Racism On Display: Judge Refuses To Release Girl From Facility Over Missed Homework

This has become a cause celebre’ for the BLM crew and their “non-black allies”

Judge denies release of teen girl who was jailed after not doing homework

Race CardA 15-year-old Black girl who has been incarcerated in Michigan since mid-May after she failed to do her online schoolwork won’t be returning home, a judge decided Monday, in a case that has stoked outrage that it is emblematic of systemic racism and the criminalization of Black children.

Oakland County Judge Mary Ellen Brennan determined that the girl has been benefiting from a residential treatment program at a juvenile detention center, but is not yet ready to be with her mother. Brennan, the presiding judge of the court’s Family Division, scheduled another hearing for September, NBC affiliate WDIV reported.

The girl, who is being identified only by her middle name, Grace, was the subject of a report published last week by ProPublica Illinois, with politicians and community activists expressing outrage over her incarceration.

Well, she should have done her homework, right?

This past school year, Grace was a sophomore at Groves High School in the Birmingham Public Schools, which is 79 percent white, according to school district data.

See, gotta be racism. Seriously, jailed for not doing homework?

At Monday’s hearing, Brennan stressed that police had responded to incidents between the mother and the daughter three times, and that Grace’s detainment was the result of that, the Detroit News reported.

“She was not detained because she didn’t turn her homework in,” Brennan said. “She was detained because she was a threat to her mother.”

Ah. So the story finally comes out.

Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., is among those who have questioned whether race was a factor in detaining Grace. Black youth in Michigan are more than four times as likely to be detained or committed than white youth, according to 2015 data analyzed by the nonprofit Sentencing Project.

“If it was a white young person, I really question whether the judge would have done this,” Dingell said Monday on MSNBC. “Putting a young person in a confined area in the midst of COVID isn’t the answer.”

Of course he says this.

Her case not only touches upon the issue of racial bias within the criminal justice system, but is also entwined with larger concerns over the coronavirus’ spread in juvenile detention centers, as well as how children with learning disabilities are being disparately affected during the pandemic as a result of home schooling.

So, open the schools?

The girl and her mother, identified as Charisse, had bouts of conflict. In 2018, Grace was placed into a court diversion program for “incorrigibility,” but was released from it early, Charisse told ProPublica.

In November, an assault charge was filed against Grace after police were called to an incident in which the mother said Grace became violent because she was upset she couldn’t go to a friend’s house. Weeks later, according to ProPublica, Grace was charged with larceny after she was caught on surveillance video stealing another student’s cellphone from a school locker room. The phone was subsequently returned.

So, not homework? She’s a violent teenager and a thief?

Brennan sentenced Grace to “intensive probation,” with several requirements, including staying home, checking in with a caseworker, no phone use and completing her schoolwork. But the girl was unable to focus properly while learning from home, and she told a new caseworker in April that she felt anxious about the probation and overwhelmed.

After her caseworker learned she had fallen back asleep one day and failed to do her homework, a hearing was held in May and the judge decided she had violated the terms of her probation.

And that’s where the homework thing came from, because Grace failed to do the requirements. If she feels overwhelmed, then she should maybe work on her anger issues.

Tylene Henry, who has a teenage son in the local school district and was among several supporters outside of the courthouse Monday, said she doesn’t know Grace, but her situation has “opened up my eyes to the school-to-prison pipeline problem.”

Henry said she supports Grace’s release and a larger overhaul of the juvenile system.

“There’s a lot of students like Grace. They’re put into the criminal justice system as children instead of getting the help they really need,” she said. “Why does mental health and behavioral health treatment have to come at a cost of being held in a detention center?”

And why do these things keep happening in cities run by the Democratic Party? I’m confident I’ll be deemed a raaaaacist for asking, but, why, out of 4,800 juvenile cases going through Oakland County Circuit court, are 42% of them black kids, when blacks are only 15% of the population?

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11 Responses to “Racism On Display: Judge Refuses To Release Girl From Facility Over Missed Homework”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Juvenile cases are not always about crimes and punishments. They are often just about intervention in an “at risk” child’s life to get them the help they need to be successful later in life. Statistically, lots of minorities (including blacks) are in the “at risk” category. That is the case here. The girl isn’t being punished. She is being helped. Only a sociopath would demand she be released prematurely.

  2. Nighthawk says:

    A fine example of the real problem in this country. Bad choices and lack of personal responsibility. This girl made the decision to attack her mother and to steal a cell phone. She then blames everything else for the problems she brought upon herself. AND is being supported in this by the public. She also say that probation made her feel anxious and uncomfortable. Newsflash cupcake, that’s EXACTLY the point. You shouldn’t feel comfortable or at ease when being punished for bad behavior. Maybe if mommy had made her more uncomfortable during punishments she wouldn’t be in this situation. Wouldn’t throw temper tantrums when she doesn’t get her way.

    And on a side note: Why is there video surveillance in a school locker room?

  3. ruralcounsel says:

    If it had been a white young person, I really question whether a Congressman would have stuck his nose into it. Whose privilege?

    What happened to this girl is because of her behavior and bad attitude, not race.

