BLM “Protester” Punches Black Trump Supporter, Immediately Arrested

The best part of this is how the friends of the guy who punched the other have provided evidence for the prosecution as well as any potential lawsuit. I wonder if people will ever learn that taking video of themselves and/or their friends doing bad things is rather stupid

VIDEO: Black Lives Matter protester punches black reported Trump supporter in the face — immediately gets arrested

A Black Lives Matter protester was arrested Tuesday evening literally seconds after he reportedly assaulted a man — right in front of police.

Daily Caller reporter Jorge Ventura posted the video of the incident to Twitter and said the man punched in the face — who was black — was a Trump supporter.

Ventura told TheBlaze in an Instagram message that the man “was talking about how he couldn’t wait to get Trump reelected and he kept yelling ‘Trump 2020, 4 more years!’ which angered the crowd.”

The protester punched the man in the face while several police officers stood no more than 10 feet away. Then the officers immediately approached the protester and dragged him away from the crowd before detaining him.

Another video posted by Ventura minutes later shows protesters yelling and pushing into officers as they escort the protester who assaulted the man into a police vehicle.

I’ve seen similar video posted from other angles, apparently by his Comrades. And some of those Comrades should have been arrested for interfering with the police. See, Black Lives Matter, but only Certain Black Lives.

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5 Responses to “BLM “Protester” Punches Black Trump Supporter, Immediately Arrested”

  1. formwiz says:

    Been waiting for one of these gutless punks to get caught. Hope they throw the book at him.

    The best part of this is how the friends of the guy who punched the other have provided evidence for the prosecution

    Stupid is unyielding.

  2. Joe Mama says:

    A soon as those other dimwits started grabbing on the cops is when the nightsticks should have come out and dents put in some heads.

  3. Kye says:

    I often marvel that nearly 100% of public discourse is about 13% of the population. “Chronic Negro Fatigue” describes my reaction to this situation perfectly. I guess that’s racist too.

    • Professor hale says:

      More like 2%. Its not all blacks. Just all those democratic party activists. The media inflates their numbers.

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