Know What We Really Need? A Department Of Climate

Personally, I’d say that all members of the Cult of Climastrology should voluntarily give up their own use of fossil fuels and make their lives carbon neutral, but, then, this isn’t about climate, it’s about installing Progressive (nice Fascist) government. I wonder if the crazy folks at Vox, including Warmist writer Allison Crimmins, realize that all the bad parts about taxation and loss of freedom and choice will actually hit themselves? That the cost of energy will skyrocket the cost of running Vox?

Why the next president should establish a Department of Climate

It’s been a big month for new climate policy ideas in the US, with a flurry of plans out, brimming with hundreds of policy recommendations. The presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden campaign’s task force on climate change, for example, released new proposals on July 14 for reducing fossil fuel use, aiming to establish a national clean energy standard and rectify climate injustices.

Earlier in July, the campaign also convened a new Climate Engagement Advisory Council to mobilize more people in the fight against climate change and systemic racism. And in late June, the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming put out a 500-plus-page Climate Crisis Action Plan.

But so far, none of these plans has included a key action that would strengthen the government’s ability to make these policies a reality: the creation of a new, Cabinet-level Department of Climate.

To give these new proposals a fighting chance, the committees and councils must recognize that the executive branch is not yet properly aligned to respond to climate change, a complex problem of unmatched size and duration.

It’s also not part of the Constitution, but, Warmists only care about that “antiquated document” when it’s convenient

To meet the threat of climate change, one of the first actions of the next administration and the 177th Congress should be to create this Department of Climate. Its mission would be to mitigate global climate change, reduce America’s vulnerability to climate impacts, build resiliency to the impacts that do occur, and strengthen our nation’s infrastructure by forging a sustainable, thriving, and just economy.

And when Trump wins, he should create this department, which will require all Warmist states to practice what they preach, and raise their taxes. Sound good? Anyhow, it’s Vox, so this keeps going on and on with Reasons.

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2 Responses to “Know What We Really Need? A Department Of Climate”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Don’t we already have an EPA? And doesn’t every other federal agency also have an environment section and senior staff? How much redundancy does the Redundancy Department of Redundancy Agency need?

  2. Francisco Machado says:

    John Kerry declared air conditioning a greater threat than Isis. Presumably, John Kerry’s mansions (in keeping with his philosophy of threat level) do not use air conditioning. Can it be verified that they do not, or is he another member in high standing of the popular AGW hypocrisy club, the deified Al Gore founder and beneficiary?

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