  4. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    And why do these things keep happening in cities run by the Democratic Party? I’m confident I’ll be deemed a raaaaacist for asking, but, why, out of 4,800 juvenile cases going through Oakland County Circuit court, are 42% of them black kids, when blacks are only 15% of the population?

    I prefer raaaaacist, to get the proper intonation.

    However, not to worry: the Associated Press and The New York Times have declared that all black people, worldwide, have “a shared culture and history” that white people do not, to explain their stylebook decision that black would be capitalized when referring to race or culture, but white would not.

    So, if the arbiters of culture have declared black Americans to be a separate culture, we can now ask why that culture is producing such different, negatively different, results. Blacks, we were told, share the same culture whether they are urbanites from foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy Philadelphia, a rural county in South Carolina, or the desert in Somalia.

    That, of course, leads to an obvious question: if it’s ‘systemic racism’ that holds back blacks in the United States, why aren’t blacks flourishing in Somalia and Kenya and the Congo, where they are the vast majority of the population and the political leadership of those countries?

    Oops! can’t ask that, now can we?

    I , for one, don’t accept the cockamamie notion that blacks worldwide share a similar culture. But I do accept the idea that blacks in the United States have created for themselves a decidedly different, and unfortunately inefficient, culture in our big cities.

    And now, thanks to the AP and the Times, that notion can’t be raaaaacist anymore.

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach: I’ll be deemed a racist for asking, but, why, out of 4,800 juvenile cases going through Oakland County Circuit court, are 42% of them black kids, when blacks are only 15% of the population?

    Teach reaches the white privilege conclusion that all the Black kids who were processed through Circuit Court deserved it, and that white kids with similar offenses would be treated as harshly.

    • formwiz says:

      He said nothing of the kind, but your answer shows that Leftists regard blacks as merely pawns to use against Conservatives.

      Teach questions the high crime rate among blacks and Jeffery can’t be bothered.

      He’s too busy setting up another straw man.

      If BLM, the fact so many blacks die in Democrat-controlled cities should be of considerable concern to Democrats and, clearly, it’s not.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Edward, Porter’s Fluffer, is fluffing his master once more.

        Such devotion to his lord.

        How will the NuCon plan of tax cuts for the rich, slashing Social Security and Medicare, solve the problems of violence amongst the impoverished? Or is the plan to send Federal troops into cities for a good housecleaning.

        • formwiz says:

          As always, Jeffery chooses to duck the real issue. Obviously, high crime among blacks is of no moment to him or anyone else on the Left.

          Nobody’s heard of slashing Social Security and Medicare and the tax cuts helped people across the board.

          And it would appear it’s the Left that’s sent its troops into the cities for a good housecleaning.

          • Dana says:

            Mr wiz wrote:

            Obviously, high crime among blacks is of no moment to him or anyone else on the Left.

            Perhaps they are very quietly concerned about it, but they can’t say anything about it because that would be raaaaacist. And thus, Black Lives Matter only when they are killed by a white policeman.

            White supremacists should absolutely love the urban black culture and the ‘defund the police’ campaign:

            1 – With an abortion rate five times that of white women, black women have eliminated 19 million black babies from the population. Had black women not been using abortion so frequently, the black percentage of the population would be about 17.2% rather than the 13.4% it is now.

            2 – With the ridiculously high black-on-black murder rate, a significant number of young black males have been removed from the population, and most have been removed at an age where they still had the chance of future procreation, thus further reducing the black population.

            3 – With funding reductions and policy-driven reduction of the police from heavily black neighborhoods, the black murderers will get away with their crimes longer, thus giving them more time on the streets to kill other young black males, further reducing the black population. Philadelphia, for example, has seen 28% more homicides this year than on the same day in 2019, and 100 more homicides than on the same day in 2014.

            4 – Eventually, of course, the black murderers will be caught and locked up for the rest of their lives, thus preventing them from further procreation, further reducing the black population.

            For the white supremacist, what’s not to like?

            Of course, Jeffery knows all of that, even if he might not have put it all together in his mind. At bottom, he’s OK with that, because any criticism of the black urban culture would label him as raaaaacist, and he’d much rather avoid being called such a horrible name than supporting things which would help deal with the problems.

  6. Joe says:

    When the feral Negress is finally “Liberated”, how long until she is trying to figure out who ” Iz da baby daddy”?

  7. formwiz says:

    Funny how Jeffery talks about the plan to send Federal troops into cities for a good housecleaning.

    Sounds like he wants a massacre. Trump is outsmarting him once again.

    Lefty lawyer turned Conservatinve gun nut after Antifa threatened him (how many more “Liberals” have turned Conservative after a big does of reality one wonders?) Mark McCloskey believes Democrats are trying to create a Kent State situation so they can blame Trump.

    Too bad he’s only sent some low-profile Spec Ops types in to nail the ringleaders.

    Although anybody who knows what happened at Kent State knows the punks got what they had coming. All you have to do is watch an unedited tape and you’ll see.

    And, yes, Jeffery, that’s how I feel about the 60s crowd. I leave you to wet your pants how you try to guilt me when I have no problem with hooligans getting shot.

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