avoid it. Or don’t you selfish, hateful commies think that way.

      So your Big News is really no news, as usual.

      Trump 2020 Keep the sick commies in prisons.

    • formwiz says:

      That’s all it is.

      Probably more for show than anything else.

  3. Dana says:

    In the Bluegrass State, Reichsstatthalter Andy Beshear’s (NSDAP-KY) Secretary for Health and Family Services announced new Department orders that any “mass gatherings,” which included things like barbecues or picnics or parties at people’s private homes and back yards, “must be limited to 10 people or fewer.” Those gatherings “must follow the Guidance for Gatherings of Up to 10 People” and “The Department of Public Health hereby delegates to local health departments the authority to take all necessary measures to implement this Order.”

    In other words, the Reichsstatthalter claims to have the authority to regulate people’s behavior and presence even on an individual’s private property.

    Well, f(ornicate) him! If someone from the local health department tries to set foot on my property, he will be, to use the esteemed Mr Dowd’s expression, “booted off.” If he does not leave after being told to do so, he will be physically removed.

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