Bummer: Feeding The Poor Better Food Is Bad For ‘Climate Change’

Obviously, this is all your fault and you need to be forced to cut back

Better food for world’s poor could hike climate-changing emissions

To feed their people a healthy diet, countries from Ethiopia to India may need to hike their climate-changing emissions – a shift only possible if richer nations simultaneously curb theirs, a United Nations flagship report on hunger said Monday.

Increasing emissions to provide poor children, in particular, with more protein or dairy products – “outweighs the negative effects deriving from higher national emissions” in those countries, the report said.

But Brent Loken, lead author of an upcoming report on the G20’s role in transforming the food system, said overall global emissions cannot increase as diets improve in poorer countries.

That means rich nations – from the United States and Britain to South Korea and Argentina – would need to cut back on carbon-intensive diets, both he and the annual U.N. report said.

“If we truly feel that every single person on the planet has a right to healthy food, has a right to be able to eat enough food, this is the only way that we’re going to be able to do this without destroying the planet,” Loken said.

The only way to do this is for Government to make you change your diet. Are you good with that? How about all you Warmists? You good with that? Government controlling what you eat? Most of you Warmists won’t modify your behavior voluntarily, so, you fine with Government making you? Limiting the amount of meat you can eat? Why does it always seem that the complaints from the Cult Of Climastrology always require massive new government control?

And you can bet those people working for the UN and representing their nations to the UN aren’t giving up their own food impacts.

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