Having Solved All Their Other Problems, Portland Votes For A Climate Emergency (scam) Declaration

Climate cultists always gotta do climate cult

Portland city leaders vote to adopt climate emergency declaration

Portland city leaders have voted to adopt a climate emergency declaration, a step they say will strengthen the city’s climate action approach to focus on climate justice and equity.

Mayor Ted Wheeler and Commissioners Eudaly, Hardesty and Fritz voted to adopt the resolution on Tuesday.

The Climate Emergency Declaration “acknowledges the Portland metro area faces a human-made climate emergency and frontline communities as being the least responsible for, but most impacted by, climate change,” according to a city spokesperson.

The city says the resolution commits Portland to using a new climate justice and equity-focused approach that centers Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color and youth from those communities in the next chapter of climate action planning and implementation.

Three of the four are uber white. Jo Ann Hardesty is the only black person. Most of Portland city leaders are very white. Portland is just 2.9% black, well below the national average.

Here are a few of their bullets points in the declaration

  • Establishes a new, ongoing climate justice initiative that will provide a framework for government and community to work together as equal partners to identify and implement strategies that will advance a shared vision for climate justice and action. (Modern Socialist babblespeak. Seriously, what does this mean in the Real World)
  • Advances efforts focused on expanding community ownership of renewables and driving down emissions from commercial and multifamily residential buildings. ​ (and those efforts are?)
  • Requires transportation justice, where projects and policies will reduce carbon emissions while advancing racial equity. (That’s a new one. WTF is transportation justice?)
  • Commits the City to work with Metro and TriMet to find resources to fund a year-round transit pass for all Portland youth. (Taxes go up)
  • Commits the City to adopt new policies to reduce carbon from buildings and the transportation sector, including becoming an EV-ready city, that prioritizes action, benefits and protections for renters and low-income residents. (Let’s see the City itself do away with all fossil fuels for running the government)
  • Commits the City to adopt new policies that prevent further expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure in the City, and quicken the transition to clean, renewable fuel options that are also good for air quality. (why not just forbid the use of fossil fuels in the city? Let’s see how that goes)
  • States the City Council’s expectation that the two electric utilities, PGE and PacifiCorp, deliver 100% clean, renewable electricity to all Portland residents and businesses no later than 2030, and calls on NW Natural to fully decarbonize its gas pipeline no later than 2050. (Have fun running your homes and businesses, Portland residents. Who will move to the suburbs when their cost of living skyrockets)

The city should practice what they preach. The document says that the “science is indisputable”: if that’s the case, there is no reason to wait till 2030, they should institute stuff right now.

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2 Responses to “Having Solved All Their Other Problems, Portland Votes For A Climate Emergency (scam) Declaration”

  1. samoore says:

    I’d like to know how Portland expects NW Natural to “decarbonize” a natural gas pipeline without completely shutting it off — which is what I would do if I was running NW Natural.

  2. Phil says:

    Portland went full Commie years ago. It has spread to all surrounding areas within 50 miles and farther in some cases. The masks for white people only fiasco down in Lincoln City comes to mind, a 90 minute drive from Portland. Vancouver Wa is right across the river from Portland and is a half step behind them. It is that way from the California border to Canada along the I-5 corridor.
    Might as well write off the entire West Coast at this point.

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