Climate Cultists Should Take Lessons From Occupy Wall Street Or Something

It’s all to adopt mature activism

Lessons from Occupy Wallstreet to Arab Spring — young people must adopt mature activism

As the world now faces the deepest economic downturn since the Great Depression, there will be greater social unrest and calls for a new set of solutions.

Youth movements will need to find a more mature form of activism to counter the popularized puritanism that has prevailed. More precisely, here are 4 considerations for young change-makers as they seek a more just and equitable world:

1. Learn from the past


Youth movements that are informed by the success and pitfalls of prior efforts offer a more promising outcome. Take for example, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, co-founded by a 32-year old Alicia Garza.

I’m not quite sure where the headline came from, because neither is mentioned in the article, really, just the heavily Marxist and racist BLM. Does the author actually want the climate kids to be like OWS? All the rapes (remember, they had to put up a tent as a “rape free zone” at Zuccotti Park), the stabbings, the drugs, the filth and squalor, pooping on police cars and people’s doorsteps. How about all the violence as the movement spread? The people who tried to bomb things? One of the big roots of Antifa is OWS: a lot of the folks in OWS moved into Antifa (along with the ACORN folks and “anarchists” (do anarchists know that they should be against government?).

Is this what they are pushing for the climate kids to become?

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One Response to “Climate Cultists Should Take Lessons From Occupy Wall Street Or Something”

  1. formwiz says:

    a more mature form of activism

    English translation:

    Sorry kids, Wild In The Streets hasn’t worked any better for us than it did 50 years ago. Time to go back to Daddy’s stock brokerage firm while we try to come up with Plan Q.

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